NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WCBS 880) – The Connecticut Rail Commuter Council issued its annual report card this past week on Metro North’s New Haven line, giving both negatives and positives for its performance.

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The report gave an A plus to the crews who work day and night to keep the antiquated equipment on the line running, but gave low marks for communicating the line’s problems to its commuters.

The council’s Jim Cameron said management could do a lot more to boost on-board communications when a problem exists on the trains.

“People have been stuck on trains in recent weeks that have been breaking down and the conductors just run and hide in their little cubicles. There have not been announcements on the PA system,” Cameron said.

It’s an issue of lack of training and discipline and the railroad needs to deal with it, Cameron said.

“Passengers have not been kept informed. There is no excuse for that,” he said.

The council also gave low marks to the Connecticut Dept. of Transportation for “lack of transparency regarding delays in getting the new rail cars in service.”

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