NJ Cracks Down On Home Heating Oil Delivery Trucks

NEWARK, N.J. (1010 WINS) — With the price of home heating oil at a record high New Jersey state inspectors are making sure customers are getting what they pay for.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg sees if drivers pass the test

The State Division of Consumer Affairs conducted surprise inspections of home heating oil delivery trucks at a Newark fueling spot Wednesday.

 “Home heating fuel has gotten to a record high since 2008 — we’re now about over $3/gallon,” acting director Tom Calcagni said. “We want to make sure that consumers get everything that they’re paying for.”

In the first two hours of the crackdown, three trucks were taken off the road for faulty meters, one of which pumped out less oil than what the customer paid for. Inspectors checked for tampering with dispensing meters and for compliance with regulations governing the receipts given to customers and record keeping.

“They’re making money on shortchanging consumers and that’s what we’re here to prevent,” Calcagni said.

  • niklu

    Swiitch to natural gas if you can… i saved a bundle by switching, The house smells better and I had the big ugly tank taken out.

    • jay

      gas is dangerous. just recently a house blew up here in philly.

  • Ray Hart

    Nice job Joe – now I know why you”re a former oil dealer

  • melanie borgnine

    “Maybe we need to have them fiill a 5 gal bucket toi check the meter.”

    as i understand it, the spot check was on a main thoroughfare which has a high volume of oil trucks passing through. they were able to stop a lot of trucks, but the port authority did not approve transfer of oil, which is normally done in other locations.

  • Joe

    Stay Tuned for some of the tricks of the trade………..

  • Captain Obvious

    I’m sure the drivers are in on it. Shame on them. Have you no souls?

  • Wasilla Gorila

    The damn drivers must get a cut for doing it. Why would he do it if he does not get anything. Should fine the owners heavily. Meters should be inspected every 6 months. I wonder the home owners have meters on the oil tank. They should install one if they don’t have it.

  • todd zeuske

    Maybe we need to have them fiill a 5 gal bucket toi check the meter.

  • JO OIL

    THe biggest problme here is that people call for oil and usually get it delivered when they are not home.Home many people actulally walk over to the truck and check the meter??

  • joe

    upstate new york-biggest scammmers,check putnam and dutches counties.You will not beleive what you find out.

    • doug

      My oil company P–ro charges almost a $1 mkore per gallon, but claims it’s justified because of the service they provide, which u pay for if u take out a service plan…go figure that one out.

      • Peter Scance

        I have $300 towards 100 gallons of oil to last me the rest of the season. But the Oil company will not deliver less 250 gallons, money I do not have. Does any one know if this is legal?

  • Joe Johnson

    People cheating others in NJ…hard to believe

  • Rhode

    Same here in RI.We need a crack down on home heating oil trucks.

    • Jason

      Ditto NYC!!

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