Sarah Palin Addresses Long Island Association Luncheon

WOODBURY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) – Sarah Palin took  her brand of Tea Party Republicanism before a Long Island audience today, telling the paying audience Barack Obama’s budget doesn’t do enough to cut the deficit.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate appeared at a luncheon of the Long Island Association, the region’s largest business group.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera with the question everyone has been waiting to hear Sarah Palin answer

Palin tackled the hot-button issue on every political observer’s mind: whether or not she’ll seek the presidency in 2012. She told the audience of 1,000 businees and civic leaders “I am still thinking about it,” but added she has not made up her mind yet.

Palin received a warm reception from the pro-business crowd. “I think she did an excellent job, very clear, you understand what she’s all about,” one man said.

Palin agreed to answer questions posed by the president of the organization for about an hour with cameras rolling, LIA President Kevin Law said.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports that Sarah Palin said no law could’ve prevented the Tucson shootings

“The sad part about today is one hour won’t be enough,” Law said before the event began.

“Long Island really is more of a microcosm of the rest of the country… and it could go either way, so I think it’ll be a good testing ground for her,” Law said.

Palin usually avoids answering questions from the media, preferring instead to appear on Fox News Channel or to communicate via Twitter and Facebook.

The Long Island Association has previously welcomed former presidents and other national leaders to speak at its meetings, but the meetings are usually closed to the media at the request of the speaker, Law said. Palin, however, who has been criticized for limiting access to her by the mainstream media, has agreed to allow cameras and reporters record the conversation.

Law won’t say how much Palin is getting paid, but newsmakers of her stature have been known to cash six-figure checks for such appearances. A spokeswoman for the Washington Speakers Bureau, which is representing Palin for the speech, did not return a telephone call or e-mail seeking comment.

A rough idea of the money involved though can be gleaned from  the cost of a ticket. For members, it’s $300 per individual, $3,600 per table. For non-members, it’s $400 per individual, $4,800 per table.

The event is sponsored by the New York Health Insurance Exchange, Motorola, National Grid, HSBC and Purolator.

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  • NYCSucks

    Man, I hope she wins. The times are just not “interesting” enough.


    Why don’t all you liberals find a communist country you can sleeze into with your man Obama because its not going to happen here in this country………..

    • KPMc

      Says the man who uses the screen name Das Kommisar

  • Westfieldtaxpayer

    I hope she becomes the next President… I’d love to see the Left explode everyday… They claim she is below average, yet they fear her through the vitriol they spew.

  • J. Dale Weaver

    It’s always uproariously funny to see just exactly how tolerant, kind, open-minded and good hearted all the Leftists are that comment on these threads. Yessir, they have SOME room to lecture all those evil conservatives about hate speech, bigoted attitudes and violent rhetoric! You paragons of virtue just keep on spouting all that love and understanding of Mrs. Palin and the good folks at the Tea Party. I’m sure they’ll really appreciate your kindness….

  • Bob Fowler

    Seriously, how can we not elect her as President? She embodies all of the values that society holds as important today, she fits into a great number of special interest groups, she is an ‘every mom’, and she knows as much about leading this country as any one person needs to know in order to be successful (say yes to people with money).

    • Tom

      You’re kidding right? :P

    • janis

      please don’t insult the rest of us by calling her “every mom”, although i must say she probably knows as much as my mother about leading this country.

      she’s a fool, an embarrassment to humanity and her only value is hate.

      • janis

        ok. i just re-read your comment. i saw red before my brain kicked in.

        i’d like to retract what i said. i think you said it all.

  • joe

    Palin Absolutely
    Has no Idea what Fractional reserve central banking, leading to Global Hyperinflation even means

    END THE FED bring back the good ole treasury. It did us pretty good for the 130 or so years before the European Bankers created the private bank called The Federal Reserve Bank, which is privately owned, and not Federal, and has no reserves.

    By the way where did our gold from fort Knox wind up?


    • fed up

      This is what happened to the Au – Operation Grand Slam – “do you expect me to talk?”
      “No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!”

  • joe


  • Tom

    I Hope Sarah Palin runs in 2012. Obama might not even have to try in order to be re-elected :-D

  • Devenio

    Give Palin a break, She can’t help who or what she is. Thats like blaming a blind kid for not seeing the forest for the trees. If she runs for President then we can call her out for what she is.

    • Norskejente


  • Matt Hardy

    Me and her alone on a desert island…

    • Devenio

      Doing what? Hunting snakes or bear or sand crabs…

  • Ellen

    The woman may be a huge celebrity icon by now thanks to John McCain, but I really don’t think Palin is Presidential material. For God sakes the woman doesn’t even know how many states we have. Sarah it’s50 not 49. still remember that remark coming from her mouth.

    • Paul Kohloff

      your obama is the one who said 52 states

      • Ellen

        My Obama. Paul for your info I voted for McCain, and really by now don’t like any of them in Washington these days, I don’t care if their Republicans or Democrats, I can’t stand either party.

    • John Kerry


      Yes, that event is seared into my memory, much like my heroism in ‘Nam.

    • topbrassMan

      Can you link to this remark or are you just allowing yourself to be dictated by LYING lefty media? You are not thinking of Obamas 59 states or? Now I want you to write the same thing about Obama: “For God sakes the community-organizer doesn’t even know how many states we have..” Come on honey, isn’t that just fair and you are of course a fair person am I right?

  • Da N Word

    I’d glaze her like a donut, with my donut glazing gun.

  • Ophelia Flabb

    If she lost fifty or sixty pounds she might be hot. Right now, not HOT.

    • KPMc

      Lose 50 or 60 pounds and she’d be a dead skeleton. Are you a necrophiliac?

  • tim henny

    i so badly wanna nail Palin!

    • Rob White

      Yeah, she is hot

    • BigEZ

      and introduce her to the cleveland steamer

    • Alan Jackson

      How about a threesome with Palin and Ruth Madoff? Now that is HOT !!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob White

    the only worse than her getting paid to speak are the idiots who pay to listen to her.

    • Rob White

      only thing worse I mean

  • Jimmy D'lox

    Poopytwot time again.

    • badman

      Jimmy D’Lox for President in 2012!!!!!

  • Adaeisenbarger

    Palin is nothing more than a cute little cheerleader bouncing along the playing field and flipping her pom poms. She is truth challenged and no different than any of the politicians we have elected in the past. She exploits the system and the low hanging fruit who continue to offer alms up to the Palin family.

  • teetotaler

    Yes, Sarah does get a minimum of $100,000 per a one hour appearance. Some of that money comes to the Long Island Association from taxpayer money in the form of grants from NY State.

  • Palin for Prez

    I just love the Tea Bag party. Want a tea bag, sarah?

    • fa fa fooey

      Hit that right on the head. Dip it, my man!!!
      It’s what a nasty sk-ank like her needs.

  • Stara Zagora

    I think it is pretty funny that Levi Johnston is now going to run for mayor of Wasilla Alaska in hopes of becoming a presidential candidate. They must all be smoking some really good stuff up there in Alaska :)

    Did Bristol Palin ever sign that contract to do some amateur adult videos? Or did she want to do some photo shoots first for Hustler and Penthouse? Can never tell what is just rumor and what is real.

  • Vince

    Won’t talk to the press except the Nazis at FOX? No way to get good pr

  • Joe

    time for a “Democrats for Palin” bumper sticker. She ‘s the best thing for the Democratic Party in a long time!

  • alexiou

    Palin is anything but a dummy. She knows she doesn’t have presidential qualitiies, she knows what qualities she has and how to exploit them in the market place. She understands full well that a decision to run would automatically cut off the gravy train she ‘s on. She knows how to turn all this idiotic comments appearing in this commentary into increasing her going price for a speech. By not running she can conitnue to support candidates of her choice and get paid well for it . She is a money machine and Bristol is catching on too. In short she is too smart to run for President. She would have to take a pay cut. That’s why she left the governorship. Get it?

    • badman

      sure, she’s making money because so many Americans are stupid enough to pay to listen to her. that doesn’t make it all right.

      and as for the candidates she supports, ask some of them – e.g. Sharon Angle, Carly Fiorina, Joe Miller – how far it got them.

      she’s an idiot. when Katie Couric asked her which periodicals she reads, she said “all of them.” yeah, that will really knock your socks off. anybody that follows her is an idiot just like her.

  • Kevin

    Palin belongs in a comedy show. She’s funny!

  • Josh

    So the LIA paid an unelectable bafoon more than double the median income for a family of 4 to come and speak to them about things they already knew. And somehow that’s a rallying cry? Spending more than a minute on Palin is a waste of your time. She may have some ideas, but she in UNELECTABLE. :o)

  • ycplum

    Palin is not stupid compared to th etypical Joe-shmoe off teh street.. However, I have have seen very little evidence that she is intelligent enough to be the President. If anything, I have witness the contray. Her skill sets tend to be focused on motivating rather than solving problems. A president needs both. With that said, I am keeping an open mind and looking forward to reading the questions and her answers.

    • bigbrassMAN

      If you really want to know better in an unbiased way, is the place to go, Spend some time there and get to know why Sarah had over 80% approval as a Governor of Alaska..

  • Neal

    Take a look at the picture, I would like to know where that mans hands were to receive that type of reaction! (smiles) Come on people, tell me it was a free comedy show because she’s always good for a laugh!

  • john brown

    i want her too she drives me crazy,i dont know ytf that todd cheated on her.

    • Tumescence

      She does have that ‘naughty librarian milf’ thang. Porkability in spades.

  • Jfirebrand

    And I’m sure this was the best picture they could run. C’mon guys! Your PDS is showing!

  • Rosemary

    I am not a Palin supporter by any stretch, however, this article is very biased. You don’t need to do that. Sarah can alienate all on her own. Leave out the bias, there’s enough fact (or lack thereof) for people to decide on their own whether Palin is viable.

  • Eric L

    I think Donald Trump will run as an independent and what would be it.
    He will take at least 60% of the votes.

  • Terri Wagner

    I”m rolling. You guys did know she’s spent hours in front of news reporters running as vp? Right, I mean you did know that?! You write this like she’s been hiding in a basement somewhere for years. I hope she knocks your socks off and makes you think.

    • Steve

      Sorry Terri – dream on. Sarah Palin has the brain of a gnat.
      What will she do? Announce that Joe the Plumber is her new budget director?
      Maybe I’d pay to see the two of them co-host a revival of Hee Haw, but both she and Joe are way too stupid to govern anyone (she couldn’t even finish her one term, as governor of a state with less than 1 million people; she took 6 years to earn a bachelors’ degree from a no-name school. Hello???????)

    • Rosemary

      Any ideas on how to make her think?

  • IHateallthoseWINScommercials

    I hope someone asks her about Michele Bachmann’s breast pump remarks.

  • Paul

    Could this story be any more slanted and biased?

    • badman

      well, the answer is yes. are you disagreeing with the reporting because you don’t like what it says? it doesn’t focus enough on her achievements? seriously, what should have been reported that wasn’t?

      the information in this piece is what people want to know. focusing on her political achievement would have made this a much shorter article.

  • Report, less foaming

    A little snarky in the editorial today. A sad example of “un-biased reporting”…

  • Bruce Wells

    “…perhaps the most polarizing figure in American politics today…” Maybe if you don’t count Barack.

  • GarColga

    I’m curious if Palin will be getting the questions in advance. If not, this could be real interesting!

  • nathan

    DanTe will be there with a box of kleenex and a tube of moisturizer.

    • Dan Te

      Nathan is just a hot dog…all processed meat and unhealthy.

      • nathan

        Thats all you got? Wow slipping Danny boy…disappointed in you.



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