Hot Topic: February 9

Deadspin is at it again. According to the site, Jets QB Mark Sanchez allegedly spent time with a 17-year-old high school student last month. Boomer & Carton say the account fell short of being scandalous. What do you think?

On to “real” sports, the Carmelo Anthony trade whirlwind continues on Wednesday. Multiple reports state that the Los Angeles Lakers are now in the mix. Will Donnie Walsh and the Knicks sweeten the pot for Denver’s superstar?

All that, Craig fails to mention his partner on Inside Edition, Boomer feels slighted, new Mets ticket packages, Do You Know More Sports Than…, movie writer and director Kevin Smith in-studio, and more on today’s radio program…


pixy Hot Topic: February 9

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  1. nickkkolas says:

    emm pleasant,
    i’m new here…
    nice 2 read this forum.

  2. Charles Hennessy says:

    So Bommer and Carton crucify Taylor for calling for a prostitute (half of wall street does every day for lunch) who turns out to be 16 and who knows the real story. I doubt Taylor meant harm to a young girl. Sanchez has sex with a 17 year old. What if her birthday was last week or even a few months ago the age factor is the same. Except he is given a pass…………why. No way you can spin these as different except one was sex for pay one was not.

  3. Sal Gobernaly says:

    As long as he doesn’t get her liquored up or take any pictures or video of her naked its all legal. I hope he is having fun with that.

  4. Jet Fan says:

    Girls these days may be 17. But look and are built like they are 25. How is a guy to know. You do not normally ask a woman her age. And most of them would lie anyway.

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