NYC Warns Motorists To Avoid Driving In Snow Friday

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York City Office of Emergency Management is urging residents to avoid driving and stick to mass transit because snow may make the morning commute dangerous.

The agency issued a Hazardous Travel Advisory after the National Weather Service forecasted 3 to 6 inches of snowfall overnight.

The agency is warning Friday morning drivers to listen to traffic reports, use major streets or highways and drive slowly.

The city has been careful to fully prepare for winter weather following a day-after-Christmas blizzard that paralyzed large swathes of the metropolis and sparked several investigations. It over-prepared for a weak snowfall earlier this month then appeared to deftly handle another medium-sized snowstorm a few days later.

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One Comment

  1. Angel Rosa says:

    Is the city of NY insane? Sanitation workers call us CRY BABY because of 4 inches of snow. But lets be realistic, their own BOSSES were warning the motorist to stay home. WHY???? because of 4 inches of snow? is the OEM gone crazy???? SERIOUSLY people. HEY JOHN DOHERTY AND MAYOR MORON BLOOMBERG just get those trucks out on time to salt the streets early enough. How hard can that be? ANGEL ROSA FOR MAYOR……..I WILL BE THERE FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Private Sector Jane says:

      You’ve got my vote, Angel!

    2. dsny says:

      2 geniuses!!!! thats how it works? jus drop salt hrs befor and the snow magically disappears? no matter how much that falls salt on the ground first melts it? let me ask u something! u 2 still believe in santa claus??????

  2. dsny says:

    heres an idea! lets hire enough sanitation workers so we can all be assigned one block to plow cause all u dumb ass new yorkers think the snow magically disappears 10 seconds after it stops!!!!!!!!

    1. Angel Rosa says:

      Well if you guys were not sleeping on the job and were to spread salt hours before the snow, the NYC OEM would not be telling their residents to stay off the road just because they can’t handle 2 inches of snow. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. dsny says:

        yea thats what happens we r sleepin in the job! i was on a salt spreader las night my shift started at midnight i was out in a spreader by 12:04 dropping salt! but guess what that doesnt make all the snow disappear the second it hits the ground! so stop talkin cause u have no clue

    2. Private Sector Jane says:

      This is for “dsny”: New Yorkers who are not public employees also work hard for their money. Some of us own a small business and some of us own homes. We are tired of getting walloped by higher and higher taxes every year because the mayor or the governor are impotent when it comes to dealing with public employee unions. Bloomberg is talking a different game now. I guess he can’t let Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, look like he has bigger union busting cojones than little Mike does. This is going to be good. If Public employees strike, then I hope they’re fired just like the Air Traffic Controllers were fired when Reagan was president.

      New Yorkers should not be at the mercy of public employees who are crying over the possibility that they will have to give up some of their cushy perks and will have to cough up something to contribute to their pensions and health care plans (things that we in the private sector will only see in our dreams). New York is bankrupt. Time to get off the gravy train.

      1. dsny says:

        guess what!!!!!!!! I PAY TAXES TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the main reason city workers take city jobs is because pension and benefits! it certainly aint for the money!!!!!! u had an opportunity just like i did to take a city test and take a job!!!!! just because wall street completely ruined the economy and all these big businesses where these people get “bonuses” which are more then what majority of new yorkers make in 10 years year now all the sudden its city workers faults? nobody was saying anything bout city workers when the economy was good but now that its bad its all our faults!!!!!!! yea let me give up my medical and pension so some schmuck on wall street can get another million dollar bonus! truth is city workers are the easy target so now lets blame us for the entire thing but nobody looked our way when things were good for everybody else

  3. joe Stuart says:

    2gruesome2b you MUST look so dam gruesome ! i am fully serious.

    u sir r a uber M O R O N of poor minded fantasy mixed with a geniune bad upbringing.

  4. 2gruesome2b says:

    let’s see. if we had continued utilizing nuclear energy, instead of the tree huggers mournful predictions, we most likely would be able to produce a controlled detonation that would be non-lethal, non-destructive, with the singular capability of melting snow in the blink of an eye. my calculations show the snow actually being vaporized, and deposited in croton and ashokan reservoirs, thus ending forever those all too frequent water shortages to which we are subjected.

    1. joe Stuart says:

      moron tree hunggers? what do u read the national review or something.

      i am doubting u read modern science cause ur concept is garbage.

    2. squab says:

      There are 104 nuclear power plants currently operating in the USA and thousands worldwide, none of which have the capability to conduct a controlled snowmelting detonation and then magically transport water vapor to specific locations. It is a nice plan though, with the exception of the impossibility of it and the derogatory reference to people concerned with the longterm existence of life on this planet. Keep working on it grues.

  5. non whiny says:

    “non whiny” sounds like he missed his meds today.

    Then again, his grammar is about the level of a kindergarten dropout.

  6. DOOM161 says:

    Or, the city could do its job and plow the snow. They already charge the commuters for it.

  7. KS says:

    New Yorkers are wusses. 5″ is not even mentionable. You can drive just fine in 5″ without it being plowed unless you’re a total moron.
    In Syracuse this is considered a light day

    1. White Knuckle Driver says:

      I didn’t say you couldn’t drive. Freezing temperatures made driving conditions during the morning commute when everyone has to get to work and school. Bad drivers abound during good weather. This weather just makes things so much worse.

      Bad Drivers + Dangerous Driving Conditions + NYC + Stupid Pedestrians Who Think It’s OK to Walk In the Street During Low Visibility Early Morning Hours = Nightmare

    2. Bruce says:

      And I suppose Syracuse has the volume of traffic NYC sees on a daily basis. Who`s the moron?

      1. Cathy says:

        Good one, Bruce!

    3. Angel Rosa says:

      if this is true that you can drive in 5 inches of snow, why did the OEM asked drivers to stay home with only 3.9 inches of snow? who is the moron NOW?

  8. Non WhinyCheapJew says:

    OMG CRY BABIES! It’s only 6 inches max any car can drive through it now everyone has a Prius most people drive normal cars. It’s not the cities fault u r so cheap you can’t pay a few sheckles to change your balding tires! OY!

    1. White Knuckle Driver says:

      I’m not a crybaby. But the temperatures were below freezing early this morning and the driving conditions were very dangerous. The schools weren’t closed so cars and buses had to be on the roads, dude. To their credit, the MTA’s buses were out & running (although, in my neighborhood, since NONE OF THE MAJOR STREETS WERE CLEARED YET, I’m sure the driving conditions were less than optimal).

      1. Angel Seda says:

        TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! But here we have some MORONS that work for NYDS who feel that they have done such a wonderful job after plowing 3.9 inches of snow. They call us cry baby but this morning @ 5;30am i was not able to leave my house DUE to the so call insignificant snow that came down ( according to some of the morons that work for the NYDS) But then again look who they work for< the biggest MORON Mayor Bloomberg

    2. NY says:

      Missed ur meds?

      Your grammar is terrible.

    3. worker says:

      non-whiny posted at 9:41 am

      Shouldn’t u be at work? Or were u afraid of the snow?

      Maybe if u worked u wouldn’t be so hateful

  9. Hello Dolly says:

    Hummm. time to raise the tax on gas to support public transit.. People should drive lless period. I hope the subway steps have been cleared but is that too difficult for the MTA to manage? (Might have to hire workers who makes less than 100K — a year… and you wonder why NYS is broke?)

  10. Michael H. says:

    I wont comment of DoS’s reaction to this snowfall but I will say that the MTA was on top of their game this morning. The buses were on time and the trains were running at a good clip. My normally hour and a half commute took around 75 minutes.

    1. Angel Rosa says:

      You just left the house @ the right time!!!!!!!!!! dont give any of these people credit. THEY DONT DESERVE IT……… I will not forgive any of them for what they did on the 26th of December nor for the lousy work they did today……..

  11. tall says:

    i got a suggestion, i snowy day should be considered a holiday, and the problem is solved.

  12. White Knuckle Driver says:

    I was out with my car at 6:45 AM in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I had to take one kid to his school bus stop six blocks away and another kid to her public transportation bus stop 12 blocks away. At that time, NONE of the major avenues and streets had been salted or plowed. Not Bay Ridge Parkway, not 5th Avenue, not 4th Avenue, not 3rd Avenue not even 86th Street. These are major commercial streets in my neighborhood. I DID see one of those orange plow trucks parked across the street from Dunkin Donuts on the corner of 85th Street and 5th Avenue. I assumed that the street behind the plow was cleared and the truck was just stopped for a coffee break but apparently, those drivers decided to have their coffee break BEFORE they started plowing. It makes no sense to not have main streets passable in time for the morning commute. The public will have no sympathy, during upcoming labor negotiations, for these union employees who act as though we are at their mercy.

    1. Angel Seda says:

      Thank you for your comments, I experience the SAME problem as you did. But here we have this MORON John Doherty saying that they were on top of the ball game. @ what time????? MORON it started to snow heavily last night and by 4am those trucks should have been deployed to plow the streets. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND THESE MORONS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Johnny Smith says:

    Response to Cygon not backpacks they are called proton packs like the ghostbusters.

  14. cygon says:

    the dam buses are late and we have to take the kids and their humongous backpacks to school, you idiots!!!!

  15. gary wolf says:

    the roads are bad!

  16. Thomas says:

    They used all the salt on the last snow storms,to plow with out the salt makes the roads more dangerous.

  17. NY Strongest says:

    coco– Why? Because there are 6,000 miles of streets in the City of New York. The snow has JUST stopped falling. There are 365 salt spreaders and 1700 plows on those streets. Come on now!.

    1. dsny says:

      these people are a bunch of cry babies! wen did ny become full of such lil girls! dont even bother tryin to explain these morons think we r magicians n we make snow magically disappear

      1. Angel Seda says:

        YO dude wake up and smell the coffee. Its 5am you have been on the job since 2am and nothing has been done. Seriously!!!!!!!!! If you were to do your job on a timely basis we would not have to complaint about your lousy work performance…….And if 5 inches is not such a big deal; why did you MORON BOSS asked the drivers to stay off the roads? MORON

  18. coco says:

    We have about 5″ of new snow this morning.Now it is over.It is 8.00 AM Friday morning.WHY THE STREETS ARE NOT BEING CLEANED-so we can drive????????

  19. Confused in NYC says:

    What kind of idiots make an announcement not to drive and then keep the public schools open!

  20. The Good Samaritan says:

    The NYC Office Of Emergency Management are a bunch of complete idiots.People have to go to work and have to drive to get in.If we stay home from work then we dont get paid.

    Also the NYC Dept Of Sanitation was plowing side streets ithis morning which is fine but no plows on main streets.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. Angel Seda says:

      Totally agree with you. The NYSD workers have the nerve to call us cry baby but it is their BOSSES IN THE OEM urging us not to drive in 4 inches of snow. How can i stay home and not drive to work with just 4 SIMPLE inches of snow? COME ON DS….. Salt the dam streets and plow them on time and stop sleeping on the job. We all know that all you guys are just sleeping on the job, Just like your BOSSES……..

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