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Do-It-Yourself Paternity Tests Now Available At Duane Reade

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Who’s your daddy? Getting the answer to that question has just become a lot easier for New Yorkers.

A trip to the neighborhood drug store is now all you’ll need to get a paternity test. New York has become the 50th state to start selling DNA paternity kits made by Identigene at retail outlets.

Similar DNA kits have been available for purchase over-the-counter in New York, however, this is the first capable of identifying paternity.

A Long Island Duane Reade clerk tells 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that no one has bought the kit yet

The do-it-yourself kits are being sold at Duane Reade stores across the state for $29.99. The tests will be administered at the store’s walk-in clinics for a total cost, which covers lab fees and other charges, of about $300.

Steve Smith, the executive director of Identigene, said the cost is still significantly cheaper than the traditional paternity testing process carried out at private labs.

According to state law, buyers must get authorization from a doctor or lawyer and have the test witnessed by third parties.

Some customers are shocked.

“It blows my mind, I can’t even imagine,” one man said. “Over the counter DNA tests…I’m not so sure I feel so good about that.”

A clerk at a Duane Reade in New Hyde Park said no one has bought the kit yet.

What do you think of the paternity kits being sold at Duane Reade? Let us know below!

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  • Stanley Kay

    And yet New York remains one of the only states that regulate the shipment of personal DNA Kit test results through the mail. I don’t understand the point of requiring doctors to authorize the test, besides eroding confidentiality and the motivation for buyers to explore their own DNA.


  • cash

    your so right and it would be alot less whites since its more whites on welfare then any other race and thats a know fact do your research

  • CleverDude

    Great product marketing idea. Having the paternity test kit and the pregancy test kit on the same shelf as the condom package just has to increase the sale of barrier devices. Even if the store only sells one kit a month it is worth the shelf space and stocking cost. Absolute genius.

  • Mark Zimpua Thompson

    There goes Maurry Provich show!!

  • Tom Kron

    I’d laugh if the kit is just two zip lock bags, qtips, and a “Place Stamp Here” addressed envelope. Imagine the laughter when getting the results, tested by ex-TSA, CBS News and Burger King employees.

  • Brad

    Available to trailer courts and inner city cesspools near you!

  • DanTe

    How’s this going to help? My tax dollars are still paying for these slimes. Now free over-the-counter abortion pills, THAT I will gladly pay taxes to subsidize.

  • Shelly

    Now it’s time for an “At Home” pap test. They are already available in Australia and parts of Europe for around $40. More women will be able to test for cervical cancer because the test will be affordable and can be done at home. It’s about time for this. The test in Australia also tests for HPV and will not only tell you if you have it, but the STRAIN of HPV you have. It’s basically a tampon type item that you insert for 10 seconds and then send to the lab to be read.

  • nana

    doug, you need to go back to school, you can’t spell, terrible

  • Sharon

    I have used this product twice here in Indiana to find out if two babies from two different Mothers were my Sons babies. They are easy to use and got results in about eight business days. Baby number one wasn’t his and baby number two was his. We were able to find out paternity when the babies were four and six weeks old. It made it a little easier for us to disconnect from the baby that was not his before we got to attached to her.

    • fordfkyer

      Educate Your son to be more responsible than to father children out of wedlock.

    • Identigene

      This is great to hear. We enjoy hearing stories from our customers. Thank you for the great review.

  • sanjosemike

    Does this mean that welfare rolls will get even bigger and that the rest of us (the small share who still pay taxes) will be hung with the bill for child raising?

  • nathan

    Cool. I’ll finally know who my daddy is.

  • kyle

    Does this mean talk show host Maury is going to be out of a job soon? lol

  • Jerseyjoey

    hoengo nomo

  • davec

    Too bad they didnt have these when Jesus was born.

    Poor man, all the ridicule and abuse at Carpentry school

    “Hey, here comes Jesus. Watch this”


    Jesus, Mary and…

  • davec

    So much for the saying “Whos your Daddy”…

  • MD

    Of course (a) requires a sample from the dad too, so not likely women will buy it without the dad knowing (b) many states have “statute of limitations” on paternity, if you don’t contest it in the first year or two, you aren’t going to get out of it if you find 5 or 10 years after that you have been lied to.

    You could end up like the guy in Texas, forbidden contact with all 3 of “his kids” because he told them what he’d found out after the divorce judge told him not to discuss it with them… but of course, still paying support.

    Some stdies suggest up to 5% to 10% of claimed paternity is a fraud.

  • Gordon Corey

    Abortion kits, aisle 4.

  • TruthMeister

    Okay, so similar DNA kits have been sold for some time, but this is the first to check for paternity. Just curious what the other kits have been doing all of this time.

    • Pat

      The other kits have been providing more general information. Were any of your ancestors from the Asian continent? Are you susceptible to Parkinsons, etc? As you can imagine, those tests provide racial and even regional-ethnic genetic typing, but that’s not specific enough to distinguish between Joe, Sam, or Thomas. Yes?

  • Mike Collins

    For all you fathers out there with daughters girls go wild when they come of age nothing new like the oldest profession known to man, just remember they all start out as daddy’s little girl …no relations

  • Monica Irby

    Is there one that tells who the mother is?

    • Identigene

      Yes. The same kit can be used for Mother and child as well. It can be used for a Maternity test.

  • Marty McFly

    This is Maury Povich’s competition!

  • Reggie

    There is a HUGE need for this product. Women lie and cheat just as much as men do. But unlike men, women have enjoyed the benefit of doubt in their integrity, and have used that to enslave men into years of child support. Promiscuous but fertile women lie about their promiscuity. Men need products like this to help level the playing field.

  • Lyle Swann

    Be careful people! I took one of these home and I found out I was my own grandfather.

  • Double-R

    This is definitely going to cut down on two things…

    1.) Lying about who’s kid it really is
    2.) How many times Maury Povich is going to say “You are the father!”

  • Robin

    A bit pricey – Genex will do the whole thing kit/test/results for $80 all in

  • Rafer Hoxworth

    DATELINE WASHINGTON, D.C. President Obama today lauded New York as being the 50th state to adopt DNA paternity tests. Said the President: “We must now focus on the remaining seven states to ensure that all American have access to this technology.

  • sbenard

    Can I use this for my dogs, too?

  • amanda

    umm walgreens has been selling this for awhile now, nothing new

    • SatBrumane

      for about 2 years i think

  • jb80538

    Get a vasectomy and you don’t have to worry about this!

  • Ric Neumann

    big boom coming for the vacectomy business.

  • nobody

    Awesome! It’s about time NY caught up with the rest of humanity! These tests have been available in the other 49 states for years. In case the NY liberal wingbats think this is a bad idea, tell them it’s part of what’s called “comprehensive sex education.”

  • A Changed Man

    As a man, this is just one more reason to pursue celibacy. Factor inemale deceit (true status of birth control), divorce and child custody laws that favor women (if your married or common law together), draconian child support laws, and now an instant way to test if a woman’s wily ways were successful, sex is becoming a huge turn off. Thats not even with the consideration of the exponential explosion of female promiscuity and the disease they carry.

    For me, the only question is…celibacy or vasectomy.

    Surprising even myself, Im leaning towards celibacy.

    • Redstate

      Just back your truck out before you unload it.

    • Monica Irby

      Thank you for using the world “draconian”.

  • sailordude

    I wish this had been around 21 years ago if you catch my drift.

    • Kingsley Perdon

      LOL you are a sailor, you need hundreds of these.

  • Hugh Jorgan

    This’ll put Maury Pauvich out of work. Whatever will he do now?

  • romeo quijada sr

    thats a good news, that DNA Paternity test kit are available and can be purchase easily over the counter at very affordable price. Also it can help a lot for those who are confused father and to erased any doubt, the truth must prevail..

  • UrsusRexx

    That said, will Tim Dolan, bishop of NY, insist his priests use this paternity aid when ‘unforseen’ situations, (aka, when they break the rules & use ‘female’ children), arise?
    Granted, it would be unuseual foir a priest to be able to impregnate, (despite avoiding contraceptives), but…

  • Carlos Liriano

    only those fathers who has doubts should use it, otherwise let be and be a good father to your kids.

  • Maury Povich

    There’s something wrong when a woman has to resort to a DNA test to see which of her “boyfriends” is her baby’s Daddy.

    • mdmontaigne

      I have a feeling that men will be purchasing this more than women… Sad that some kids will lose their father figures, but this might also keep some women honest. It’s sad we even need these products.

  • Fanny False Flag

    “Those who are unaware are unaware of being unaware.” ~ Merrill Jenkins

    911essentials dot com

  • Jimmy

    Uh oh. I better leave town.

  • bigbillny

    alot more kids in new york will be without fayher figures in their lives now

    • LiesAbdDeception

      I’m more concerned about the TRUTH. Women have been deceitful for a long time choosing the “father” who has the highest ability to pay the most money. This is what the world needs.

      As far as being a father “figure”, well then , women shouldn’t lie about how many/how often. who they slept with. Make the younger generation aware of the current and past generation’s lies and deceits. Deception only works when you are unaware. I think they should have a law that all children, upon being born, be given the test with the “father” just so the “father” knows it truly his.

      • sfarist

        Couldn’t agree more

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