Teen Found Drunk, Unresponsive In Stamford High Football Stadium

Cops: Freshman Left By Fearful Drinking Buddies; Arrests Made

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) —  A Stamford high school student was found drunk and unconscious on school grounds on Thursday morning and it was all recorded on a cell phone camera.

It was a brush with death at a high school football stadium, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported. The principal at Stamford High and her staff rushed to the aid of a freshman girl who had been left by her teen drinking buddies before the start of school Wednesday.

“It was horrific. She passed out. She was breathing. She had shorts on. She was freezing. It was 27 degrees out. If we had not gotten to her it would’ve been fatal,” Stamford High School Principal Donna Valentine told Young.

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After two hours at Stamford Hospital, the teen was transferred to Yale New-Haven Hospital to be treated, authorities said.

It was act of indifference among some of the youngest students that has horrified upper classmen.

WCBS 880’s Fran Schneidau speaks to a Sgt. Joe Kennedy of the Youth Bureau

“It’s ridiculous how girls think its okay to do that. The guys left her unconscious at the stadium not knowing what to do,” senior Aisha Agerbe said.

“That’s something that I never heard of and never would do. Yeah, it’s shocking to know,” senior Vanessa Reyes said.

The teens apparently thought the snow-covered stadium would be good cover for a morning drinking binge. Young was told they consumed vodka, pot, and two kinds of sweet, fortified malt liquor. It’s shocking enough that they were drinking in the morning, but they also were apparently unconcerned that the girl was passed out against a wall, in medical distress, unresponsive; poisoned by the party.

“It could’ve been a disaster. It really could’ve been,” Stamford Police Sgt. Joseph Kennedy said.

The police quickly arrested two 15-year-old boys, including one who took video of the drunk girl on his cell phone. It was the video, in fact, that tipped the high school to the girl’s whereabouts as the teens in the stadium bleachers watched her start to slip away.

“They turned her on her side so she wouldn’t swallow her own vomit, but none of them thought about calling 911. They were more worried about what kind of trouble she was going to get in and what kind of trouble they were going to get in,” Valentine said.

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One Comment

  1. nyc says:

    How does religious bull always get into these comments ? Had too many drinks and someone should have helped her out ! Bet she will have some headache !

  2. Donna Sayles-Corbin says:

    First, why were they drinking so early in the morning? Second, if this girl wasn’t forced to drink why are there people in custody? I will be happy when people learn the concept behind self responsibility. When teens decide to make adult decisions they are not prepared for; they should reap the consequences. Perfect learning opportunity. Stay in a kid’s place and maybe stupid sh!t like this won’t happen.

  3. momof3 says:

    This is exactly why there is in law in force with a drinking age of 21. They are all just kids who made a really bad choice & now must suffer the consequences of their actions. Felony charges seem harsh. They all knew what they were doing, including the girl. Drunk kids on drugs are not going to make the right decisions. There is no logic or moral values when you are drunk or high. If any of them were my child they would be happier is the cops got to them before me. Their life as they know it would be over & it would be a cold day in hell before they saw the light of day again. As for the comments “where are the parents” They put them on the bus to school. Never thought they would be drinking at 8am.

  4. Mr. Armenia says:

    wht are the students being chargeed?


    I KNOW WHY I SAID WHAT I SAID!!!!…..LIKE UR comment made sense…i pray for children which i hope u don’t have any!!

    1. BigEZ says:

      Makes Sense to those with brainz!
      And speaking of brainz I think we have established a lack of brainz on your part which leads me to believe there is a lack of beauty to go with it!!

      “my biggest question is where did they get it” hehehehehee! Dumb!

      1. BRAINZNBEAUTY says:

        I am hot: 5’2″ 165 lbs hot!

      2. BigEZ says:

        Yeah baby 😉

  6. Danielle Sims says:

    ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE PUNISHED! Felonies don’t scare kids these days! That good old fashioned ass whoopin is what they need! Spare the rod spoil the child. What do you think has happened 2 today’s youth! You got a whoopin growing up did it make you angry violent and selfish? Hell no it made you respect society your elders and yourself! After that whoopin you still wasn’t off the hook you had chores 2 do reports 2 write and a million sentences sayin what you won;t do again!

    1. BigEZ says:

      Give me a break?? Just a liquid breakfast that went a little overboard!!
      Lighten up,,, it’s February!!
      Nothing wrong with kids having a good old fashioned booze up at the break of Dawn!


    but where did they get this stuff from is the biggest question…then we go from there, because none of them are able to purchase it….prayer is the key because we have mothers and fathers who are pastors and their children are on drugs/ alcohol, so they make the children but not their mind!

    1. BigEZ says:

      Get real??? And you call yourself brainznbeauty? The biggest question is where did they get it from???
      Hellooooooo! It’s 2011!!

    2. Michael H. says:

      Yes, clearly prayer would have prevented this girl from drinking herself stupid.

      That was dripping with sarcasm if you couldn’t figure it out on your own.

      1. BigEZ says:

        She hasn’t prayer!

  8. Logical view says:

    If these boys should have known better then the same can be said for the girl.

  9. Alan Foos says:

    “Fear not he who can kill the body, but fear HIm who can destroy both body and soul in Hell.” Jesus

  10. Joe Weiss says:

    Nothing has changed since I was in High School, the parents should be held responsible for the kids action.

  11. jennifer says:

    They should have called the police, imagine the girl would have died? Yes it was irresponsible, But just think that girl was your daughter who made a mistake, and these kids left her there to almost die. All of them should be punished!

  12. Mr Armenia says:

    Didn’t her parents teach her about drinking?

    The girl needs to be suspended as well

  13. j says:

    Yeah, so, and? Isn’t this the unfortunate trend among our misguided youth population who’s parents are responsible for their health and well-being? This stuff happens every day in ever neighborhood. O, but wait, it happened in a white neighborhood at a white university!

    1. White boy says:

      Amen brother. About time white folk got a dose of reality in the suburbs!!

  14. captbills daughter says:

    all the students involved in this should be arrested and tried as adults. none of this juvenilles because of their age nonsense. had to be more involved than the 2 in custody. at the very least, it’s assault & battery, depraved indifference. don’t bail them out mom & dad, that’s just enabling bad behaviors. acute alcohol poisoning is dangerous at any age, and only compounded by all the other drugs ingested in this case. they need to be scared beyond straight. hope law enforcement and the justice system don’t drop the ball. working in health care for 30+ years i’ve seen the aftermath of what happened in stamford today.

    1. Bob says:

      “none of this juveniles because of their age nonsense”??? Ok I’ll remember that next time a 25 year old man has sex with a 13 year old girl you moron.

    2. Nypdkevin says:

      Well said bob….. Also if you charge them as adults with felonies that will ruin all of their lives. They’ll never be able to get employment then they will become societies problem. What a moronic idea: ruin someones entire life because they walked away from a drunk girl who by the way is responsible for her own actions…..what a twisted idea of justice you have captbills daughter!!

      1. peter says:

        Ruin their lives?The girl was LEFT TO DIE.If the principal and others did not get there when they did she would have died in the freezing weather, because those cowards were afraid of the consequences of their drinking.The parents are irresponsible if their children do not understand what responsibility is.Not because of alcohol, but because the kids have no moral compass by which to live their lives.

  15. G says:

    Sad .. if you ask me. Something wrong with this society. Keep taking GOD out of the equation.. and it will get even sadder.

    1. Nypdkevin says:

      The kids didn’t pour the booze down her throat Peter!!!!!
      And yes adult felony charges would destroy their lives all I’m saying is that is way too extreme.

      Someone overdoses on the subway and you keep walking…..that means your life should be destroyed??? We are all the captains of our own ship pal. Including this girl. She isn’t an infant she’s old enough to know better

    2. BRAINZNBEAUTY says:

      i agree G!!!

    3. Michael H. says:

      Put “GOD” into the equation and you get the Crusades and Jihad.

  16. Jus Me says:

    lol…u all r crazy….but cant say i didnt think of it

  17. Bonzo says:

    i so wud have hit that thang!

    lucky guys

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