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The New York Knicks pleased the home crowd last night and avenged their previous two losses to the Miami Heat by coming back from a nine point, 4th quarter deficit, to beat LeBron James and the gang by a score of 93-88.  Prior to the game the fans learned that Amar’e Stoudemire had been named a starter for the Eastern Conference in this year’s All-Star game, the first Knick to receive the honor since Patrick Ewing was voted a starter back in 1997, but missed the game due to an injury.  So on top of the fact that Heat was in town, ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ had a little extra buzz in the air, and the Knickerbockers responded.  Speaking of responding, Matt Hasselback tweeted a comment regarding what Antonio Cromartie had to say about the leadership of the NFL Players Association, which prompted a response from Cromartie and Craig was loving every minute of it…
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Plus, Boomer talkin’ basketball and Jerry delivering an update, thoughts on an 18 game NFL season, NY’s most powerful athletes, Craig’s fond memories of the NY Giants and his giant battle with hemorrhoids, a spirited debate involving the worth of Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez, Boomer’s honesty upsets Craigie, a Moment from Jerry and an ‘Attention Grabber’ who is sure to capture a high seed in this year’s ‘B&C Tourney of Babes’…

cromartie 1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Garden Win Party

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Between the visit from Charles Barkley yesterday, Amar’e Stoudemire being voted to start in the All-Star game and the Knicks big win over the Heat, basketball was on the forefront this morning, so much so that during the first break Boomer, Craig and I had a pretty spirited discussion off-air.  Coming back from the break Booms kept the basketball talk going, breaking down the All-Star starters from both the East and the West.  Then Jerry delivered his first update of the day that was highlighted by an audio rendition of the ‘Tweet war’ between Cromartie and Jerry’s obvious weight gain…
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rogergoodell B&C Show Blog & Audio: Garden Win Party

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The guys discussed the likelihood, as well as the pros and cons, of the NFL going to an 18 game regular season schedule…
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elipeyton B&C Show Blog & Audio: Garden Win Party

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Bloomberg Businessweek put out their ‘Power 100’ listing the top 100 most powerful athletes in the United States based on their own criteria.  Craig was shocked to learn that of the NY athletes, Eli Manning topped the list, while his older brother Peyton was #1 overall…
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craig bridge walk B&C Show Blog & Audio: Garden Win Party

( courtesy of Craig Warga/Daily News)

Craig ran down the most memorable stories involving the Giants since the guys came on the air almost four years ago.  According to Boomer he had one glaring omission; it involved Craigie walking over a bridge wearing a Speedo and the repercussions of the stroll…
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eli sanchez B&C Show Blog & Audio: Garden Win Party

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When Craig stated that he thinks Mark Sanchez is a better quarterback than Eli Manning is right now, Andy in Hicksville took offense and called Craig on it.  Andy’s call in fact sparked a rather spirited debate between Boomer & Craig on which signal caller currently has the upper hand…
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craig1 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Garden Win Party

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When Craig asked Boomer if he wanted to go in on Mets season tickets together this season, the two split tickets two years ago, Craig was saddened to learn that not only did his radio partner have no interest in sharing tickets, but Boomer also admitted that Craig is no fun to go to a game with…
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recklessmoment5 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Garden Win Party

For today’s highly anticipated Moment of the Day, Jerry played back the guys talking about their upbringing, specifically their mother’s…
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bm 011 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Garden Win Party

(MAXIM Digital – Special to WFAN.com)

***Now we get to one the Blog’s most popular features, the daily ‘Attention Grabber’.  We have teamed up with the folks over at Maxim.com and today we get a break from the all of the snow, take a trip to sunny San Diego, California and present to you Brittany Modica.  Brittany is further proof that all women are not in fact created equally…Helloooooo Brittany!!!
(Click here to see the rest of her GALLERY)

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***This is a compilation of all the above audio in one nice package for your convenience…So go ahead and Enjoy!!!
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See you all bright and early Monday when we’ll do it all over again, from 6am-10am every Monday thru Friday, on Sports Radio 66 WFAN, in New York. Until then I bid you all a fond farewell…

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