CLARKSTOWN, NY (WCBS 880) – It’s not just the police who want the drivers to slow down in Clarkstown.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports from Rockland County

It’s also the residents.

Sgt. Harry Bowman says most calls that come in are complaints about leadfoots.

“We get numerous calls from the citizens throughout the year about speeding in their neighborhoods because all our neighborhoods are either 15 mile an hour, because of the school zones, or 30 miles an hour,” says Bowman.

For Operation Slow Down, they’ve identified 25 roads known for speeding.

Throughout the year, extra patrols will rotate around roads like Kings Highway in Valley Cottage, Town Line Road in Nanuet, and Laurel Road in New City.

Bowman says, “It’s not just to say ‘I gotcha.’ It’s to slow the public down to a safe speed.”

When the snow clears, they’ll put out speed monitors with digital displays to remind you to take it easy.

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