Need Parenting Tips? There’s An App For That…

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Parenting just got a whole lot easier with a little help from iTunes.

We’re used to parenting books as a source of help when raising our kids, but now there’s a parenting app for your phone.

Tom McIntyre doesn’t have an iPhone, but the Ossining resident has developed an app called Positive Parenting Practices and it’s now available on iTunes as a two-hour audio lecture with rapidly changing pictures.

WCBS 880 Reporter Catherine Cioffi on the parenting app

“What we tried to do in this app is to provide parents with a solid foundation of why kids do what they do,” said McIntyre, app developer.

McIntyre, who also teaches at Hunter College, told WCBS 880 that once the app was done, he knew he needed illustrations.

His kids’ babysitter suggested her classmate, 16-year-old Emma Kates-Shaw.

“Cute, little sketchings and I wanted it to be whimsical,” Kates-Shaw said.

According to McIntyre, the app shows parents how replace negative behavior with positive behavior through effective use of behavior-change procedures, like time out, shaping, task analysis and effective praising.

“They learn the hazards of using punishment,” he said. “And how to use positivity in effective — not wimpy — ways.”

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Would you trust an app for parenting advice? What advice would you include? Tell us what you think below…


One Comment

  1. Child Proof Apps says:

    Will check out this app. Thanks!

  2. dave says:

    love it!
    anyway if ur interested there is a new free iphone app for kids. (mine love it) tiny vehicles

  3. Tony Shaw says:


  4. The Truth says:

    too bad they didnt sterilize your parents before they had you. As it is obvious that they raised a apathetic and bitter child.

  5. Old Fogie says:

    When I was a kid, the only app my parents had was a belt.

  6. mo says:

    Okay … have we raised a bunch of morons or what? Needing an app for parenting advice? Good Lord, how did the human species survive for all these years without Big Sister Nanny out there to help us along?

    People!!! Use your own common sense!

  7. haggaimusonda says:

    i would like to this type of parenting coz it hectic to boys only as kids.

  8. @MrsPsychoMama says:

    Wow–how in the world did my mom’s generation raise me? I guess back in the day, there was an app that programmed her peeps to walk 20 miles in the snow without complaining.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  9. mom11 says:

    I’ve purchased this app. It’s thoughtful, funny, and provides great ideas that are easy to use. Anything that helps parents to raise happy, socially appropriate children gets my thumbs up.

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