Mom’s Ticket Prompts New Bill From Queens Lawmaker

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Everybody loves their mother.

Especially State Assemblyman Michael DenDekker.

DenDekker, whose local office is in Jackson Heights, Queens, introduced a bill that would make municipalities pay motorists $100 for tickets doled out erroneously.

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So if you got a ticket and it was wrong, and you fought it – voila, $100.

Why the unusual bill?

Perhaps it has to do with his 74-year-old mother, Jacqueline.

She was issued a summons last August for violating the alternate-side parking rule near her home on 31st Avenue. The ticket was issued on a Thursday even though the regulation is in effect only for a few hours on Wednesdays.

“Before you send out a letter, wouldn’t you look it up and check to see that they’re right and I’m wrong,” Jacqueline DenDekker said. “Nobody bothered. I have to do their work.”

1010 WINS Reporter Carol D’Auria with the story from Jacqueline DenDekker

DenDekker appealed the ticket, complete with a letter from a councilman and evidence showing that it was wrongly issued. However, the judge said she needed more proof and photographs of the no parking sign.

“I’d like a letter of apology,” DenDekker said. “I’m just very annoyed. I ain’t got time to run up and down the block taking pictures.”

What do you think? Would you like to get paid if you fought a ticket and won? Sound off in our comments section.

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One Comment

  1. Sabre says:

    I had my car stolen and abandoned. Sanitation ticketed Me for having abandoned it when it was found and the Administrative Law Judge said two police reports of a stolen vehicle weren’t enough to negate the ticket.

    Can you spell “rigged game”?

  2. Chrysanthemum Tea says:

    New York City seems to be interested in the concept of sustainability and sustainable development, but that concept includes keeping the interests of stakeholders, citizens in mind. If NYC agencies insist upon financially preying upon its citizens, which it does at an alarming rate, then they will hasten the exodus of its middle class. It may seem attractive from a cultural perspective to live in NYC, but there are plenty of alternatives to living here. We delude ourselves into thinking that it is the greatest city in the world – it may be if you can afford to live in a gated Xanadu, financially insulated from its nonsense. For the rest of us, fines such as these are little more than a hidden tax.

  3. JL from NJ says:

    I was once issued a ticket in NYC and the offense listed me as Sleeping in Vehicle. Since when was snoozing in your car a crime? I am sick of NYC and all the S&%T we all have to deal with. They expect us to get these idiots out of thier stupid financial errors…

  4. E Dawg says:

    I sold my apartment in the City for $880k. Bought a sweet house on Long Island for about half that, and never paid another ticket again. 🙂

  5. GotTIXeveryday says:

    Why not the Traffic Officer that issued the ticket wrongly should pay the penalty and be deducted from their salary….by then these idiot officers will be very careful in issuing Parking Tickets.

  6. Sherry says:

    The traffic detp. is full of it. This happened to me 2 years ago and after their investigation I was told I had to pay the full amount. The traffic officer, (T. Jackson), said my car was double parked, when it was not. When questioned to why I wasn’t towed, their answer was that someone at the repair shop across the stree came and put my car in their garage. I never even used that service station. My local councilman’s office on my behalf and it didn’t matter. It cost me $115.00. So it doesn’t matter if you can get money back if when “not guilty”, because they still have the last word and we just have to live with it.

  7. YadaYadaaYada says:

    This has scam written all over it.
    I could tell a friend to write me a few erroneous summons.
    Go to court and collect $100 once or twice a month. Easy money.
    The people writing the ticket don’t care. They’re not the ones who have to pay for their wrong tickets.
    This councilman and this law is making more problems with this.

  8. Fred says:

    An interesting concept that will never fly.

  9. nyc says:

    All the yuppies fault

  10. teetotaler says:

    DenDekker does not have political patronage with this judge. Therefore proof is required.

  11. Johnny says:

    I think alternate side parking rules should be eliminated entirely. The streets are clean enough and all the streetsweeper does is blow dirt around if it even shows up at all. People have better things to do than wait in their cars for an hour and a half. Alternate side rules are nothing more than a revenue generating tactic that depends on people forgetting to move their vehicles on time.

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