Police: L.I. Man Drove Drunk With Child In Car

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Police on Long Island arrested a man they said was driving drunk with a one-year-old child in the car. Juan Cruz, 21, of Westbury, faced felony charges Monday.

Cruz was arrested shortly after midnight Sunday while he was driving while intoxicated on Old Country Road with a one-year-old passenger who wasn’t restrained in a safety seat, police said.

Cruz was charged under Leandra’s Law, which makes it an automatic felony to drive drunk with someone under the age of 15.

  • Frankie

    Is he legal? Ay, caramba!

  • Ira Goldman

    Goya Beans and alcohol is a dangerous mixture.

  • Mr Armenia

    Is being charged because he is SPanish?

    • Nick

      Why yes. Now that you mention it. He is SPanish. Why should we bother saving his spawns? Let them all drive drunk with all their spawns in the car. Just like that Schuler ho.

    • vixter

      HMMMMM…drunk with kid in the car and the child wasn’t in restraints, sounds like a dumb ass not Spanish! I get sick of people using their race or color as an excuse!

    • Harrumph!

      Yes, brainiac. He was pulled over for DWS.

  • Diane Schuler

    I’d marry this man in a heartbeat, but I’m dead from doing the same thing!

  • PaPa Joe

    I’ve been reading stories like this for years. It never seems to stop. Very sad …

  • valentine

    For real the hustler must go in for a very long time to set and example to would be offenders but pipo pliz stop this racist talk coz its not helping

  • Don

    He will be very popular BEHIND bars…………………………

  • JAlvarez

    Goldstein, your an idiot and very ignorant. The word Spics is not to be used to refer to hispanics!!! The issue here is not about being a bad driver. You clearly must not be educated, and are a racist!!!!!! Remember we are all immigrants in this country! Because of people like you the racism will never end and we are in 2011!! GET A LIFE!!

  • Manny

    People do this all the time, and admittedly it’s a bad thing, but why is this news? Was there an accident?

  • nyc

    Does he speak english ? Maybe didn’t see the law in spanish !

  • Jose Soto

    goldstein you a racist. Remember how many died during World War II including millions of your ancestors because of ignorant, hateful people like you.

  • greedo

    For the child’s sake, I hope this skeet isn’t the kids father. He looks a little satanic.

    • Mrs. Manicotti

      From the eyebrows, I’d wager he’s the mom.

  • A.Chowdhury

    This is ridiculous. How one can drive in drunken condition when there is a strict law and stringent action is being taken against drunk driving specially in the USA. Moreover, the accused person was driving with his one year old son in an unrestrained and unsafe manner, which is no doubt, a punishable offcnce in the eye of law and the accused must not be gone scot- free.

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