Homeless Woman Found Dead On Lower East Side Sidewalk

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A homeless woman, known only as Grace, was found dead Sunday in the bitter cold on the sidewalk under scaffolding outside St. Brigid’s Church on the Lower East Side.

Residents tell 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks that more and more people are sleeping on the streets

Pieces of cardboard lay on the ground in the alcove Monday where the woman was found and nearby on the sidewalk, under fresh snow, were two sweaters and a glove.

Several people said the woman was a regular in and around nearby Tompkins Square Park often seen sleeping outside.

Grace’s death has left the community shocked and calling for more help for the city’s homeless.

“It’s kind of hard for Americans to be living in the streets and they don’t have a place for these homeless to move in especially when it’s under 20 degrees, it’s very sad, because the girl was young,” one man said.

“The cops are always travelling around they must have seen her, nobody picked her up,” another man said.

“This is something that just shouldn’t have happened, it’s horrible,” one woman said.

The NYPD has not released the name of the woman who was believed to be in her 30s. The cause of death is under investigation although police said they do not suspect any criminality.

Do you think more needs to be done to help the city’s homeless? Let us know below

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One Comment

  1. anthony says:

    instead of building luxury high risers, conds, luxury hotels, the city should concentrate in building decent very low cost housing and shelters for the poor!

  2. Andy VanMiddlesworth says:

    I cant stand Bloomberg but this is not his fault ,years ago the city would round up the homeless and take them to shelters,but they lawyers came along and sued on behalf of the homeless bums and won .So now they have the right to freeze to death if they wish to. Grace has found grace her troubles are over ,the others are free to beg,steal use the streets as toilets and die on the streets all in the name of their rights .Thanks Lawyers you really helped the homeless. Not

  3. Ana says:

    instead of sending billions to nations that dont even like us, help the American people, so much defense money for what bailing everybody else when they really hate America?????

  4. Michelle says:

    I am regular commuter via Port Authority and there has definitely been a spike in the presence of homeless folks in the terminal. Every night a round of PA policeman make rounds to tell them to leave OR get arrested. One man asked to be arrested because it was so cold out he’d rather go to jail than face the inclement weather. Shame on Bloomberg, shame on the shabby shelter system, shame on folks who take monies intended to help these folks for their own personal gain.

  5. Pat says:

    Grace if she was the Grace I have helped out was from County Mayo. I have been praying for her since last September.
    She came for a good job, but nothing worked out for her, she was an alcoholic.
    I tried to get her to go home, she said her sister, whom she loved, would take her in. She was a church goer in her youth, but couldn’t control herself. I would imagine she was really out of it when she fell asleep forever.
    She loved cheeseburgers.
    God rest, God bless

  6. Jare says:

    Anytime there is an issue, I can’t stand up and point a finger. No change comes from that. But what I can do is stand up and get my hands dirty. The easier thing to do is to cast blame on someone else; and yes people will follow but what kind of example is that? I can’t save 5000 beached starfish, but I can make a difference in some. It starts with one at a time. And it starts by lending a hand, not merely pointing a finger. If there’s ever an issue in my life, I need to examine what I’m doing. Most likely, it’s my fault because I have the choice and ability to change it. Hence the word ISSUE = IT’S YOU.

  7. Leslie Losier says:

    This is a big problem because of the destruction of families. It has nothing to do with the government taking care of these people or the responsibility of the church. Families don’t stick together through thick and thin anymore, there are conditions that have to be met. But we will sympathize with people we don’t know when they say their relationships with their families are tarnished. Enough of this, Jesus reached out to the homeless and helpless and showed them a way to have a prosperous life. Reach out to your brother or sister and give them something that will sustain them in the future, not just for a moment. What has happened to this society that we only care about ‘us.’ This ‘me’ society doesn’t seem to be working.

  8. J.F.M says:

    It is always interesting to read what happens in America. You guys give so much money to Africa and yet your country has people dying on your own doorsteps. I live in South Africa and the money that is donated to africa goes to the fat cats, not to the poor that need it. the clothes that you donate in huge bundles is sold off in bunches and SOLD on the street corners, not given to the people who need it. It is the same in ALL of Africa, I have lived all over and know first hand what happens to your tax money!!

    1. John says:

      Africa is not only the recipient of American $$$$. I believe Israel gets billions also…

      1. harriet in ny says:

        what’s your point?

  9. Asif Kiani says:

    Shame on Bloomberg and Shame on NYC. The greatest city in the world cant even provide shelter for homeless in the winters. Nobody chooses to be outside in 20 degree weather. Dont blame the church, blame yourself for electing and re-electing politicians who are sending billions to Israel for aid. I can understand sending money to Iraq because we ruined their country and killed over 300,000 innocent people, but sending money to Israel and Egypt is non sense. NYC has the money to take care of this but they are afraid its going to cause more people to come out on the streets. Bad economy, no jobs, foreclosures, amd high food prices will make this worse. Thanks to Federal Reserve Chairman, we willl have a lot more poverty, homelessness and crimes. And for Gods Sake, if you see someone outside in freezing temperatures, atleast call 311. dont just turn your head and go home to your cozy apartments.

  10. jameswilliams says:

    should never happen here in american fixed here whats broken first then help people in other lands billions sent every year in aid yet you have people sleep on the streets here its a shame

  11. Linda Kinsman-Saegert says:

    It’s not all about the homeless it’s about the economy, it’s about a war we can’t win, jobblessness we can’t fix, politician’s all being crooks, prices through the roof, food too costly to eat right, cars so expensive, LIRR crazy priced, subways way overcrowded and metro cards too expensive, there is no break for us, maybe we should do what Egypt did, rally in the streets. I am 57, my partner 53, we have no health insurance, can’t afford it, almost lost my house to foreclosure, now have a 30 year mortgage to pay and will never be able to sell our house at a price to get ahead but my taxes don’t go down even though the price of houses went down, there is too much wrong to fix

  12. Gopal Rao says:

    Gopal Rao

    Build a free hostel for homeless with necessary staff and facilities to accommodate the homeless people not only in the city that present episode occurred but all over the world especially in developing countries.The appropriate world forum should take initiative and take action. They should keep strict watch to ensure no homeless man or woman ever sleeps outside ( better the the police are entrusted this task.)

    February 21, 2011 at 6:12 pm | Reply | Report comment

    1. keith says:

      And please tell me, who’s going to pay for this? Isn’t the average income tax payer taxed to death already?

      1. Mohamed says:

        U.S. taxpayers give billion$ to Israel…maybe some of this money can help the homeless?

      2. harriet in ny says:

        actually, taxes have gone DOWN and where we spend the taxes is a matter of priorities.

  13. Gopal Rao says:

    Build a free hostel for homeless with necessary staff and facilities to accommodate the homeless people not only in the city that present episode occurred but all over the world especially in developing countries.The appropriate world forum should take initiative and take action. They should keep strict watch to ensure no homeless man or woman ever sleeps outside ( better the the police are entrusted this task.)

  14. sally says:

    There was a cold weather alert on then which gives the police the right to bring the street homeless to shelters even against their will EXCEPT when they’re on private property, unless the owner gives permission — a church’s steps are private property – a number of Manhattan churches have forbidden the police from removing people – and unless the woman was diagnosed as being “an immediate danger to herself or others” her right to make poor decisions was upheld.

  15. dr mengle,got twins? says:

    reading about this poor soul.sends a knife thru my heart..i grew up around the corner on 7th street… so young.so sad..but we know who is too blame..cheney and company.the true heart of darkness…fallen from grace..freezes to death in front of a church no less…we will see more of these kind of deaths..may she rest in peace..may cheney and company rest in pieces…these wars are immoral..

  16. Traci Rupard says:

    I have been homeless myself n alot of times it’s hard to find somewhere that will take you in especially if she had a medical condition or some other kind of problem! I am now a Christian n nobody should put blame on anybody here! These comments are just not what God would want us to be doing in this situation! We all need to look after one another n nobody chooses to be homeless!!!! Have mercy on her soul n those others that are looking to place blame!! May God rest her soul!!

  17. JasonS says:

    There are plenty of places for these people to go when it’s cold, plenty of shelters and charities that bend over backwards. The problem is that many of these homeless people choose their lifestyle. Especially around Tompkins Square Park, where the “crusties”, many of whom come from decent backgrounds, choose a life of scruffy clothing, facial tattoos and general filthiness. They take drugs and beg, and usually have a mangy dog alongside them to complete the effect. For many of these kids it’s all about image, a childish rejection of any decent way of life and a misplaced ego which screams “look at me, I’m tough and don’t need your home comforts.” Then after a few years they become entrenched in that way of life and don’t know anything else, for many of them there is no turning back once they cover their face and neck with tattoos.

  18. Daystar says:

    Don’t wait for someone else to reach out…we are all our brothers and sisters keepers. We are all to blame.

  19. karenkolatka says:

    2 agencies right in the lower east side that deal with apartments for the homeless.

  20. n says:

    We send aid to foreign countries because people there really need the money to survive. We already have soup kitchens and stuff, and the poor can beg for money from other Americans (unlike when a whole village is ruined by a flood or earthquake). But it’s a real pity that we care more about giving tax cuts to the top 1% of Americans. Although other people who actually need money are just across the street.

  21. Kim says:

    This is something the (RICH) should REALLY be helping and making PAYMENTS to help the HOMELESS. The (RICH) have ENOUGH MONEY to contribute to help the HOMELESS.

    Increase the TAX for the (RICH), not the POOR or MIDDLE class!

    1. Peter says:

      I AGREE! The RICH should really CONTRIBUTE MORE to help the HOMELESS.

  22. mamahima777 says:

    Shame to the people of that church who passed her by and did nothing. With the resources we have in this country no 30 year old woman should die freezing to death on our sidewalks and the Republicans want to cut social programs. Doesn’t anyone have a conscience anymore? Stop paying for war, bring our guys home and take care of our own people. There will be plenty more dying with the cuts to the budget the Rep’s want to make. You Middle class peeps think its the poor who is doing you in and you are to blind to see its the corporations and our own politicians selling us out. China owns us thanks to Bush. Letting corporations go overseas, giving them tax breaks, losing jobs. Just take a look at Wisconsin and this poor woman and see the future, your next. You will get old, you will get sick, you are hurting yourself in the long run for greed. Get those designer jeans and SUV’s now, whats a few dead young women right. Disgusted, especially by the people of the church she died near. Christians, I don’t think so.Some Pastor, I guess he was too busy getting collection plates to notice a dying woman next to his door.

    1. lovey9612 says:

      You are awfully quick to judge there mamahima777. Please if you have had a bad experience with someone who called themselves a Christian do not put the blame on all of us. Maybe no one at the church saw this woman. Maybe you should get out there and HELP!

  23. Tim says:

    This is something the (RICH) should REALLY be helping and making PAYMENTS to help the HOMELESS. The (RICH) have ENOUGH MONEY to contribute to help the HOMELESS.

    Increase the TAX for the (RICH), not the POOR or MIDDLE class!

    1. homelesshelper. says:

      yes yes YES

  24. tom says:

    That is a crazy Question Do you think more needs to be done to help the city’s homeless?what do you think the United States and companies waste ton and tons of food and build buildings to reach the Heavens there are alot of companies and the Goverment that could help they just don’t care we really live in a selfish world and greedy one to

  25. deb says:

    kyle,dont be like that you never know if you will need help oneday. you dont have to donate your whole check,just open your heart and care and show love ok…she was someone daughter,mother.

  26. Rajan Menon says:

    I am not at all happy of reading like these new and I am feeling too much. Kind hearted people should come forward and also enough trust/ organization should come forward to do good things for mankind. elderly persons should guide youngsters about these all . I pray like these insidents should not happen. Is anyone thaught about the feeling of the lady before death.. think for a while.

  27. Heather099 says:

    Got to love the U.S. They are sending money to other countries to help everyone else out but yet people are freezing to death on the street and kids are starving in this country everyday. The unemployment is the highest its been in years. Help out your own before you help others. What is this world coming to.

  28. Crazee JC says:

    May our External Father have mercy on us all.

  29. SONNY says:

    thats it America, keep sending monies we dont have overseas to who knows where meanwhile our own in this country are ignored. SHAME ON ALL OF US!!!!

    1. Everybody Cravez Kaylee says:

      were sending money overseas bcuz were at war….

  30. Alison says:

    In the land of the free the pavement is hard.

  31. Cecelia says:

    It is sad at any age for this to happen. Yes more needs to be done to help the city’s homeless people. Maybe there should be a homeless payment of fifty cents out of everyone’s paycheck each week set aside to help out.

    1. Everybody Cravez Kaylee says:

      thats really smarrt kudos!! 😉

    2. joe says:

      not necessary. Just take it out of the useless defense budget.

    3. Kyle says:

      Thats a great idea! Then more people can join the homeless because they already aren’t making enough to get by! Why don’t you donate your whole check and leave the rest of use alone. We work for our money!

    4. homelesshelper. says:

      love the idea

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