NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – With the Republicans calling to slash spending of the federal government, New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner said the GOP’s budget proposal would strike too close to home, costing the city more than a $1 billion.

“The bottom line is this. When it comes to New York City and the budget, they really do cut the Big Apple to the core,” Weiner said.

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In a slash that big, Weiner said the city would have 150 fewer cops because of lack of money for police grants. Secondary education and Pell grants for college students would also suffer.

That money is for real programs that help real people, he said.

“Everything like police officers are going to be cut, to air traffic controllers at our three airports, and even heating assistance,” Weiner said.

Weiner believes there are smart ways to cut the budget and dumb ways to cut the budget, and called this the dumb way.

“They’ve chosen the way that hurts New York City disproportionately,” Weiner said.

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