Cops: Newborn Found Dead After B’klyn Mom, 14, Hospitalized

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Police discovered a newborn boy dead Monday morning in a Coney Island apartment after his 14-year-old mother was taken to the hospital.

Doctors determined the girl had just given birth after her mother brought her to the Coney Island Hospital emergency room for excessive bleeding.

Neighbors tell 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa that they didn’t know the teenage girl was pregnant

Sources told 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa that the newborn was found in a plastic bag behind the bed in a 14th floor apartment at the Sea Park Houses.

The tragedy has shocked residents who knew the girl, who lives with her parents, and saw her frequently around the neighborhood going to school and hanging with friends. It appears none of the neighbors knew the teenager was pregnant.

“She’s just like any other average, young, 14-year-old girl,” one neighbor said. “I don’t understand; why wouldn’t I hear no screaming for the labor pains, she had to have had help.”

“She’s gonna be traumatized for the rest of her life,” another neighbor said.

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One Comment

  1. Ny Injury Lawyer says:

    So Sad and Heartbreaking. Prayers!


    It’s a pitiful when you have “racists” who feed on such topics to spew their inner hatred. This is not the place for such.
    It’s irrelevant what race this child was or her residential area, the fact of the matter is that she had sex, became pregnant and the baby did not survive.
    I recall incidents when a young white girl gave birth at her prom, placed the baby in the toilet and went back to resume celebrating.
    How about the baby who was born to a young white girl who placed him in a dumpster.
    We can go all day with this tit for tat.
    This too shall pass

    1. George K Johnson says:

      i’m not from the new york area so i didn’t get the rasecit but her parrents neds to be charged for neglet cause a 14 year old girl should have had a check up in a year, but it takes one time one secon to get pregnantand the parents r responsible,,,,,,,,,,kevikev

  3. deondra says:

    im from coney island. where she lived isnt the projects, its a private sky rise building with security etc, like an apt people pay top dollar for in your research dummies. o and predominately russians live in that building.

  4. saydes says:

    where the hell were the parents??? at 14 my parents knew who my friends were and where i was at all times…and yes both my parents worked so its no excuse. there is no way when her mom took her to the ER she didn’t know what had happened. I don’t feel bad for her at all…I feel bad for that poor baby that never had a chance

  5. MIKE JONES says:


  6. Mrs I. UNDERSTAND says:

    It’s a sad day anywhere when you have a 14yr old child engaging in sexual conduct and as a result she becomes pregnant.
    Regardless of your residential location, no child should have to go through this.
    There are wonderful, attentive parents and then there are neglectful parents, when we don’t know the exact situation all we can do is pass judgement and assumptions.
    Hopefully this will be a learning lesson for her and her parents and she will eventually recover from this physicallly and mentally.

  7. Fred says:

    Welfare state.

  8. Mr Armenia says:

    whats wrong with these people from the projects.
    14 years old and giving birth.

    Where are the parents? No wonder why people become grandparents at the age of 25

    1. C.J. says:

      Things like that are typical in the ghetto.

      1. k says:

        Things like this can happen ANYWHERE!!!!! Open your eyes!

      2. deondra says:

        That’s not true.theres plenty of white girls that get pregnant young in the suburbs they jut have the money to cover it up. They have private doctors,etc. There’s plenty of educated people that came from poverty.People always got to play the racial card. That’s like me saying its typical for all white people to be meth heads, and serial killers




  9. Sambo says:

    Nothing new in the ‘hood. Just another breeder layin’ down with the homies.

    1. SAMBO THE MORON says:

      @ Sambo….Your mother was a breeder, with a name like sambo she should
      have killed her young.
      Stick to the subject and stop showing your stripes.

      1. Sambo says:

        Better to show stripes than a silver back.

    2. deondra says:

      You must be thinking about the jews. They’re the only breeders.

  10. Jenny says:

    Some of these girls are gettin pregnant because they think its cute and it isn’t cute. They have these babies and just throw them to grandma to take care of it . A Mother can not b in back of their child 24-7. Parents trust their kids to do dthe right thing. We cant sit here and blame da parents either you know. What if the parents did all they can to prevent the girl from havin sex. We dont know because we dont live with them. Dont make them out as monsters, parents that dont care, im sure they are hardworkin people who did their best with their child.

  11. Jenny says:

    Wat da heck does it matter if this girl is from the projects or not. SO if she were from a really nice neighborhood with a white picket fence it would have been different. Who the hell people think they are. This girl made a decision that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. She was scared. Dont comment LIKE U know the girl because you don’t. YES she shoulda said something about what she was goin through but who are we to JUDGE this girl. I wish her the best and hope she gets the counseling she needs. Trust me this will not be the last time we hear about a teenager killin her baby

  12. AP says:

    For all we know the baby was stillborn & the teen threw it in the bag/garbage. Probably scared. There are too many young teens getting pregnant, with some thinking it’s a wonderful thing. These teens need to be taught about safe sex & birth control early. While it should be the parents doing this, too many of them had babies at teens & just aren’t the ones to be doing the teaching. Schools may have to step up more or get the word out about organizations that offer support for teens. The abstinence speech just doesn’t cut it in the real world.

  13. Shanna says:

    BTW she’s not another young average teenage girl… You cant compare her too an average teenage girl …Average teenage girls dont make babys and kill them!!! LOSERS!

  14. The Law says:

    Another lowlife from the NYC Projects. The good working people will always pay for it and suffer.

    1. Shanna says:

      Soo true .. I dont feel bad for this girl at all Its clearly her and her parent’s fault… poor baby boy… and A Neighbor of her’s says that she’s going to be “traumatized” for the rest of her life… LMAO what a low-life neighbor … how about the life that she just gave too and took away?? All these projects should get taken down and people like this should be living in some hole in the ground… Low-lives that never worked for their own money!!!

      1. Two Jacks.... says:

        To “The law” and his agreeable buddy Shanna.
        How would you feel if I told you that the apt they live in is a $400K condiminum, her father is a high profile law enforcement, her mother is a cardiologist and her only brother is a Lieutenant at the 60th precinct ?
        It would place the two of you at the bottom of the ass that you are.

        Get a life and speak for yourselves.

      2. badman says:

        right on, 2 jacks, “The Law” and Shanna are just low lifes from Bensonhurst. Or Jersey, or wherever – you get the picture. If they have a college degree, it’s from a vocational school. And they complain about illegal immigrants but think they’re above mopping floors for a living.

        Thay’re mad because they’re somebody else’s ass-end, but they don’t do anything about it – the Law watches TV and Shanna does her nails. Human garbage.

  15. Jeanie says:

    Why, when it seems that everyone knows about the Safe Haven law, do women and girls still discard their babies like so much unwanted trash?

  16. Concerned says:

    We don’t know all the facts yet. Maybe she was being abused by an adult in her own family. You never know….. let’s see…. It will not be the first case, and unfortunately not the last one. If this was not the case. Definetly parents need to get more involved in their kid’s life. We are giving more and more freedom to teenagers. At 14, I would have to first ask for permission, second would not be able to go out without proper adult supervision….

  17. cc says:

    ur soo right its a shame these parent now a days dont care about there kids!!

    1. MIKE JONES says:



  18. sk says:

    The baby was found in aplastic bag. why are we feeling badly for the 14 year old girl? She knew what she was doing before she got pregnant, an dfater the baby was born. there really needs to be more education about preventing teenage pregnancies. The kids are in a situation where tehy are not responsible enough to be parents.

    1. anonymous says:

      I could cry. The real problem here is not teen pregnancy, and it’s most definitely not race or having anything to do with the projects. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Shame on you. Shame on you for being so self-righteous and arrogant. This poor, poor girl, and that baby, and her family that is left living with the consequences.
      The real problem is society. The real problem is societal views on teen pregnancy. The real problem is all of you. How sickly scared this girl must have been, this little girl, of the world filled with people like all of you and your thoughts and behaviors, to do something so tragic. How sickly unloved and unforgiven she must have felt. What a horrible place she must have been in. How unbelievably sad it is that we as people cannot recognize the tremendous need to love and forgive, in the name of the Lord.
      This girl will have to live with what she’s done. It is no one’s place to make sure that that happens. Check yourself.
      As for the girl, her family, and God bless him that innocent baby boy, you’re in my prayers and I feel your pain in my heart. May the Lord show you strength, forgiveness and unconditional love, guiding you through these tragic times and into His almighty arms.

      1. badman says:

        you’re a good egg, anonymous. you should use your real name and be recognized as a great person.

      2. George K Johnson says:

        prase God……Amen………kevikev

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