Police: L.I. Man Arrested For DWI Had Stepson In Car

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police arrested a man on Friday in Suffolk County for driving while intoxicated after he crashed his car into two other vehicles and fled the scene while his stepson was in the vehicle.

Police said John Nullmeyer was driving his car northbound in a southbound-only portion of Nassau Road near Main Street in Huntington where he struck a car at 5 p.m. He then fled and hit another car before fleeing down Main Street.

Nullmeyer was eventually arrested.  Police said he had his 14-year-old stepson in the car at Main Street and Spring Road.

Police charged the 43-year-old with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated driving while intoxicated with a child in the car—a felony under Leandra’s Law.

Nullmeyer was scheduled for arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on Saturday morning.


One Comment

  1. Frank Rizzo says:

    Guaranteed he only gets 6 months probation and $200 fine.

    Frank Rizzo has spoken

  2. vengeance says:

    Taking away their licenses doesn’t stop them from driving. Maybe if they took away their hands or feet, that might stop them.

  3. cee says:

    As a child I lived with an alcoholic father. Lucky he never crashed or was pulled over as similar charges would have been filed. Lucky I am still alive. They should take your license for a year for DUI. The US laws are far too lenient.

  4. nyc says:

    Another drunk in a accident ! Everyday news ! Drunk and no drivers license. Was he an Illegal also ? Just asking .

    1. John Farnsworth says:

      He might have been an illegal alien from Germany since his last name is Nullmeyer.

  5. Carlos Liriano says:

    he should be in jail for ever for being stupid, a moron and a drunk.

  6. Mike says:

    He Should be in jail forever. He is lucky that he did not kill someone, including his stepson

  7. Lester Krinklesac says:

    Holy croakers! All them charges, this feller may winds up in jail forever.

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