Hot Topic: February 4

It’s day 2 for Boomer & Carton down at Radio Row, and a little Texas ice isn’t about to slow down the big Super Bowl show.

Joining the guys on Friday will be Michael Haynes, Dick Vermeil, Jim Kelly, James Brown, Joe Theismann, Kevin Carter, and Marisa Miller. “Helloooo!”

If you missed any of the day 1 goodness, make sure to take a look back at all the solid Thursday interviews.

Of course, how could we call this a Hot Topic without mentioning the retirement of an all-time great Yankee. Andy Pettitte will announce his intention to kick-back for all baseball eternity at 10:30 this morning, and we’re carrying the press conference live on WFAN and

All that, Craigie’s cowboy hat, and more on today’s radio program…


pixy Hot Topic: February 4
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