Suspect ID’d After Man Found Bound, Beaten In BMW Trunk

NEW YORK (AP/CBS 2) — Police in New York City say a man found stabbed, bound and barely alive in the trunk of a BMW after a fender-bender had placed an online ad to sell the car.

The NYPD says they are looking for the man they suspect was driving and fled the scene, 30-year-old Barion Blake of Manhattan. Police spokesman Paul Browne said that the motive appears to be the robbery. Blake reportedly has a history of stealing BMWs.

Police say the bloodied 33-year-old victim — identified as Akeem Ajimotokan — was found in the car’s trunk in Washington Heights on Wednesday. Police found Ajimotokan in the trunk of the car after it had collided with a taxi and the driver fled.

Ajimotokan is hospitalized in a coma with stab wounds to the head, face and body.

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  1. bitcoin says:

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  2. The Good Samaritan says:

    The suspect is an aspiring rap artist who recently turned his life around after 15 years in prison. He needed a BMW for his rap music video.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  3. DIVERSITY = DEATH says:

  4. Offended CBS Reporter says:


  5. CSI says:

    I doubt when someone is personally selling a car they have access to check weather this person is a felon or not. Thats the chance you take when personally selling or showing something to strangers.

  6. CBS HR Department says:

    We have identified some third graders in the New York City area which we believe could add value to our investigative reporting and story writing. Should be a great improvement.

  7. CBS says:

    Yeah, but, running with AP feeds is soooo much easier than actual journalism.
    Let’s do the math: Journalism = work, and work is icky.

  8. Mr. Armenia says:

    Why would the victim sell his car to a convicted felon?

    1. C.J. says:

      Just one look at this guy should have made Akeem Ajimotokan realize that he was up to no good.

      1. MR.. FL says:

        Actually he doesnt look at all like the photo! The hieght and wieght is way off also! He actually is a non violent person.

  9. oswald says:

    This story tells us so very little.

    Go check out the story that the NY P0ST wrote online. They did some actual reporting. Plus a photo of the scary suspect.

    Oh CBS, what has happened to you? How about investigating a story and then writing your own piece instead of pulling some poorly written story off the AP.

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