Report: NYC Student Science Proficiency Below Nation

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Fourth and eighth graders in New York City’s public schools have scored below the state and national levels on the most recent national science exams.

The New York Times reports that the National Assessment Governing Board, which oversees the tests, showed that only 18 percent of fourth graders and 13 percent of eighth graders demonstrated proficiency on the 2009 exams.

Nationwide, 33 percent of fourth graders and 29 percent of eighth graders showed proficiency. In New York State, proficiency was shown by 30 percent and 31 percent, respectively.

New York state is moving to adopt tests based on new nationwide “common core” standards. Shael Polakow-Suransky, the city Education Department’s chief academic officer, told the Times the city has begun an experiment with the new standards in about 100 schools.

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  1. sandbagged says:

    Not even science can explain how the quality of our schools has plummeted in the two years Obama has been president.

  2. nathan says:

    Not my kids – one is at BxScience the other just got into a top HS with a 95 avg.

  3. Fox Mulder says:

    I don’t think the kids really care anymore.

    They know the Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/2012 and the extraterrestrial invasion is scheduled to begin the next day. Those who survive will merely be slaves for the Annunaki.

  4. Mike says:

    NY public school students are always finalist in the Westinghouse National Science competitions and Intel Science competitions, etc. The science teachers must get some credit for producing such talented students.

  5. beekay says:

    Education is dismal because society believes the myth that all responsibility lies on the teacher. Parents are the most important stakeholder in education. How can a child who has no academic accountability be successful in school? There are few children intrinsically motivated about education. I know teenagers whose parents have never seen their report cards. If a parent works two or three jobs, they can still hold their child accountable. For example, tell them to leave their notebook out and let them know what you think. A parent doesn’t need to be educated to motivate a child. You don’t have to know how to read to tell your child “Read!” You don’t have to know how to do algebra to check your child’s test score on an algebra exam.

    1. Ophelia Roydz says:

      Aw, what the hell are you talking about? Can anyone say wazoo whiffer?!

  6. Schmellma Arss says:

    Hard to believe considering the majority of new yorkers are science projects at best.

  7. Dan Te says:

    The average NYC teacher annual salary is $80,000 and the average annual salary for NYC school administrators is $125,000…..

    1. Joshua says:

      Wow….I must be in the wrong field…How do I apply for a teaching license?

    2. johnny says:

      Lets not forget job security, pension, and full medical benefits.

    3. nathan says:

      Dan Te is a liar (again) and heres the link to prove it. Avg salary is $57, 354. Maybe Dan should get a job then he wouldn’t be so bitter.

  8. Carlos Liriano says:

    to watching USA fall, you are right, parents dont want to take the time to read with they kids for one simply reason, the parents themself dont know how to read either, it is the same all over again, they parents dint do it either

  9. Mongolian BBQ says:

    This is a true shame.

    Science is the only chance at a future these lugnuts will have.

    The 2 best fields to try and get into are Nanotechnology and Quantum Physics.

    But I guess there is some truth to this famous quote by Judge Elihu Smails: Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too.

  10. surewewill says:

    These two comments(social and watching) highlight some of the causes, there are others. Billions for education for decades nationwide, still the problem persists: Other nations appear to excel, what are they doing right? There are success stories nationwide, what are they doing right? So what is wrong with copying success?

    1. watching USA fall says:

      that would require students and parents being held accountable. It would allow schools to disapline the students. I had two exchange students stay with me, one from Italy and one from China and they could not believe what students here get away with. It will never happen here because we have too many liberals and too many parents that ask what did you do to my kid rather than why is the teacher upset with you.

  11. johnny says:

    All the smart people moved away from NYC. The only people left are the Homies who can’t perform simple algebra. Even these union teachers are not very smart either considering how easy it is to get the license.

  12. Social Promotion Rocks! says:

    Just keep on shoving them thru to the next grade. Yay!

  13. watching USA fall says:

    what do you expect when teachers are required to teach reading for 4 out of the 6 teaching periods. The other goes t math and then if there is time, social studies and science can be taught. I wonder what would happen if parents took responsibility and actually read with their children? Oh, wait, its not their problem.

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