Gov. Christie Signs Atlantic City Rescue Package

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says construction will resume next week on Atlantic City’s half-finished Revel casino.

WCBS 880 reporter Levon Putney with New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority Executive Director Tom Carver

Christie says Revel’s owner came up with most of $1.15 billion on its own. New Jersey will contribute $261 million through the Economic Development Authority and will hold a minority ownership in the casino.

The governor says the casino will open in June 2012.

Work began on the Revel in 2007 before the national recession hit and credit markets dried up. Revel ran out of money in January 2009.

Christie made the announcement as he signed an Atlantic City rescue package into law Tuesday.

The bills would create a state-supervised tourism district with enhanced police patrols and sanitation. Another bill would ease regulations of the city’s 11 casinos.

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One Comment

  1. james says:

    Perhaps the Gov. can play an electronic keyboard with his tongue
    while on the boardwalk in AC to raise money.

  2. ringo says:

    makes no sense. atlantic city is a lost cause. seems like a waste of $261 million when the state is broke. some serious corruption going on here.

  3. mark says:

    Once again Christie proves he is an idiot. His term as governor can’t end soon enough.

  4. Your Momma's Big Boned says:

    Your all bigots!! Disagree w/ Obama and your a racist; but its cool to make blatant personal attacks on a white guy. The tunnel was like 5 Billion $; big difference.

  5. Vienna Sausage Boy says:

    Christie is a buffoon. The only reason he approved giving 261 million dollars to a casino is because they guaranteed him a lifetime free pass to the casino’s buffet.

    1. Howard Sprague says:

      That would be funnier if it wasn’t so true! This guy needs to become a contestant on America’s Biggest Loser!

      1. Carlos Fitzhume says:

        I remember this guy Christie when he was a child actor in The Little Rascals classics. He was the one who used to tell Miss Crabtree, “Just call me Chubsey Ubsey.”

    2. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


  6. Larry Viezel says:

    @jerseyjoey – there are plenty of places like that in NJ. Look at Montclair as an example. You can drive from one side of town to the other and go from rags to riches.

    I love AC and lord knows i give the casinos enough of my money that I sincerely doubt the state needs to give them my tax dollars as well. AC is competing with casinos that are closer to NYC and Philadelphia and its losing. If the governor wanted to raise revenue from gaming then he should consider opening a casino in Newark or Jersey city.

  7. Jack says:

    So he can give 261 million dollars to a failed casino.. but when it comes to providing a way for millions of NJ workers to get to their offices, and employ thousands to build a better public transit system he can’t do that????

    I wish I could be like the special interests and get all the money I want for thiongs that I think benefit me.. like less cars on the highway and less overcrowding on trains!!!

  8. Ida Eater says:

    It is BALOOOOON !!!!!!!

  9. Schmellma Noodles says:

    I’ll bet his buttcrack smells like cheese.

  10. hackrider says:

    one more thing, why do we have $261 mill for a losing battle but don’t have that money for a another tunnel into NYC! are you kidding me?????

  11. hackrider says:

    OMG…more money into a city that is mismanaged by all involved! Why would we dump OUR tax dollars into a casino to save a city that should be marketed as a beach resort, not a gambling mecca!

  12. jerseyjoey says:

    Save AC are you kidding me, AC is a big money pit, here is a guy yelling the states broke and we need to layoff everyone and hose all out of thier pensions etc but yet wants to dump money we do not have into a slum infested pit of human filth, tell the corporate hores who own the casinos to fund there own den first, only place in jersey you got to drive trough slums to get to palacial mansions of greed. Time to sell and move , bye jerksey ANYONE LOOKING FOR REAL ESTATE CHEAP

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