Runner Breaks Speed Record In NYC At 95

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A 95-year-old Brooklyn woman ran her way into the history books, breaking a world speed record.

Ida Keeling, in a race on Manhattan last week, didn’t beat her competitors who were decades her junior. Instead, she marked the fastest time for someone her age: 60 meters in less than 30 seconds.

Keeling began running at age 67 following the deaths of both her sons. “After it was all over I felt so uplifted and relieved. I said ‘This is what I need’.”

The 83-pound, 4’6″ Ida trains daily in the hallways of her apartment complex, lifting weights and riding a bike.

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She’s been winning medals all over the world and said she has no plans of letting up.

Ida said she would like to live to be 108.

  • Cuthbert Jolly

    Simply amazing!

  • jacklyn sell

    What in inspiration to acheive your best at any age.

  • M Cristina M Pinheiro

    i love it,SHE IS AN INSPIRATION for all of US, God BLESS YOU !!!!!!

  • Reginald Leonard

    That’s wonderful!!!!!

  • Mable

    U GO GIRL!!!!

  • Tom

    Wow… I hope I can do even half that much at her age!

  • jennifer

    She’s incredible. What an inspiration. I saw her on channel 7 news over the weekend.

  • Ellen

    My God, what a beautiful women, and at age 95 she could put most women way younger then her to shame. God love her, and hope she lives a long, long life. You go girl.

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