Court Papers: Fired Teacher Was Suffering From Diabetes

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — There ‘s a new chapter in the story of two female romance language teachers fired for allegedly having sex in a Brooklyn classroom.

The Department of Education last month fired language teachers Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro after a janitor allegedly found them topless in an empty classroom at James Madison High in Midwood in November.

However, court papers filed Wednesday in connection with a lawsuit said Brito was suffering from the effects of her diabetes and that Mauro was giving her candy and sugar to alleviate her condition.

The lawsuit seeks $2 million.

  • Double-R

    This is the defense? Honestly? This is as good as it gets? Diabetes?

    Only one word comes to mind…WOW!

  • Yeyo Dante

    I would have joined if I was the Janitor. Stupid ass

  • Hungry Eyes

    I hope I get picked for this jury…I can’t wait to see the re-enactment…

  • dottie

    HAHAHHAHA…this is hysterical…being a fellow diabetic…trust me, you don’t need to get all freaky to administer alittle sugar or insulin…so, they were both naked yes? If so, that means that they were both diabetic…dude this is just too ridiculous…and we are paying for it with our taxes…what a joke.

  • Larry

    So I didn’t know that was one of the side effects of diabetics getting naket and having sex in the classroom. I guess that they have to do somthing, they are not teaching the kids and have to fill their the time someway.

  • Ronnie

    To Ringo, wah, hahahahaha! We must have attended the same school in where ever ville.

  • mj

    < singing " POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME ….."

  • Robert

    We can only hope more hot chicks start getting “Diabetes”……

  • Mr. Armenia

    These teachers need to sue.

    The Janitor needs to be fired.

    • C.J.

      My comment about the janitor was deleted.

  • ringo

    Kids today are so lucky. All these hot female teachers having fun time with each other and the students.

    When I was in school, all the lady teachers looked like they had been dead and decomprosing for months. And they had the smell to match.

  • yechoiuvsle

    Why topless? Was she smearing the candy on her yabbos?

  • DanTe

    The janitor snitched because the two women refused to let him join in. That is all he wanted but they refused.

  • Dee-lish

    Nothing like some girl-gravy to level off the ol’ blood sugar!

  • Ellen DeGeneres

    Is “diabetes” now a euphemism for “two-can-chew”?

  • Dan Te

    I think she was giving her more than candy and sugar…and everything nice….

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