Police: NYC Man Wounded After Shooting At Cops

NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities say a New York City man was wounded by police after fleeing plainclothes officers and opening fire on them.

Eighteen-year-old Matthew Melendez was struck three times and was in stable condition at Harlem Hospital. None of the officers were injured.

Police say the officers spotted Melendez early Sunday morning at East 119th Street and Lexington Avenue, adjusting what they believed to be a weapon in his waistband.

Upon approaching Melendez, the suspect dashed off with the officers in pursuit.

Police say Melendez then turned around and opened fire at them. The officers returned fire, striking the suspect before arresting him.

Melendez’ mother, Mildred Faverey, told the New York Daily News on its website Sunday that her son “wouldn’t do that.”

Melendez was arrested on charges including attempted murder.

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  1. Just sayin' says:

    Hopefully Matt was shot in the spine so that he’ll be easier to catch the next time he is fleeing from the police.

    1. Gun Control says:

      I think I’m more afraid of a person who spends their time on cbs news message boards spouting ill will toward a completely misguided youth than I am of the misguided youth himself.

      1. Gun Control is when u hit the target. says:

        18 year old ADULT was shooting at the cops. I’ve done the math; the cops should’ve aimed for the head.

  2. iLL says:

    Great job by the officers…the city should be proud that they have active officers as these keeping them safe…and to the perps mother, stop being ignorant…

  3. rick says:

    Raj There are lots of peace loving Latinos probably 99%. I wont go into how many peace loving pakistanis there are? or Iraqis? or Iranians? We all know how much peace they love and aim for.

    1. Farim says:

      Hay Mr. Rick sir
      How do you know how many piece loveing Iranian there are?hane you ever had any Irani friends?
      Please stip being ignorant OK
      by the way never ever mix Iranians with Arabs & do not forget 7000 years of histiry

      1. rick says:

        Farim I actually have a few middle eastern friends and yes I know Iranians are actually persians sorry for the mix up. And yes I know the Persians freed the Jewish slaves at the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters who have some bad apples and some very bad apples Raj completely through my Latin people under the bus


    Melendez’ mother, Mildred Faverey, told the New York Daily News on its website Sunday that her son “wouldn’t do that.”

    Of COURSE NOT!, we all know he is a good kid with a bright future. Must have been a case of mistaken identity.

  5. Raj says:

    The suspect has had 8 prior arrests. But pls beleive the mother. And Hispanics are peace loving people, thats why Bronx is such a great place!!

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