NANUET, N.Y. (CBS 2) — It was a wintry mix of snow, ice and rain that turned into a wintry mess throughout Rockland County, and residents Tuesday were already saying they had enough, Magee Hickey reports.

“This is ice, all ice on top of snow, and now with the rain, it’s really making it very heavy. I’m just trying to clear it out so there won’t be a big ice patch in driveway,” resident Mary Ellen Morris said, shovel in hand.

She spent a back-wrenching morning getting the heavy icy mix out of her driveway, something she and other Rockland County residents have had to do more times than they would’ve liked so far this winter.

Tough as it was, shoveling was the easier part. Sheets of ice covered so many roads up in Nanuet that even professional plow operators were having trouble driving around.

“Roads are actually pretty slippery right now. They’re fairly clear but with the black ice, there’s a lot of ice on them right now,” said snowplow driver Jim McGrath.

Schools thoughout Rockland county were closed because of the treacherous icy conditions even in the school parking lot.

While icicles may look beautiful on the Pearl River Elks Club, at least one resident was exasperated searching for a special shovel on wheels that would help his aching back.

“Everybody’s already gotten their snow shovels, I mean the power shovels already. There’s nothing left and I don’t think these guys are bringing in any new inventory,” said Nathan Demostene of Spring Valley.

Clarkstown police cautioned all residents to continue to drive slowly and carefully this afternoon because the icy conditions remain.

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