NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s so cold Monday that Amtrak suspended service between New York City and Albany, given that some equipment was actually frozen. New Yorkers did whatever they could to stay warm, Jay Dow reports.

Dow asked street food vendor Venera Pinkhasrva if she was ever cold inside her stand. Her answer: “No. Inside it’s hot.”

Considering how difficult it might be to score a temporary warming spot inside a street vending cart, you could follow young Alice Fogle’s lead.

The little girl in a carriage was nestled in a sleeping bag. “It’s really, really, cold! But you’re warm, right Alice?” said Manhattan resident Holly Fogle.

What about the employees at a midtown car wash? You would think on a day this cold at a job that requires almost constant contact with cold water there would be a lot of sick calls. That’s not the case, Dow was told.

“It feels good! I’m in good condition, see?” joked employee Jose as he jogged in place and put up his fists. Asked if he’s ready to go 12 rounds, he said “Yeah, even 15 rounds!”

Movement was not an option at the Penn Station Taxi stand, but Dow immediately noticed a couple of guys just standing there, steeling themselves against the cold in Steelers caps.

“Something tells me even if it weren’t five, six or seven degrees out here, you would still be wearing that hat,” Dow said.

“I absolutely would. We enjoyed the game last night, it was great,” said Pittsburgh fan Joe Vileo.

He gets a pass on account of the cold, just this once.

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