Snow Mounds Creating Hazards On Long Island

COMMACK, N.Y. (WCBS 880) – For drivers, the ongoing snowfall in the Tri-State can be both a nuisance and a danger.

For residents in Commack, Long Island, it can certainly be a lot worse. That’s because snow mounds have been piled up in some cases over 12 feet high.

“You have to be careful when pulling out,” one driver said. “It doesn’t both me. It’s winter. I’m happy it snows.”

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Whether you’re driving out of a restaurant shopping center or even a gas station, the snow can block views and create a hazard for anyone on the road.

“You crawl and make sure you’re going out safe,” one driver said about how to pull out into traffic.

Each town in New York state must make their own laws regarding how tall piles of snow on the sides of the roads can be.

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  • Ucero

    Really – I have seen a pile of monkfish stew almost 8 feet high by the Cramden diner.

  • lisa

    Love the way the Bank of Smithtown in Centereach, pushed their snow on to Eastwood Blvd. Can you say lawsuit!!!

  • done with NY

    people of new york are so pathetic..we spend all day just sitting around complaining rather than appreciating the things in our lives. We have had a lot of snow. Where should they put it? How about instead of racing to get your precious coffee, you slow down and drive with caution? If you go to any other state, like New Hampshire for instance, they just deal with it and make the best of it. New Yorkers have become spoiled wimps

  • Scott Tortorice

    Not to mention it should be “on Long Island” and not “in Long Island”.

  • Steve M.

    Ahh yes….the weather obsession continues……CBS’s excellence in stating the obvious is unparalleled….

  • Jeff Rosen

    Maybe the driver they were quoting said both.

  • Daniel P

    I think bother of the proofreaders missed it.

  • AWS

    More annoying are the right lanes on highways that disappear or shrink without warning because plow drivers did a mediocre job at best.

  • Chris

    The fact that nobody proof reads anything doesn’t “both” me either.

  • joe

    the article certainly did “both” me. anyone proof reading this?

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