Brooklyn Woman Defiantly Grows Own Tobacco

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Tobacco farm in Brooklyn? It’s more of a personal crop as one woman gave up big tobacco or little tobacco.

Retired police officer Audrey Silk was sick and tired of the taxes and smoking bans, reports WCBS 880’s Sean Adams. So, she sowed some seeds in her own garden in Marine Park.

WCBS 880 Reporter Sean Adams in Brooklyn with the tobacco grower.

“I decided I wouldn’t be victimized by people who were trying to coerce my behavior,” said Silk.

When the leaves are droopy and long she cuts, washes, dries, shreds and rolls them.

Her yield? Two crops, 45 cartons and savings of $5,000.

“It is a political message. It is time to say – well, the only way to get satisfaction here is to defy you. If this inspires, that’s the message,” said Silk.

She fears the next smoking ban will target the home.

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  • SC Yankee

    You can learn to grow your own on the forum, Not business run, just plain folk, helping others break the government dependency on our taxes.

  • Bartholomew Harte

    Way To Go!! Send Them A-Holes in Albany AND City Hall
    The Real Message-Don’t Tread on Me!!!

  • Maximus

    You go girl. I don’t smoke but I support you one hundred percent on this even though I think the Mayor is not going to be too happy to hear that the peasants are rebelling. I think the mayor should get rid of those tax loopholes for the rich like the tax abbaitment on condos. It is ridicouls that A-Rod pays less than 1500 dollars a year for a multimillion dollar home. But then again we are common folks and according to our king, we have no right to protest his “Highness”

  • Shaun C

    So…would this count as organic tobacco?

  • valoispq

    You go girl! Probably not as bad for you as other cigies with all their chemicals in them. Way to go Audrey.

  • Nemesis

    Smoking creates so much haze that it causes plane crashes. Why do people think it’s ok to smoke….it’s irresponsible, if anything.

    • Tom

      Name one plane crash caused by smoking “haze.”

  • moms mabley

    never smoke in bed – the ashes that fall on the floor could be you

  • John Gray

    Well done, Audrey!

  • Extra Ordinary Larry

    Very cool :) I like this lady’s style.

  • Ryan Asurlekar

    Great! however its a bit late, Democracy will not allow people their individual right to choose.

  • Phil

    Do the Math – average price of a pack in NY = $9.00 x 20 packs per carton x45 cartons = $8100…saving MUCH more that $5,000…

    • Scott in Atlanta

      Minus her costs and time in growing the stuff, of course.

    • jayne

      When did they start putting 20 packs in a carton. Last time I looked, there were only 10.

  • jimmy

    way to go !!! i would love to know how i can start doing this myself.

  • Cecelia

    Good for her

  • keith

    Saving $5,000 on 45 cartons? Maybe she’s growing “funny” tobacco?!

  • WCBS is not good at math

    How did she save $5,000 on 45 cartons?

    • KPMc

      5k divided by 45 is $111.11 a carton. Ten packs in a carton equals $11.11 a pack which is AT LEAST the price of cigs in Manhattan if not the other boroughs (I don’t smoke).

      So the math is correct. It is you morons who are not so good at math.

      • yoel goldstein

        then they should have specified the amount of packs not cartons because buying it by the carton yields a different price. so you are the moron for not understanding false context in a news article

  • Les


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