MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBS 2) — The rough winter is being blamed for major pothole problems throughout the city.

Things are so bad on Long Island that Nassau County has set up a pothole hotline. The crash, bang and thud of pothole-riddled streets can throw your back out of alignment, not to mention the threat to your car – the wheels, tires and axles.

The Long Island Expressway was brought to its knees Wednesday by pothole repair crews, as emergency workers tried to keep up with the ripped up roads.

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“I just hit a pothole myself, my whole back tire – got it replaced,” one driver said.

“It’s very dangerous to the car, to other people walking, and to yourself,” said another.

AAA says it’s important to hold the steering wheel with both hands, and to avoid swerving wildly to avoid potholes. Drivers should also slow down without slamming on the brakes, which can compress the front suspension, forcing the wheel and tire down into trouble.

John Uhl, of Holtsville, knows the bone-shattering feeling. He spent Wednesday waiting for new tires and alignment on his red Nissan – to the tune of $300.

“You can’t avoid them, and some of them are pretty severe,” Uhl said. “You worry about losing control, popping a tire, bending a rim.”

At STS Tires in Melville, manager Ed Meyer said he’s averaging four customers each day with blown tires or bent rims. It’s great for business, he said, but it’s costing frustrated pothole victims a fortune.

“Just this simple repair right here, the rim is over $300 – and Acura rim from a dealer, over $500 – and everybody wants to know if the town can be held responsible,” Meyer said.

Meyer is documenting all of the pothole damage caused to his customers’ cars

State, county, town or village, most clerks require claims sent by registered mail. However, New York state law specifically excludes its liability between November 15 and May 1, so many drivers may be out of luck.

Some county and town leaders are putting workers on weekends and overtime to fill the thousands of potholes, but money is running thin – and the situation is only going to get worse with the melting and re-freezing.

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