Brooklyn Tenant: Landlord Shuts Off Heat Every Night

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — This year’s tough winter has left thousands of New York City residents literally out in the cold. Many have been fighting for heat with landlords who don’t provide it.

Among those dealing with the issue is Gladys Puglla, of Bushwick, Brooklyn. She said living in an apartment with no heat every night has taken its toll.

“I’m angry because I’m getting sick and I haven’t been able to get better and every day it’s a hassle for me to go to work, coughing all day in my job and I can’t do my work,” she told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

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Puglla said her landlord has turned off the heat every night for the 12 years she has lived in the rent-controlled apartment. She said she heats water in pots on the stove to warm the room closest to the kitchen in addition to sealing her bedroom window in plastic to keep out some of the drafts.

Puglla said it has been her “worst enemy” to “have no heat at night.”

It is so cold in the apartment that her poodle Teddy has to wear a coat indoors.

“We’re like icicles,” she said.

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In addition to using three or four blankets to cover her, Puglla said she has to wear socks, jogging pants and a sweater when going to bed at night.

Puglla has testified about her plight at a City Council hearing seeking to increase the penalties for landlords, who don’t provide heat. It is an issue that continues to effect thousands. Since October, the 311 call center has received over 150,000 heat and hot water complaints.

According to Puglla, her landlord has not been penalized because city inspectors only come during the day and not the night, when the heat is shut off. Her landlord refused to speak when contacted by CBS 2 on Tuesday.

Public Advocate Bill Deblasio said not having heat is simply “not acceptable.”

“It happens because the laws aren’t strong enough and some bad landlords are taking advantage of weak laws and we’re going to stop it we’re going to change the laws,” Deblasio said.

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One Comment

  1. Thrumas says:

    Jose Valdez living at 200 West 119th Street Apt 2 , new York, NY 10026 is running an illegal hotel. He turns off the hot water on his tenants in the winter. He has illegal immigrants from latin America walking in and out of his apartment. He is not paying any taxes (income). Rooms for Rent on 600 West 145th Street in Harlem New York City and Jose Valdez are running a scam. Put all of them in jail.

  2. TenantO says:

    To Rose Marie Lagana
    just because you keep the temperature between 68 and 72 does not mean that the house is actually warm, I have the same problem and got sick many times this winter because my landlord won’t turn the heat up a bit. That temperature is too low. And YES I pay my real market price rent on time.

  3. dawn says:

    I rented a place 6 months ago. I let the land lord no that i was veary sick and was fighting for my life and was going to be going out of town to a nother hosptel. so i needed a place that was clean and safe for me. he told me that all repeirs woled be done in a few weeks. well sence than i have been robed by there workers. thoundeds in bills thay ran up on me in fested with moils all in the walls and the apt . me and my pets are sick from the rodints broken pips cant shower and most of all no heat. i am on ssi and am all alone but i have to keep paying my rent. the only help i can get is to go to the hosptel or a shelter this is so un life is on the line.i can not leave get the help i need to find out if i am going to live or diy.till i find a new place to live. i am all so learning disabbled dont drive and am houes bouned.I feel like i have been left to diy.this land lord has taken what little hope i had to live a way.I have tryed to get help in evey way but it is a catich 22 game the renter cant win this is the 2 time in a row i have gone thru this. i went to cort on the other land lord thinking i did every thing i could to prove my case i was a puled with all i had pichers letters copys of fines and so on the juge told me he sees nothing and i lost i could not belive it. were are my wrights and some one needs to stop land lords from takeing aiddvanige of the poorsick and disabbled people if you cant go to the courts then were do we trun to.

  4. z z zodiac says:

    She should move out but the rent in a rent controlled place is way below market value.

  5. MIKE JONES says:

    IT IS THEM!!!

  6. Homeless Person says:

    As a homeless person using the computer at the library I would be grateful to live in any apt….even if it had no heat….Thanks you for taking the time to read this, most people won’t even give me the time of the day.

  7. FJLinSINY says:

    Wow, no wonder my landlords love me, I pay my rent and my heating bill every month, no complaints. And since I pay my own heat, it’s always toasty warm. Plus my relationship with my landlord is great, we share food, wine, even cookouts. In the Summer, they make sure the air condition pumps into my apartment for free. When people ask why I love Staten Island, I guess this is just another reason to add to the list. Staten Island ROCKS!

    1. S HANNITH says:

      YOU CAN TELL SHE DOES!!!!!!!!

  8. tom owner says:

    Did any notice this section title question was not about any problems the Landlord has???

  9. Rose Marie Lagana says:

    It is unconscionable for a landlord to not provide adequate heat, and any landlord who does this deserves to be penalized. I have a completely different story. I am a landlord of a small private home. I have one tenant and her teenage daughter. At the beginning of January I raised their rent by ten dollars – that’s right, ten dollars. These people pay $300 BELOW MARKET VALUE for the apartment. To get back at me for the raise they called 311 and complained of having “no heat”. This was a complete and blatant lie. The house is 72 degrees in the day and 68 degrees at night. I was completely unaware that they had called 311 to complain. However, two or three days later I saw a buildings inspector enter my premises. I asked him if anything was wrong and he told me about the “no heat” complaint. I entered the tenant’s apartment with him and showed him that there was plenty of heat. He responded that I needed to “maintain” the heat. I told him I certainly do at all times. He said “well, they’re cold”. I said they are not cold, they are angry about the $10 raise. When he could not find any reason in the apartment as to why they should be cold, he suggested we go into the basement where he proceeded to look it over extensively until he found a “reason”. In the boiler room where the boiler was sizzling away he found a few cracks in the ceiling. He told me that was the reason they were cold and told me to fix the cracks. We then went back into the tenant’s apartment where he told them, in front of me, that he was giving me one week to fix the cracks and if I did not do it the tenants should call him. They readily and happily agreed to do so. The following day I had someone come in to fix the few cracks. I paid $350 for repairs that did not make the slightest difference because they were not the problem to begin with. I have owned my house for 25 years. Never at any time did any tenant complain about “no heat”. The inspector couldn’t care less about anything I had to say. He had the power to make me have repairs made and that is what he did. He was determined to find something to pin on me and that’s what he did. As far as I’m concerned, 311 and the buildings department are all for the tenants and landlords be damned! This is a complete abuse of power and I will be doing something about it. Not every tenant is good and not every landlord is bad. Try telling that to the buildings dept. I am floored to say the least as to how in the world any landlord got away with turning the heat off at 6:OO p.m. for 12 years without penalty. These are the people who deserve punishment – not landlords who more than meet the heating critiera. Are you listening Mayor Bloomberg? By the way, the “daytime” heat goes off at 1:00 in the morning and the night heat comes on. The “daytime” heat come back on a 6:00 a.m. There is heat 24 hours a day, every day. I wish I had this inspector’s name. If there is anyone that needs to be “reported, it’s him.

    1. tom owner says:

      I had a fight over a $2 increase, yes $2, the inspectors are really idiots, one idiot came to my building and complained I had no heat, I asked him what the temperature reading was and he replied he didnt need a thermometer I had no heat, I offerd him a tour of the boiler room and again he insisted I had no heat, they are generally idiots, windows open, AC in the window in February. Tenants run the shower for hours when they expect the inspectors, One stopped paying the rent in JUNE and when she got to court in october she immediatly claimed it was a rent strike because she had NO HEAT. Rent to a “single mom” and the boyfriend moves in the next day and you can foget about collecting your rent

    2. tom owner says:

      MARIE To hell with them, raise the rent to full market rent ASAP, then use the extra money to fix up your property, then when they cry, just fix everything

    3. NYrByChoice says:

      Report the inspector to 311

    4. 2dmhigh says:

      I don’t believe you. Most landlords are liars buddy.

  10. Tom Owner says:

    Well the dirty little secret of Rent Control is that 1200 are paying under $99 a month, 42,000 are paying under $200 and 75,000 are paying under $300, When a landlord is paying $1,400 a month to maintain basic services, the tenants who are paying their fair share have to make up the expences for the freeloaders. There are several easy programs for the”poor” tenants to get Aid, it is a one page SCRIE application, but they choke when asked why they do not apply. The game is for them to make up simpathy stories, while hiding their summer homes and nice cars. They speak in “code”, they are unemployed actors, great screen writers, retired early at 55, few have to bother with a real job. Did you notice she never had to tell what her rent actually was?
    If you have ever lived in your own building, it is hell!! Every couple or roomates who fight drag you into it, They try to drop off the kids at your apartment for babysitting, Every idiot boyfriend of the female tenants want to prove themselves by picking fights with the landlord, You and your family are ambushed at all hours by latenight drunks and assorted idiots looking for the tenants. They show up years later after they leave to blindly pick fights with your family. If tenants from other building can not find their landlord they simply start screaming at you because you are a “landlord”. They call you drunk at 3AM to fight about their cat,

    1. tongo says:

      I don’t believe a word you said except for “Every idiot boyfriend of the female tenants want to prove themselves by picking fights with the landlord,” I know that is true. Had to deal with a neighbor who had a boyfriend from hell who would come over on the weekends and try to dictate what everyone on the building should do.

  11. tom says:

    why is it i cant reply to robins last comment… everyone, scroll down to what robin wrote last.

    she obviously agrees and acknowledges that her rent controlled apartment is immune to the actual rise in cost of living, but does she care??

    but the landlord is ignorant…

    this is the mentality of the typical rent control tenant because it suits them.

  12. m says:

    there are not that many apartment still under “rent control”. there are a lot of rent stablized most of these are rents under the $2000 a month door the building is owned by one of the top slumlords they pay close to 4300+ a month guess what the housing dept. still get complains about heat, hot water and rodents you can be paying top rents and still get the same treatment some landlords are the way the landlord next door lives in a huge mansion in LI.

    1. tom says:

      the landlord lives in a house like that cause he realizes that 4300+ a month pays a 800,000+ mortgage and wont waste his money on rent.

      those wasting money on that kind of rent deserve to have no heat! lol

    2. Tom Owner says:

      Read the numbers, there are plenty of Rent Controlled apartments, It does not matter which program it is if they are only paying 10% or 20% of the actual cost for an apartments does it matter? The freeloaders are killing the rest of the tenants. 750,000 are paying under $1,000, which in NY is not a lot of money when apartment cost $1,400 to maintain. Mybe you should work for free for life? How do you justify the 42,000 paying under $200 a month???

      1. hoenst dave says:

        “$1,400 to maintain”

        what a joke. That is not true at all.

  13. mo says:

    by law the apartment can be as low as 55 at night during the day it has to be 68

  14. Ken says:

    Tom: I’m not stating that it is easy to be a landlord and that they do not have constraints especially in a rent-stabal;ized or control building. However, I want to know why it is OK for a landlord to not provide heat in the dead of winter. You stated that you would sleep in the cold before your tenants, but then it seemed you tried to justify why landlords don”t provide heat. All I’m saying is that it is unacceptable unless that tenant is an absolute deadbeat and is behind on their rent and you tried to make an arrangement. Then I can see shutting the heat for short period to make a point.

    1. tom says:

      con ed will come shut the meter if they dont get paid. if theres no money, you cant pay the bill. its that simple. the tenant doesnt have to be a deadbeat. the amount they are paying by law is not enough. personally, i am taking money out my pocket to make sure the heat stays on, as it is my obligation to do so, no matter what. but if i run out of money… i know a landlord who burnt old wood and furniture to keep the heat on when he had no money for the oil. im not kidding!

      1. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

        This is what all landlords say! They’ll have 875 buildings throughout the five boroughs, many with doormen and on Park Avenue, and a lot of office buildings but still, they all cry “Oi me, I’m so poor!”, You can tell them: : the better dressed and the bigger cigars they smoke; the more they whine about costs and “rent control” chiselers.

  15. X says:

    Why doesn’t this wonderful article tell us how warm the lady’s apartment is at night? She says she’s cold. All right. She probably is. Why doesn’t she get a thermostat, so that she can tell the reporter how cold it is. Instead, we hear that her dog wears a sweater? It’s “like icicles.” Maybe it is. If it’s forty degrees, then this is a real story. If it’s sixty degrees, then it’s not.

    I own my own place, and I seal my bedroom window. I’m not sure what to do with this article. The public advocate is funny. Of course, not having heat is not acceptable. But the article doesn’t even tell us that. All we know is that she has a poodle named Teddy. I’m sure it’s a great dog. This is news. (Also, CBS, you should have commas around Teddy when you write “her poodle Teddy has to wear…”

    1. tom says:

      youre right… the best was when i had this tenant complain that it was cold and stopped paying rent and the inspector came and read 78 on his thermometer! he asked them if they felt cold at that moment, and they replied yes, rubbing their arms. they were directed to pay their rent by the inspector… lol

  16. Robin says:

    Buying real estate is an investment. Landlords are nothing more than investors buying real estate in order to make a profit on their investment. When an investor reviews a potential investment all factors must be factored in. How much will it cost to keep up your investment? What is the source of revenue?

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to invest and make a profit. Not every investment yields the expected return.

    Banks insure investments up to $250K. Investing in insured products is the only way to assure a return on your investment.

    Real estate is not an insured investment. An investor takes a risk buying real estate. An investor takes a risk buying stocks. Some investments produce and some lose. Some lose big. This is capitalism. Greed is defined as demanding a huge profit without acknowledging and accepting the risk of losing.

    Landlords want to be capitalists when they invest. They want to be socialists when their investments do not provide the return they want. They are socialists when they complain about the cost of maintaining their investment.

    NYC housing laws do not hold landlords responsible for their investments. The laws should be similar (if not the same) as the stock market. You win or lose. You buy or sell. Win or lose, you must follow contracts (leases.)

    I am a tenant living in a rent controlled apartment in Manhattan. I have lived in my apartment over 13 years. I have fulfilled my end of my contract (lease.)

    Five years ago a new owner purchased my building. Did he do ANY research before he made his investment? Did he calculate how much rent he received against the expenses of his investment?

    Why was my landlord permitted to break his contract with his tenants by refusing to provide heat and other basic services specified is our contracts (leases?)

    NYC landlords sore losers.

    I would like to see NYC landlord tenant law be enforced like the rules of the Super Bowl because if the Super Bowl was played by the NYC landlord tenant laws, there would be rioting in the street.

    1. tom says:

      oh robin… you had alot to say, but you left out the best part…

      please if you will, compare your buildings expenses 13 years ago and its expenses now, and now compare your rent increases from then to now.

      your new landlord truly didnt do his research buying your building with you in it.

      1. Robin says:

        My rent has significantly increased over the last thirteen years.

        Has my rent kept up with the cost of running the building? That was what my landlord should have researched before making his investment.

        When you make an ignorant investment, you have a greater chance of losing your investment.

        I entered into a contract (lease.) I have paid my rent according to my contract.

      2. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

        What did he leave out? If you can’t provide the heat, get out of the residential housing business. Sell your building(at a loss, you’ll say) to someone who can provide oil or gas.

  17. tom says:

    lots of well intentioned people like ken dont understand the big picture. the city balances the landlord tenant argument perfectly where it collects taxes and fines from the landlord and also doesnt deal with housing and heating of its tenants, while at the same time double taxing everyones incomes, landlords AND tenants, with high city and sales taxes. we all need to gather and revolt against this system where corruption just makes the rich richer and leaves us all complaining that theres no heat. it is freakin cold though…

  18. gigi says:

    MONEY…you should check the law….a landlord is required to maintain a certain temp inside depending on what the temp is outside, not turn it off at 11PM. If the landlord can’t handle that then don’t rent out the apartment.

  19. MONEY says:


    1. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

      No doubt where you came from landlords don’t have to provide heat. In london, many old buildings have coin operated gas meters that will turn off your heat and hot water if you don’t keep feeding the meter. In many East European countries, landlords just bribed thepolice. They come to America where they can leverage their middle European Mafia money into real estate and they expect the same “services ” the received from the police and city inspectors and housing judges. It happens every day. It takes no ethicas or college degree to be a landlord. Just a sense of extreme greed and egocentrism. If the landlords get everything they want, they will destroy the city and all the best tenants will move to Jersey or the outer boroughs. With Rents being what they are, the landlords will choke themselves on their own greed in 20-30 years.
      Then NYC’s housing market will be like it was after the Second World War, again.

  20. Ken says:

    So Tom, let me get this straight. You are stating that it is OK to leave your tenant with no heat because you feel that rent control is unfair and that you are getting a raw deal. Well, if i was a tenant that was not getting heat, you would not see a dime from me and I would make you take me to court and explain your reasoning to a judge.

    1. NYsucks says:

      Your a deadbeat

      1. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

        No, you’re a deadbeat landlord. This is the law IN AMERICA! If you don’t like it go back where you the thieves run the show. Oh! That’s right, you people came here to steal from Americans because it is so easy and profitable. You would have to kill to do this in the Med or pay off big time in Russia or Poland.
        Why are so many landlords self admitted creeps?

    2. tom says:

      thank you for solidifying my point exacty! in court, you would win because the city wouldn’t want someone like you to deal with. imagine the city having to provide heat for YOU! you would win, and now i would have to mortgage my building to provide heat for you and your family to be in the next 200 years to come. as long as youre comfortable cupcake…

    3. Robin says:

      Dear Ken:

      I have been to housing court eight times. YOU CAN NOT STOP PAYING YOUR RENT! Your landlord WILL initiate eviction proceedings against you and may win.

      You can not EXPLAIN your situation to the judge. By withholding your rent you are breaking the conditions of your lease. The judge does not want to hear your explanation.

      NYC housing judges are sympathetic to the landlords.

      1. tom says:

        the judges become sympathetic after the tenant hasnt paid 6 months rent… realizing that the landlord will not be able to pay the real estate tax bill.

        choke them just before they take their last breathe, then let go. THAT is our housing system.

  21. NYsucks says:

    Someone talking about it’s the Law. A Law that doesnt give fair share is nonsense. Am not pitying any tenants at all. Although, I know there are good and bad tenant as well as good and bad landlord. But in New York, the Law is too pro tenants so called Right. Have you seen a greedy tenant who gets heat and hot water day and night and still call 311 every night that she has no heat and hot water yet pay $0 in rent?. Have experience one already. She calls 311 to complain yet there is stable heat and hot water 24/7.. Landlord’s heating bill is hight but the idiot keeps complaining until she was finally advised to take me to court. Yes, she did(Order to Show cause). Judge sent inspector within 20days. Within this period, heat was even hotter than before to avoid fines. We got back to court and judge read inspector’s note that heat was alright. Then the ghetto(tenant) claim right their that she has no hot water. Hell no, how the hell you live there without hot water. Judge didnt ask. He just gave me violation+ 500$ fines and violation must be cured in 24hrs. I hired a lic. plumber but nothing wrong with plumbing and hot water system. This ghetto tenant didnt get fined for lying and live for free for a yr. Stupid city

  22. Jonas Siregare says:

    There are a lot of home owners in New York City who are running illegal hotels. They are illegally subletting their living rooms, closets, and vacant bedrooms to tourists and low income New Yorkers. These owners are evading the law by not paying taxes that hotels and other businesses pay. These owners are Poemia Amy Castro at 309 Lafayette Avenue, Apartment 9i, Brooklyn, NY 11238; Akhtar A. Khan and Arun Aguilar and Shareen Khan at 46-24 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11220; Robert Treabor at 1123 Avenue K, APT 5A (A5), Brooklyn, NY 11230.
    These people never gave a receipt for the rent paid to all there tenants.

  23. tom says:

    i was just about to say something regarding ken’s mindless comment, but maybe he’s got a point. us landlords should ALL default on our mortgages and obligations, let the banks deal with maintaining the buildings that now no one wants to buy, and let the city handle the now homeless tenants that the banks kicked out! the city turns a blind eye to violations cause if it followed through with everything, it would have to deal with the tenants themselves eventually as the newly evicted landlord that lost his/her investment to violations they couldnt afford would be replaced by the city itself.

  24. John Ramirez says:

    It sounds to me that anyone in favor of abolishing rent controls or regulations would favor a landlord that shuts the heat off at night during the winter. I say this to you, why don’t you try living in an apartment with no heat at hight during the winter? Bottom line, if any landlord rents out apartments, theey are responsible to provide heat during the winter months. It sounds like if this landlord is shutting off the heat at night during the winter months, then more than likely the indoor temperature is going below 55 degrees. There is more involved to heating a home than maintaining the thermostat at 55deg. You also need to consider the condition of the windows, facade of the building, insulation, the condition of the boiler/pipes, etc…

    1. Jonas Siregare says:

      BUt if the windows are not secure to hold in that heat, what is the point of turning up the heat-it’s still cold!!!!

      1. gigi says:

        Then maybe the landlord should fix the windows as well, that’s my point. They want to collect the rent, but they don’t want to pay for maintenance of anything. Renting an apartment is a business, and there are obligations that come with that. If you can’t handle it then don’t rent your apartment out.

  25. gigi says:

    It’s not just people in rent controlled apartments. I pay average rent for my apartment and I don’t get heat at night either. Not to mention the windows were installed incorrectly, so I get really bad drafts. In order to combat this problem I have purchased space heaters. Why should my electric bill be through the roof because my landlord is cheap??????????? Moving is not an option either, it’s an expense I can not take on at this time. I wish the city would actually take an active role in correcting a problem that so many have!

  26. al says:

    without cost adjustments rent control guts new housing developments as well improving older properties. massachusetts eliminated rent control by referendum and it affected cities of boston, brookline and cambridge. turns out the mayor of cambridge lived in a rent control 3 bedroom on his 80 grand salary. this hammered home the need for change.

  27. X says:

    NYC law only requires apartments to be 55 degrees at night. Being that the law states that her apartment must be over 68 during the day when the inspectors do come, and the landlord apparently hasn’t been fined, it’s pretty likely that once the heat is shut off the apartment maintains at over 55 degrees.

  28. Barre Flynn says:

    The City will only check heat during the day time. So what is the point of 311 calls for heat violations. My landlord has been in violation for 9 years. Serious violations. The city is a laugh when it comes to detecting and enforcing heat regulations. My building is a Luxury Building. I have a baby. There are a lot of older seniors here as well. They do not care.

  29. Ken says:

    To you idiots pittying the landlord and complaining that the apartments are rent controlled, no one forceed you to own the building. You purchased it as an investment and if you are losing money or not making enough of a profit then simply sell it. Do not punish your tenants for your lousy investment decision.

    1. mary says:

      and who is forcing tenants to stay, don’t like it move… rent control regulations are not helping they are entrapping…

      1. gonzalo says:

        your comment is so stuped,like yourself;its the right to live, and is the right to receive all the serviceswhile living in the building; or do not rent to anyone. fix your mind!…

      2. Robin says:

        Dear Mary:

        A lease is a contract between a landlord and a tenant. When one party violates a contract (a bad landlord) why should the the party holding up their end of the contract (a responsible rent paying tenant) be bullied out of their apartment?

        Such a contractual violation whould never hold up in any other business.

        Landlords purchase buildings knowing the law and the regulations and then proceed to break them.

        Imagine having a relationship like that with your doctor.

    2. MLT says:

      They aren’t landlords, they’re SLUMLORDS!

      A slumlord (also spelled slum lord) is a derogatory term for landlords, generally absentee landlords, who attempt to maximize profit by minimizing spending on property maintenance, often in deteriorating neighborhoods. They may need to charge lower than market rent to tenants. Severe housing shortages allow slumlords to charge higher rents.

  30. mary says:

    a simple solution: let the market regulate itself instead of clinging to archaic rent control regulations from guess when…. WW II emergency housing laws, that’s right folks rent control regulations were established during WW II to remedy the housing situation THEN! That has never been removed although market changed significantly, but I guess who cares? Some bureaucrats and crocked politicians find it profitable, oh and lets not forget the rich little folks who sit in rent controlled apts while you and me pay their share of rent in our higher rents! Wake up folks!

  31. tom says:

    as a landlord myself, i would rather be in the cold first before my tenants. but on the other hand, the rent controlled rent does not follow real estate tax, fuel, and other operating cost increases either. if its costing the landlord more to live, it should also cost the tenant more as well. the building everyone lives in doesnt magically sustain itself… things need to get paid, and bills dont get paid with $300 a month rent. and just because one owns a building, that doesnt make him or her rich… the way things are today, theyre the poorest ones with the most to lose.

  32. jonny says:

    How come no one ever talks about why some landlords don’t provide heat. Here in New York there are rent controlled tenants, many of whom pay far less then the amount it costs to heat the apartment (building). Why won’t the law provide for the landlord to charge what needs to be charged in order to heat the apartment. Instead everybody always attacks the owner as insensitive and immoral. Should the owner have to give heat as a charitable offering to the tenants. The answer is no, the landlord should be able to charge a rent that allows him/her to provide the necessary services for human beings to live. But the government regulation does not allow the landlord to increase the rent. This a a perfect example of regulation having the wrong consequence.

    By the way, I know this because I own three apartments in NYC and they are losing money every month. One tenant pays only $253 per month while the maintenance is $843 per month. I am basically losing $600 per month to provide heat for her. That is just wrong. the government is the party responsible for creating these ridiculous situation

    There are many

    1. Kate says:

      I would advise you to sell the apartment to the tenant and let her lose the money every month.

  33. poohmanchu says:

    This is just one more example of how Americans need more government, not less. The rich simply cannot be trusted to treat people with anything less than contempt. Without a strong governemnt that is prepared to make the rich live up to their legla and moral obligations, the middle and lower class can only expect more egregious displays of distain.

    1. DanTe says:

      You’re rich. Why don’t you go pay for the fuel to heat her up than? Just talk talk talk.

  34. Brucie says:

    This is not acceptable. You should have heat at night, it’s the law. If you have lived with this situation for 12 years, that is your own fault.

    1. luigi says:

      you have the right to what you pay for. if people are subsidizing your your wants and needs there is something wrong here. who says the building owner is rich? if he is he certainly didnt get that way by subsidizing you. how much do you have in the bank, shouldnt we be able to see your assets before you get to inherit an aprtment with a ridiculously low rent from your aunt or 2nd cousin twice removed?

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