23 Arrested in $11 Million Suffolk County Heroin Bust

NEW YORK (WCBS 880/1010 WINS) – A Suffolk County heroin ring was busted Tuesday, netting 23 arrests and shutting down an $11 million operation, officials said.

During the course of a 16-month investigation, Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota said he believes the ring was responsible for bringing more than 1 million bags of heroin into Suffolk County.

“They sold poison and they sold heroin in bags stamped with ‘Sweet Death’, ‘Knee Bender’, ‘Starbucks’ and ‘Gotta Have It’,” said Spota. “The organization was selling approximately 15,000 bags of heroin a week.”

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall talks with Suffolk County DA Tom Spota

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera gets details on the bust from Spota.

Two suspected ring leaders are also accused of operating out of a stash house where the heroin was cut and packaged in Corona, Queens.

Spota said the accused were suspected of selling heroin in Suffolk County since 2006. If convicted, some of the defendants could get life in prison.

More from Sophia Hall

One Comment

  1. Anna Yamada says:

    didn’t leave a dent. prolly the competition just making room for an enlarged market share.

    public executions of drug dealers piand users would be the best deterrent. swift adn public and final justice. on all levels. would also get rid of all the drug dealers and junkies gettiing subsidized housing and phony disability payments.

    would close teh deficit overnight. execute the druggies and let the rest of us live in peace harmony and prosperity.

    justice and mercy for those of us who deserve it.

    oh, strangulation as the means. piano-wire strangulation. hitler did have a flair.

    1. Jeff says:

      Free abortions for everyone!

  2. Shawn Graham says:

    No one is really afraid of being arrested because in Jail the drug cartels run the place. They also get free health care , 3 meals a day and free room and board. That is better treatment than I get from our government . Maybe I shouls get arrested so uncle Sam would actually care and take care of me

  3. bill says:

    a city in england opened up a free pharmaceutical grade heroin center.
    drug sales and crime disappeared.
    junkies could come in daily for hits and could then seek rehab if they wanted to.

    no illegal drugs, no crime, no expensive war on drugs.

    problem solved.

    1. ed says:

      bill, you’re living in fantasy land. What city in England? What was the crime rate? You are under the spell of the legalization mind benders.

  4. hatespoliticalcosanostra says:

    yes Holder and Obama are getting rid of the mob so their mob can move in!!

  5. your neighbor says:

    Agrees with SNAPPERHEAD!

  6. Mark Harrington says:

    To Rich and Chicky, You two should get together and be sentenced to marital bliss so you both could drive each other to drink Whatever There is no doubt the United States could end the poisoning of the middleclass bluecollar/lowincome/minorities/blackand WHITE if the U.S. was not profitting . Hence, the obvious reason for not losing their presious relationship with places like Afganistan who’s BinLadens still unbeleivably can’t be held accountable for atrocities commited so wake up and smell the coffee and coca that should have also been legalized years ago.

    1. gg says:

      GE boss just got the JOB BOSS Zsar position….they are the LARGEST OUTSOURCER of American JOBS!

  7. arthur daly says:

    for 16 months they let these guys sell a ton of drugs to our kids on the street and only arrested 23 people they should have had enough time to arrest at least 5000????????

  8. SNAPPERHEAD says:


  9. NY4life says:

    How come it is legal for the U.S. government to sell oxycodone which is basically heroin in a pill form but people can’t sell it on the street… because the government isn’t getting a cut, they don’t care about what happens to users.

  10. Captain Obvious says:

    Steve in Iowa is correct.

    The CIA is the biggest drug cartel in the world. The poppy fields in Afghanistan are under the protection of the US military.

    Our government is so corrupt it is sickening.

  11. Steve in Iowa says:

    How much of this heroin is brought in from Afghanistan by the CIA after being protected by our very own US soldiers??

    1. irene says:

      Steve you are correct

  12. Keith says:

    OMG….people still sell heroin..i guess jail doesn’t scare folks

  13. Not so High Schooler says:

    Now what’ll I do?

    1. Lester Krinklesac says:

      suck back a few bong hits. MJ is better for you anyway 🙂

  14. oswald says:

    Let’s hope this time ALL the heroin and ALL the cash makes its way to the evidence room. Too many stories about missing cash & drugs. Gotta watch out for “Officer Sticky-Fingers”.

  15. Rich says:

    It would be nice to enact the death penalty for this kind of crime. wouild be a great deterent. Using or selling .

    1. Chicky says:

      Wouldn’t it be cool if we could stone people to death for being addicted to stuff?

      1. sheila says:

        Let’s start with coffee, everyone I know is addicted to it- heroin is for people who have problems and want more. Wouldn’t it be cool if the death penalty was a deterrent (facts prove it isn’t). My vote is for treatment not death.

      2. Steve I. says:

        We could stone you to death first for being addicted to being a hateful idiot. Batter yet, go into a longshoremans’ or Teamsters’ bar and start throwing rocks at them for being addicted to alcohol… I’d pay good money to watch.

    2. Jeff says:

      We could rig up Suffolk County’s red light cameras to fire bullets at speeders.

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