Perfect Weather At New Meadowlands Stadium

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — For those worried about the cold-weather Super Bowl in northern New Jersey in 2014 — Fuggettabattit!

The weather was perfect for football at New Meadowlands Stadium on Sunday — sunny, with a high of 46 and winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 mph.

By awarding the game to the new stadium, the NFL waived its rule requiring host cities for the Super Bowl to have an average temperature of 50 degrees or a dome as a bid requirement.

League owners voted last May to play the game in the $1.6 billion stadium co-owned by the Jets and Giants, risking the possibility of what might be first cold weather championship for the world’s biggest football game.


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  1. Q-Man says:

    CNJ2008: How are they the NJ Giants and Jets? Are you stupid enough not to see these teams logos? A little too much Jersey pride in you, let it go you’re sounding stupid

  2. SC says:

    Oh, for goodness sake! Many teams play in the suburbs outside of their namesake city. The Jets and Giants are no different. New York City just happens to be on the border between the two states and population/travel patterns make more sense to put the stadium in Jersey.

  3. Mr.E says:

    Talk about lousy reporters. Just after the end of this Super Bowl,one of the reporters said “and with the Super Bowl coming to New York”.
    Get your facts straight! It’s NEW JERSEY! Every heard of Google Maps? It’s the Meadowlands and they are not New York.
    That goes to you too DoomBerg! It’s our state and we’re proud to be New Jersey!
    Forgive me if I sound angry,but this is really too much!

    1. Q-Man says:

      stfu Mr. E everyone is going to say super bowl is in new york because its new york giants and new york jets not new jersey giants. stop whining

      1. CNJ2008 says:

        I agree. They are the New Jersey Giants and New Jersey Jets. I may live in Central New Jersey but even I’m not as stupid as q-man to think they’re actually New York teams.
        They had to have both teams in New Jersey because of the horrible taxes,horrible mayor and terrible Governor in New York.As for the reporters,well that’s simply someone too uneducated to know where the borders are for all the states.

    2. LT says:

      really, let’s see New Jersey pull this off without New York City’s help. Jersey idots, New York City is where it’s at. If we need a place to bury bodies we’ll give you a call, other then that, step to the side and let the big boys deal with the Super Bowl. We got the money, we go got the style, you got, you got nothing, no wait, you got Joe Piscopo.

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