Columbia Drug Case Tests Rockefeller Law Change

NEW YORK (AP) — A case against five Columbia University students accused of dealing drugs on campus is putting a spotlight on a recent overhaul of New York’s once-notoriously stringent drug laws.

Lawyers for two of the five students say they plan to ask a court to prescribe treatment, instead of prison. Judges were given more discretion to do that in a 2009 overhaul of the laws.

Prosecutors declined to comment on the students’ request.

The outcome will be watched closely by backers and critics of 2009 changes to mitigate what were known as the Rockefeller laws. Advocates called the changes a more effective and humane approach to drug crime. Opponents said they gave drug peddlers a pass.

All the students have pleaded not guilty. They’re due back in court in March.

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One Comment

  1. FREE tea says:

    —-Keep a goin’ kids! —Dope and sex and the entirely Rockefller et al
    ‘eugenics’ engineered POP culture was put there to take you apart and
    take society down (i.e. ‘population easing’.

    —–Just keep a goin’.

  2. carlos says:

    if they white, they will receive slap in the wrist

  3. R.c says:

    If we show them lenient then we have 2 go Back on Cases that has Been Tried under the Rocafeller Law.

  4. James Owens says:

    Ummmmmmmmmm, what to do??? what to do??? Remember the Law about selling drugs in a school zone??? Let’s do a survey of all illicit drug use & users at Columbia??? would there be any more Columbia??? Where does the majority of Lawyers come from????

  5. vincent lore says:

    Dan is right. They are young people. Don’t make them into Mexican cartel leaders or Al Capone. They made a mistake, and they will certainly contribute to society.
    What mean spirited people in this world!

  6. Dan Belot says:

    This is nonsense. let these kids go. They will contribute to society

  7. You're Kidding? says:

    Treatment for being a greedy drug dealer? Treatment is for people who have a problem using drugs, not selling them. How ridiculous can you get? Expell those turds from college, seize their cash and send them away for 1-2 yrs. They’ll learn their lesson and have a felony conviction on their record. Then when they are mopping floors at Burger King, they’ll understand that actions have consequences.

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