WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Melting snow along with refreezing cycles have been creating some dangerous conditions and expensive repairs for drivers in the Tri-State area.

In White Plains, Javier Salgado was lamenting not only the flat tire he sustained, but some expensive rim damage to his car.

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“They were bent and to get it fixed is about $220 plus the tires,” he told CBS 2’s Lou Young, “you’re talking about almost a thousand dollars.”

Salgado’s pain was also being felt by many across the area. As rain falls and snowmelt turn to ice, it thaws and refreezes while turning the pavement to powder as it expands and contracts — creating craters on roadways.

Tim Downs, of the White Plains Public Works Department, said he has fielded many complaints from drivers.

“Sixty percent of my calls are for snow and ice. The other forty percent are potholes right now,” he said.

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Downs dispatches workers, who run loads of so-called “cold patch” to broken streets. The size of the potholes has also created a problem and workers said they were too big to be left alone until Spring.

“Big, deep potholes, jagged edges. People popping tires left and right — you have to fix them,” worker Joe Passone said.

Workers said the solution they are currently using is a mix of gravel, oil and sand shoveled in at room temperature.

Unfortunately, they admit the remedy is only a band-aid solution that will typically hold three to six months.

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