Snow Weight On Roofs Causing Concerns Around Conn.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The weight of snow and ice stacked on roofs has caused concerns, and even evacuations, around Connecticut.

In Cromwell, about 140 residents were evacuated Friday from a building at the Cromwell Gardens Condo Complex and weren’t being allowed back in Saturday. Bob Shufer, the condo association’s president, told The Hartford Courant there’s minor structural damage to the roofs that might have happened before winter. A shelter has been set up at the town hall.

The firehouse in Meriden was evacuated Saturday after part of the roof started to come down. The fire chief tells WFSB-TV that fire crews hear loud popping noises as they were sitting down to dinner.

In New London, 22 residents were displaced Saturday night after the roof of their apartment building partially collapsed. Most of the residents planned to stay with friends or family, but at least two were given hotel vouchers by the Connecticut Red Cross, the New London Day reported.

In Colchester, state troopers and members of the fire department were monitoring a church after getting reports that it was in danger of collapsing. They were trying to keep people away from the area around St. Andrews Church, the Courant reported.

In Newington, residents of a row of townhouses on Cottonwood Road were evacuated late Friday over concerns their roofs could give way. Police say the buildings were being inspected to assure their safety.

And there were worries in East Windsor that a building near Old Ellington Road would buckle under the weight of snow on its roof. Police closed part of the road Saturday.

Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra told the Courant that more than 120 contracted workers would be working through the weekend to remove snow and ice from the roofs of city-owned buildings.

“We are being proactive because public safety is paramount,” he said.

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