NJ Measure Would Combat Teen ‘Sexting’

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Legislation aimed at curtailing “sexting” by New Jersey teens will go before a state Assembly panel this week.

The measure, part of a three-bill package, would help juveniles avoid criminal prosecution for sending sexually explicit photographs via their cell phones.

Instead, they would have to attend a program where they would learn about the potential state and federal legal consequences and penalties for sexting, which technically amounts to distribution of child pornography.

Participants also would learn its personal costs–including the effect on relationships, school life and the loss future employment opportunities.

The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on the measure Monday.

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  1. BF says:

    can you imagine what these young people are going to do when they become old enough to be lawmakers. The idiot laws that our law makers have made to gain votes will be mush. The confusion between what we engourage them to do and punish them for doing will be all straightened out. What kind of society will they come up with. You will never stop or control sexting. It is to profound of an issue. You will only destroy a few kids lives.

    1. morghan[a] (WITH AN H!) Graper/ Marshall says:

      i absolutely agree with u completely. the penaties of sexting that the government has out now are so ridiculous, they should be ashamed of themselves. sexting is an issue, and an importan tone i admit. but that is all it is, an issue. not a crime ppl should be charged for. and certainly not even a close enough reason to take kids out of scholl, send them to juvi, and possibly ruin their lives. in my opinion, the alternative to being charged is takiing classes on sexulaness and alll that crap, that straight up bs. that is sumthing ur parents can CHOOSE to do if they feel it is necessary. but i guess that goes to show how low, insignificant, and overfocused this issue is. its not like were smoking, it cant kill us, it cant cause cancer, and it cant give us those ugly looknig tongues those ppl have. it just sending a picture, like any other picture. it may be a little more explicite than some may like but as the gays say, ” if u dont like what u see dont look” the phase doent mean ”if u don t like what u see, charge me with a crime” or “send me to jail if u make incorrect judgemenntns about me” no it says, dont look. meaning erase the pic if u dont want to see it silly pants gosh!! if the kids sexting know to erase a pic and they askd for i y cant u all who didnt want to see the pic in the first place do the same?? and another thing, if the pic was sentfrom home or noneducational area, what the heck gives anyone the right to send this pic to school to get this person in trouble?? tis like bullying sumone at their house. yea its wrong but what can the school do?? it wasnt there, they probably have no evidence and the ppl envolved in the whole shabang have 9 times out of 10 already mentally tok around five minutes to solve the problem already. the school is still trying to split the school in half trying to make sure that th estudent dont have any problems like that again and yet at the same time, if those two kids evr walkd by each other they would take a sligh stare, think for a second, and then wak away, meaning the problwm was solved along time ago, and all the school is doing is opening old wounds. wounds that if let able to heal, would go away and maybe, just maybe, they students may become friends. the same goes for sexting, if we let children cut themselves yes it will hurt. you dont really have to tell them that it hurts or how they got the cut. because usually, the child already knows that. and instead of letting the cut turn into a wound and eventnually going away, higher powers not only pack the cut with bandaids, after the cut is starting to heal, they cut it open again and packs it up with more bandaids. which, not only hurts more, it makes the cut worse. and not only that, the risk of the cu tgetting infected i ssuper duper high because it has not been properly healed. then when a child gets a disease, whose fault is that?? his/hers?? heck no!! the child was able to admit that he cut himself and was willing to suffer the conseqences of it hurting. but after that, all the other stuff that happened to the cut, that actually caused the infection, that has absolutley nothing to do with the adolescent. i put the cu there, tried to heal it, and by ur ”alternative methods” u infected my cut. i really think the government, school adminstrators, and even parents of young teens and tweens should should take a very, very good look at the things i have sed. there is no point in opening old wounds, because in the end the just get infected. and there are more important things in the world to worry about than just a silly cut. punishing a child for a crime barely admitable in court, is not only blocking that childs future, but also the future of the next generation. i would bet my life savings that at least half of the students in alternatives areas because of sexting had As and Bs during school. their conduct might not have been the best but was fairly acceptable. and compared to all of the thousands of children who drop out of school each year becuse its too hard, that is an amazingly high acheivementn of a goal. some of the greatest leaders in the world wernt the best kids. you wanna know y?? its a simple answer, because they were kids. and kids make mistakes. the job of the ppl in that kids life is to help him or her learn from those mistakes. and how in the world are they supposed to do that if the ppl around him wont let him breathe??mother birds teach their children how to fly but eventually let them go. yes they stumble a little bitbut the mother doesnt punish the child by locking him up in a jail nest for half of his life. because when he gets out, hes still gonna stumble, cuz he didnt properly learn from his mistake like he shouldve. and that is what society is doing to our chilldren today. and sumone other than me needs t realize that ths type of punishment is wrong and unproper for this type of problem. and since were spending all o four time on this subject anyway, y dont we try to come up with the solutions to these problems. instead of punishing these future leaders of america with a permanent lifetime stamp on their forhead. ii hope all of you reading this agree with me in some way and try to change this issue for the better. because i cant do it alone. im only 13…. thank you for your time… 🙂

  2. Fred says:

    How are they going to pay for this program–isn’t NJ bankrupt.

  3. Captain Obvious says:

    I can’t see how this will make much of an impact.

    That’s along the lines of thinking that having people attend a “diversity eduction” seminar helps eliminate racism & bigotry.

    Bottom line, kids are going to do whatever they darn well please. End of story.

  4. sexting is ok says:

    my you are so full of hate. ill bet no one ever sexted you or for that matter even looked at you. DAnTe you are so sad little man

    1. GB says:

      Just ignore DanTe. I seen many of his comments and all of them amount to someone have that is not very bright and have not realized it. My 10 year old makes better compelling comments then he can.

      1. DanTe says:

        I’m all for leaving your 10 year old alone. After all, why should I take away its future livelihood? Give it a phone and text away.

    2. DanTe says:

      Thanks “sexting is ok” for proving my point. Already, dumb ho’s are logging on to protect their spawns’ sexting rights.

  5. DanTe says:

    If the parents are stupid enough to give a child a phone without monitoring it. And if the stupid little c\/nt and her mother c\/nt knows that her only career when she grows up is to be someone’s ho. Than let them be. Why are you taking away their future livelihood?

    Laws does nothing. Not unless there’s a law to sterilize these imbeciles before they spawn and further infest the gene pool. Than THAT law would be doing something.

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