Mount Vernon Man Accused Of Bigamy

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – A Stony Point man has been arrested for being married to two women at the same time.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports Karl Nifontoff, 31, of Mount Vernon is accused  marrying one woman in Mount Vernon in 2006 and then another in Stony Point in 2010.

WCBS 880 Reporter Catherine Cioffi reports on the unusual case

“He’s been charged with bigamy and it’s a very odd crime to be charged with,” said Detective Sergeant Edward Finn.

Finn said there was no “big love” in this case, the second wife is the one who reported him to police.

“This was a case where a gentleman got married a second time before he was divorced from his first wife,” said Finn.


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  1. A person in the know says:

    His personal life is my business when he is having an affair with another teacher while married to two other women and sending the other teacher hundreds of texts a day during school hours. Karl and the other teacher are both low life cowards and his students’ lack of moral character is a clear sign of the message that he sends in the classroom.

    1. Another Current Student says:

      Clear your head of ignorance so that we can fill you in with knowledge! Such outlandish claims are outrageous, how can something someone doesn’t even know effect their moral character? Stop being so rude, get a life, and just because you’re “A person in the know” doesn’t mean you know everything.

  2. A person in the know says:

    Hey 1st wife how much did you pay him so you could be legal?

  3. A person in the know says:

    It’s simple he broke multiple laws and not to mention did a horrible thing to an innocent woman. Maybe his great teaching skills will be appreciated by his fellow inmates.

  4. ordinaryperson says:

    He may be a great teacher and teach children correctly, but he the things he did to innocent people shows his lack of morals. Teaching is a job where you should be a role model as well. Mr. Nifontoff may be a role model because he in very intelligent in the classroom, but not outside of it. As a teacher your personal actions are very well involved with your career because you are involved in a public school district. He did not only cheat, he was already married and he was cheating as well. Things like this may very well occur all of the time, but it can very well be prevented so that no innocent people are hurt. #2 wife needs her marriage annuled because of this mans heartless actions. It could of all been avoided if this man divorced and was completely honest instead of hiding it by portraying himself as this wonderful man to his wife and everyone else. He is not the victim here…

  5. Current Student says:

    Also to the teachers that say his actions make their jobs harder. Tell me how is that. Does his actions hurt your abillity to teach, does his actions make you feel any less intellectual so that you cant teach properly? No it doesnt, thats just your bias opinion on the matter. Do you think that the people who had him feel any dumber? do you think those who currently have him feel like they cant learn from him anymore? A man’s action does not in any way impact or reflect his ability to teach. He could have did something way worst but that wouldn’t make him any less of a teacher. A teacher a person who is able to give out knowledge to another person and my teacher does just that. And if you feel that he shouldn’t teach anymore just because of what he does in his personal life then I dont know what you define a teacher as being.

    1. Previous Student says:

      To alll of those who says he is a bad person and all that good stuff, your wrong. Just because he did something that wasn’t that good but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a horrible person. He is a GREAT teacher. Doing what he did does not make him any less of a teacher. His teaching skills is still there, he just made a mistake. I still love him and I hope everythings turns out well. What he does in his personal life isn’t any of your business. When he comes to work, he does his job and he does it well. So stop saying he’s a bad person because if making mistakes makes someone a horrible person, then we all are bad people.

      1. someone else who knows says:

        I hope you plan on staying in school until you learn more about laws and morals. This man was married to 2 women at the same time and had a girlfriend who is another teacher. The tax payers (those are the people paying for you to be there) shouldn’t be paying someone with no morals and no concern for the law. And YES he is a horrible person and then some. This wasn’t a mistake. He KNEW what he was doing.

  6. Current Student says:

    Ok to all of the peopoe who are saying that he is a horrible person and he shouldn’t teach anymore. i am a currently on of his student and if u say he cant teach kids because of what he did then you are stupid. wht a man does in his private life does not have anythingi to do with what type of teacher he is. I have him everyday a i must say i learn more in that class than i do in any other class i have this year. He is an excellent teacher always pushing me to shoot for what i am capable of. He is an excellent teacher. Besides it’s not like people never do things like that. People do things like that all of the time its nothing new, you dont have to be married to cheat on people you know!

  7. Gawd says:

    So, yeah just look at my name. I know all so if you are commenting on this story and aren’t me then STFU.

  8. 1st wife says:

    1st wife here just wanted to say sorry wife number 2.

  9. person says:

    he may be a great teacher and that is fine but he clearly has no morals… when you become a teacher you must realize that that is a career that your personal life is involved in. You can’t commit crimes as a teacher because it all comes back to you. Maybe if you are a business owner it is different, you may do whatever you please because you are not involved in our childrens lives. He may seem as this great guy and portray himself as one, but he did the same with his second wife. He fooled everyone and he was the sweetest guy ever. It was all so that noone would believe he would have all these secrets. he does these things to cover things up…

  10. fellowtaxpayer says:

    I think you need to educate yourself because in a backround check previous marriages DO NOT SHOW UP! and that is what the second wife is fighting for!!!!!!! i dont see how hard that it to understand.

  11. Another Current Student says:

    Anyone who lives in a town where the median income is over 100K please leave, you obviously do not understand the situations that some of these students have grown up in and live in. Nifontoff is just a man, a man who has made what appers to be a few big mistakes, but a man. He has never mistreated a child, nor has he ever caused his students to feel inferior. He tries to guide his students to bright futures and has literally given students the clothes off his back. He is supportive and has a sence of humor that can make a whole class of teenage students often filled with anxiety from home and fear of an uncertain future feel calm and at ease. Whatever happens he will forever be one of our favorite teachers for the fact that when all else goes wrong you know he will have your back. So like my mother always told me, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.

    1. someone else who knows says:

      If your mother told you that if you have nothing nice to say, then dont say anything..then maybe she should have taught you about liars, cheaters and law breakers too. Enjoy it while you can, because I have a funny feeling, when all is said and done, this man wont be teaching anybody anything, any time soon.

  12. A person in the know says:

    Again a man lied to a young woman and ruined her life and all you can say is that she should hve done a background check. I think you are the ignorant one. Maybe you should be karl’s rebound. Or better yet are you the infamous 1 St wife????

  13. A person in the know says:

    This is the problem. You are blaming everyone but him. This the problem no one wants to take responsibility for their actions. You are clearly a low life just like your idol Karl the stripper lover.

    1. a different former student says:

      I don’t follow? Didn’t I say his actions were inexcusable implying that he was at fault? I think the problem is you making bias statements and personal opinions. All I am saying was though Nifontoff is completely at fault for what he did, the second woman he married allowed herself to be victimized by not checking his background. A graduate student should be a little smarter than that. Your argument, not only barely apparent, but is irrelevant. You are simply raging and putting your personal opinion in things without looking at both sides. You are clearly uneducated if all you can do is rage.

      1. get a clue says:

        Prior marriages dont show up in a background check…and why would anyone have to do a background check, if they trust the person? If I had to resort to that, I wouldnt be with the man in the first place.

        Heh..and if this guy was your teacher, you would be the one who needs to be educated.

      2. someone else who knows says:

        Rage has nothing to do with it. The man broke several laws…both state and federal. You act like you think he should get away with it. People who break laws get punished. Some people here need to grow up. Find some other hero, who is worthy of your loyalty. This guy isnt.

  14. A person in the know says:

    Married 1st wife to avoid taxes by claimig her and her kids. That is tax evasion and. A federal crime. You should only know the man behind the mask. Btw he also cheated on his current wife with another teacher. Real great guy. Maybe you should find a better role model. You are clearly a loser just like Karl the bigamist.

  15. A person in the know says:

    Anyone who blames the wife is a fool. This guy is a jerk and lied to a good honest hard working woman who fell in love with him. Know the facts before you support someone who ruined his wife’s life. He has no morals and should be fired and rot in jail. Wait until the rest if the facts come out. He has broken multiple federal and state laws on top of being a bigamist.

    1. former student says:

      listen you don’t know him i was a student of his and i he is an amazing kind hearted man. he is one those people who would give you the clothes off his back. i know for a fact that he loved this women whole heartedly and for anyone to point fingers and judge is absurd. i know everyone has made a mistake in their lives and who gives anyone the right to pass judgement. it doesn’t matter what level the crime was wrong is wrong whether it is stealing an apple to murder. before anyone points fingers they need to make sure their hands are clean.

      1. someone else who knows says:

        Cant you tell by these comments that some people know things that you dont? Now, put your MVHS education to work, and figure out why that is.

        I believe some folks here know him better than you think you do.

    2. Student says:

      What federal and state laws?

    3. a different former student says:

      Sorry, I don’t deal in absolutes like “he has no morals.” You shouldn’t vent out invalid personal opinions out of anger. You tell others to know the facts, yet you don’t know Nifontoff at all. Regardless of the laws he has or has not broken, his second wife could have done a background check on him. They dated for 5 years. Yes, Nifontoff should have been completely honest and his actions are inexcusable, but I think 5 years is long enough amount of time for this woman to get a clue and figure it out.

      1. someone else who knows says:

        Wake up kiddies. There is a lot more to this story than what you read in the news.

        Obviously, his coworkers were in the dark too..and I am sure some know him more than 5 years. Slime buckets have a way of hiding things from even the people they are closest to…and you kiddies really need to stop making excuses for him.

  16. ann says:

    Just what is needed, a teacher without good character or morals who can teach our children, to cheat, lie, and deceive others. This man devastated a young woman and her family.

    1. a different former student says:

      Just what is needed, another selfish adult placing blame and questioning the morality of others. Yes, it makes perfect sense to place responsibility on a high school teacher who teaches students for less then an hour a day, to impart morals and good character into students. Forget about the parents that have been raising their child for their entire life right? If a parent has done a good job raising a kid they should already have a strong sense of their own moral values at the high school age right? What a teacher says or does should not change that. As far as lying is concerned, parents teach children that lying is acceptable at a young age. The tooth fairy, Santa Claus, religion, the list can go on but either way, a child is being lied to, deceived, and cheated out of the truth. Don’t be so quick to blame others.

    2. chris says:

      I hope you feel the same way about yourself when you are judged because some day, all of us will be. Judged by one who can rightly do so, and Ann, that person is NOT you…

  17. bystander says:

    you guys are all fooled! This man deserves to lose his job because as a taxpayer in this city I for one do not want him teaching m y children

  18. Student says:

    Mr. Nif is a good person. He made a mistake. I was his student and can say that he is a really nice guy. There are crazier teachers doing crazier things in Mount Vernon than this. I support Nif. He just needs to face the consequences and move on.

  19. former student says:

    i am a former student of Mr. Nifontoff and im still proud today to see that. personally I know that there is more to the story than has come to the surface. he is a loving man and helps anyone who asks or comes to him with a problem. i love this teacher and until the end will not doubt him

    1. Former Student says:

      I was Nifs student in Valhalla. He was shady then. Its weird how I went to school with his now alleged girlfriend. There is defintely more to this story. I think there are many people we can get the truth from, Nif not being one. Fellow teachers, the board of education, wives, and girlfirends know more than his students or former students ever will. Hes a shady character. Comes off like like victim or the hero in every situation and can definetly be seen if the students pay attention

  20. AbidingLaws says:

    Seems like noone knows this man. From what I can see his wife thought she knew him the same way you do. It doesn’t make sense that she would waste 5 years of her life if she didn’t believe that he is the person you claim him to be. How can it be a mistake to marry two women? Seems like stupidity. It is obvious the marriage never had a surviving chance since he was already married. Seems that the wife was fooled, just as you and I’m not quite sure personal revenge can be had by holding an individual responsible for their “mistakes”.

  21. Proud Fellow Female Teacher says:

    His students look up to him because he goes above and beyond on a daily basis for them! He makes sure that they see promise, hope and a future that outside the doors of the school can sometimes not be found. He feeds their minds, their bellies and gives them the clothes off his back. I have witnessed it first hand. I am proud to call him a fellow teacher. I will only believe that this is a mistake and that his wife is looking for personal revenge for a marriage that never had a chance of surviving in the first place.

    1. AbidingLaws says:

      Seems like noone knows this man. From what I can see his wife thought she knew him the same way you do. It doesn’t make sense that she would waste 5 years of her life if she didn’t believe that he is the person you claim him to be. How can it be a mistake to marry two women? Seems like stupidity. It is obvious the marriage never had a surviving chance since he was already married. Seems that the wife was fooled, just as you and I’m not quite sure personal revenge can be had by holding an individual responsible for their “mistakes”.

    2. someone else who knows says:

      Heh… he sleeping with you too?

    3. You dont know him says:

      Are you the teacher he is cheating with at the moment? You sleeping with him too?

  22. Fellow Teacher says:

    Really?! He is a great teacher?! I myself am a teacher. It is fellow teachers like this man that make my job that much harder. It is discerning to see that his students still look up to him the problem, precisely.

  23. George says:

    I for one expected this to happen. I am his second husband

    1. Student says:

      seriously that is not funny

  24. Student says:

    I am one of Mr. Nifontoff’s current students. This is of course shocking to me and the rest of my peers but I think we need to keep things in perspective. He is going to remain teaching and I for one am glad. Although it is clear his personal life isn’t perfect, he is still a great teacher.

  25. Art says:

    This guy must have done something else or the cops up there in Mt.Vernon have nothing else to do. Why? Because ask any attorney here in New York. We come across bigamists all the time. Do we report them to the DA’s office? Yes. What happens? Nothing, nada, zilch…

    1. someone else who knows says:

      Yes Art, there is much more to the story.

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