Eye On New York: On The 2012 Budget

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — In this Eye on New York segment, CBS 2’s Don Dahler breaks down the 2012 budget and political reporter Marcia Kramer interviews Congressman Charles Rangel.

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  1. bill says:

    Wow Charles Rangel is good at avoiding to answer questions. If the House the Senate the President the Gov the Mayor were serious about fixing the Anything they would stop senseless construction. Projects that never get done and already paid contractors or architects leave projects unfinished and new ones are brought in and get paid and ….. You get the point .This happens often. especially in New York. How about we hire some more consultants. Yeah that will work. Lets not stop there lets give the oil companies more money on top of their record profits from robbing the consumer blind, and give them tax breaks.

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