Bathrooms Shut Down At New Rochelle Train Station

City Manager Says Cost Too High; Riders: That's Ridiculous

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (WCBS 880 / CBS 2) — Heading to the train in New Rochelle? GO BEFORE YOU GO!

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams flushes out reaction

You know the economy has gone down the drain if there is no money to keep a public restroom open. At the New Rochelle train station, hand-written notes on the bathroom doors alert commuters to the grim news.

CBS 2’s Jay Dow was told the bathrooms inside the station are still cleaned on a daily basis, but commuters, taxi drivers, the homeless, you name it, have been holding it since Jan. 3.

“I think it’s terrible,” one man told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams. “Five o’clock in the morning, I have to go to the bathroom. Open the bathroom please!”

A woman said, “People do have emergencies, even sick in the stomach and you need the use the restroom.”

Another man said, “That is totally ridiculous.” He went on to point out that pregnant women don’t have the luxury of holding it in the way the rest of us do.

New Rochelle’s City Manager Charles Strome said vandalism has become a problem and the city simply can’t afford to monitor the bathrooms on a regular basis.

“Our police department has ceded a 10-percent reduction in staff so we don’t have regular patrols there like we used to. So all in all it was costing us a significant amount of money to keep the bathrooms open at the train station,” Strome said.

“It’s crazy. A lot of people have to go to the bathroom,” said taxi driver Anna Bruczese. “Including me, several times a day.”

“There are certain things you just can’t cut back on. When nature calls I don’t know what you’re gonna do,” said Milton Garrick of New Rochelle.

City Manager Strome’s suggestion: skip the station, and use the bathrooms on the train.

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One Comment

  1. R Harrington says:

    With the new electronics. Set the bathroom doors to open 30 minutes before train due to arrive and then close automatically when the end of day.
    Another idea
    Could also make single stalls available near the platform that would open with a prepaid card. This would indicate the times most used and collect user fees and even activate a platform camera for security issues. IE drug users etc

  2. anon says:

    So Strome has just announced to the world that there are no regular police patrols anymore at the station. He is inviting trouble.

    Amtrak should foot part of the bill since they use our station.

    1. KPMc says:

      Amtrak is subsidized by the federal government. You’d just be paying for it anyway.

  3. joseph blowe says:

    there are bathrooms on the train. there aren’t bathrooms at some other metro north stations. seems to me it’s not the commuters complaining(cause there’s bathrooms on the train), but the riff raff.

  4. your mom says:

    so this means its OK when i pee in public there now?

  5. 2Mannings-1Cup says:

    Oh man! I’ve already incorporated the New Ro station bathroom into my “droppa-deuce” schedule. Guess I am gonna have to force a crimp earlier in the morning before I leave. Ahhh poop.

  6. Golan M. says:

    just dookie in front of the door

  7. Duke of the North Woods says:

    If dyspepsia abruptly attacks,
    And a restroom your station lacks,
    When you get the runs,
    Try to pucker your buns
    And take it on out to the tracks.

  8. oswald says:

    If City Manager Charles Strome cannot find a viable solution to this problem, then perhaps he is not competent for his position and should be removed. Shutting the rest rooms is not the correct solution. Try again. Otherwise, resign your position, go home, and tell your family that you are a failure.

  9. nyc says:

    How much can it cost to keep a toilet operating ? I am sure the local residents would pay. Just ridiculous !!

  10. Robert Brubaker says:

    Most likely this is a viiolation of the NY State Buiilding Code Regulations which require at least 1 mens and 1 women’s restroom at transit stations

  11. The Good Samaritan says:

    The bathrooms in NJ Turnpike rest areas are good places to meet people.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  12. Dawn says:

    I agree with Jeffers!!! Fines should be removed. Actually, they should be removed all over NY. There are no bathrooms in any subways in NY, no public restrooms on the streets and most restaurants say “For Customers Only”. I would spend a small fortune if I had to buy something everytime I had to use the bathroom! SOME people go more often than others due to medical reasons. I think it is rediculous that a city such as NY can’t even provide public toilets, but I’m sure they’d be quick to fine you if you urinated in public!!!!

    1. The Answer Guy says:


      Buy some adult-sized huggies. Next question?

      1. Jimmy says:

        “Next Question” people are annoying.

  13. Gholamhosain Tasbihi says:

    But they have enough to pay for 1000000 staff throughout the world or spend billions on Israel to kill innocent young Iranian fathers, brothers, sons and atomic university professors and scientists..

    1. Tommy Tasbihi says:

      Pls excuse Gholamhosain Tasbihi. He’s a developmentally disabled, 30 year old virgin, never even kissed a girl, and is highly frustrated because of it. I’m his father and can admit he’s a perverted little loser. I will keep him locked up in his room with his Borat posters and toy army soldiers. I will also try to stop him from wetting the bed, Twice a day.

  14. Jeffers says:

    So fines in the area for urinating in public will be removed also?

  15. Morris Day says:

    That news reader’s lips would make a lolly-pop too happy.

  16. Shaniqu'a Blumpkins says:

    What I gonna do when I need to drop some bass? Dag. Just, dag.

  17. Steve M. says:

    LOL! …. What is a bathroom?

  18. The Good Samaritan says:

    Where will I live now?

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. ilanpaqpe says:

      continue to live in your toilet

  19. MR says:

    Sad! Very Sad! Bet New Rochelle and other cities find money somewhere for business tax credits and other cost increasing garbage!

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