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After a couple days off, Craig for the birth of his fourth child and Boomer due to a bit of a cold, the boys were back where they belong this morning, a rather snowy morning here in Manhattan.  Despite the bad weather, the entire morning show staff made it to work in one piece, so let the fun begin.  While they were away the whole Derek Jeter to center field ‘story’ broke, so the guys offered their thoughts on the ‘non-story’ as they put it.  Craig admitted to finding a new found respect for Brian Cashman, going as far to say he isn’t as much of a weasel as he once thought he was which is high praise coming from Craigie.  Boomer has been a Cashman backer all along and his tune hasn’t changed a bit.  Personally I was happy they touched on the subject, because it gave me a legitimate reason to post a picture of Jeter’s main-squeeze Minka Kelly (Hellooooo!!!) which is good for everyone, especially  for actor Jerry O’Connell, who can be seen ogling Miss Kelly from a far.  Can’t really blame him…
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Plus, Craig is not happy with Luis Castillo and Jerry ‘Rello’ provides an update, Craig validates his friendship with Bill Belichick, Boomer’s old college roommate Frank Reich calls in to acknowledge an anniversary, Packers linebacker Clay Matthews III calls in, NBA great Charles Barkley joins B&C in-studio for a little chat that lasted close to 40 minutes, a Moment of the Day from Jerry and a country/pop singer that will both ‘Grab Your Attention’ and  knock your socks off..

luiscastillo B&C Show Blog & Audio: White Out

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Craig’s favorite baseball player of all-time is Mookie Wilson, so when the Mets hired him to coach first base back in December, needless to say Craigie was thrilled.  Since then we’ve learned that Mookie will not be wearing his old #1, because ‘Mets Fan Favorite’ Luis Castillo, who currently wears #1, has refused to give it up and needless to say, Craigie is not thrilled.  Luckily Jerry was on hand to raise his spirits back-up, as he provided his first update of the day…
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belichick B&C Show Blog & Audio: White Out

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Craig has claimed that while he was working in Cleveland he developed a pretty good relationship with, then Browns Head Coach, Bill Belichick.  When asked about the relationship by Boomer, Belichick claimed it never existed.  So while spending the last two days at home after the birth of his new son, Craig did a little searching and uncovered ‘the Belichick tapes’…
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f reich norwood B&C Show Blog & Audio: White Out

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Today, January 27th, marks the 20th anniversary of the Giants victory over the Bills in Super Bowl XXV, a game that will forever be remembered for Scott Norwood’s 47 yard FG attempt that went ‘wide-right’.  Boomer’s old college roommate Frank Reich was the holder on the famous kick and he joined B&C today to talk about the missed kick…
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claymatthews B&C Show Blog & Audio: White Out

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The NFC Champion Green Bay Packers have a stout defense anchored by second year linebacker Clay Matthews III, the son of 19 year NFL vet Clay Matthews Jr.  So with the Pack preparing to take on the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, Al booked the younger Matthews to join the guys and talk about the upcoming game, which will take place in Dallas on February 6th
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charlesbarkleyw bc1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: White Out

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A special treat this morning for me personally, as none other than Charles Barkley battled the elements and joined B&C in-studio for a very entertaining interview, during which a wide range of topics were discussed.  We heard about his first time meeting Julius Erving (Dr. J) and the sleepless night that preceded it.  He gave his take on the Knicks and the LeBron James circus that landed him in South Beach.  The guys asked him about Auburn, his alma mater, and the whole Cam Newton situation.  We learned that ‘the round mound of rebound’ is a fan of Rex Ryan’s and that in his mind; Kobe Bryant is the 6th best basketball player of all-time, behind Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Tough to argue with that list…
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recklessmoment5 B&C Show Blog & Audio: White Out

Due to the length of the Barkley interview, Jerry was unable to deliver his highly anticipated Moment of the Day, but fear not loyal B&C listeners and Blog readers, because we have it for you right here and it involves some rude actions by a waitress…
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jj 021 B&C Show Blog & Audio: White Out

(MAXIM Digital – Special to WFAN.com)

***Now we get to one the Blog’s most popular features, the daily ‘Attention Grabber’.  We have teamed up with the folks over at Maxim.com and today’s Gal is a ‘Georgia Peach’ if you will.  Her name is Jessie James and she is a country/pop singer from, you guessed it, Warner Robbins, Georgia.  She was actually a guest of the Show a while back and is Soooo Freakin’ Hot…HELLOOOOOOO Jesse!!!
(Click here to see the rest of her GALLERY)

wfan bc2 B&C Show Blog & Audio: White Out

***This is a compilation of all the above audio in one nice package for your convenience…So go ahead and Enjoy!!!
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See you all bright and early tomorrow when we’ll do it all over again, from 6am-10am Monday thru Friday, on Sports Radio 66 WFAN, in New York. Until then I bid you all a fond farewell…

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pixy B&C Show Blog & Audio: White Out
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