Christie Calls For Police Unions’ Help Maintaining Safety

NEWARK (WCBS 880) – Both Newark and Camden have laid off over 160 cops within the last three months.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney reports

“You know, state police is helping where we can,” says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is worried about increased crime.

But, Christie says he met last week with mayors from Newark, Camden, and Trenton about crime problems and says, “What came out of it was that we have to come up with 21st century solutions to this law enforcement conundrum.”

The conundrum being cops laid off following failed negotiations with police unions and Christie says cities are being suffocated by police contracts.

“What I’d suggest is that the unions need to get realistic about giving concessions in order to save jobs and protect the public safety.”

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One Comment

  1. Ronald Reagan Republican says:

    I hope the cholesterol gets Chritie soon! HE along with CORZINE, McGREEVEY and WHITMAN refused to pay the New Jersey’s obligation to the pension/health system for 13 out of 17 years! It is not the fault of the police, fire and teachers, the state negotiated those contracts. The state would not allow anyone to skip our obligation once let alone 13 times. Hey bully boy, this isn’t a court room where you can play your smoke and mirrors game. Keep laying off teachers, police and fire and see what happens to Newark, Trenton and Camden. FACE YOUR OBLIGATION TO THE PEOPLE WHO EARNED IT GOVERNOR!

  2. tyui tyui says:

    I thought fat boy Chris Christie wanted less goverment? Well that’s what you get with less goverment: more crime and less services. The cops voted for this idot. Why don’t we cut fat boys Chris Christie salary and give it to the cops and fire department. This guy is a real joke.

  3. Vincent LoRe says:

    You are right. There is no need for police unions in this day and age.

  4. Mark E says:

    Both sides need to take a reality check and remember that they are both there to serve the people of NJ. Cuts to 1 side should apply to the other. How about our fat cat beaurocrats take some cuts to their perks and such? Make them all live by the same standards as the rest of us.

    I do agree that the Unions neec to be reigned in and I am a Union man, but if 1 side has to give make it a a fair deal where all sides sacrifice for the greater good, not just 1 side.

    If both sides give consessions, then maybe the people of NJ can finally start getting a fair shake.

  5. Carlos Liriano says:

    Major Chrisie, the unions dont care about public safety, all they want is more and more money, the hell with rest,
    get ready of those blood suckers and them we will be sage again

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