Rally Held To Protest House Measure On ‘Planned Parenthood’ Funding

NEW YORK (WCBS 880/1010 WINS) — A large rally in support of Planned Parenthood was held Saturday afternoon in Foley Square. Thousands came out to voice their opinions after the House of Representatives voted to cut funding to the organization.

Among those in attendance was Eliza Davison, an intern for the group, who told WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall the organization provided many services, especially for low-income women.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall speaks with people at the Planned Parenthood rally

“Planned Parenthood offers anything from basic OBGYN exams to STI testing and cancer screenings, mammograms, pap smears,” she said.

Spokesperson Haydee Morales also argued that the organization helped domestic violence and rape victims.

“We really see it as a war and an attack on women,” Morales said of the House bill, “one in five women use the services of Planned Parenthood.”

The rally was held as a protest to a House vote last Friday that would block federal aid for the organization. Indiana Republican Mike Pence led the charge for the bill, saying taxpayer dollars should not go to organizations that provide or promote abortion.

Many at Saturday’s rally argued that Planned Parenthood’s mission went beyond the issues of abortion and birth control.

“This isn’t about controversy. This is about basic health care and basic health care on the level of just making sure that we’re safe and secure the way anyone is,” one woman told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan.

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was among the politicians at the rally. She told Hall that she was angry that the House would want funding cut from the group.

“97 percent of the work Planned Parenthood does is general reproductive health care,” she said.

Morales said if funding is cut “women would not receive contraceptive services, HIV/STI testing, family planning, much-needed cancer screenings.”

It is estimated that Planned Parenthood receives over $300 million in federal dollars. While the proposal passed the House of Representatives, the measure is unlikely to get through the Democratic majority in the Senate.

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One Comment

  1. Dr. Sheila Mannix says:

    How is it that allegedly God-centered people, including formally-noticed members of our US Congress, want to cut $300 million to Planned Parenthood, but turn a blind eye to the estimated annual $320 billion fueling apparent court-based public corruption in the family courts and child abuse courts? Additionally, these individuals do not seem to grasp that the same apparent court-based public corruption is occurring in the probate courts and provisions for it are in the new healthcare act. The evidence indicates that the nation’s children and elders are being used as “commodities” in judicial system “profit centers” to redistribute private wealth and perpetrate alleged theft of honest State services and fraud against the Federal taxpayer. I pray that these individuals will show their support for our “born” children and our elders as they do for the “unborn” child. Or perhaps their support will finally come when they realize that their money is at risk? Onward for the children that they may know peace. Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA)

  2. Same old same old says:

    Republicans love to talk about deregulating business, yet want to regulate how and what a woman can do with her own body. They also deny the science related to climate change, yet want the gov’t involved in determining where life begins. The Constitution lays out the separation of church and state while the GOP constantly uses religious morals as the basis for their social values. Hypocrisy at its worst. Support Planned Parenthood

  3. NYC Pro-choice says:

    Separating out abortion services leaves women who seek abortion, which, by the way, is a legal medical procedure in the U.S., with two separate sources of health care, making it more likely for her to fall through the cracks and not receive the care that could help her prevent further unplanned pregnancies and provide her with the education and services she needs to maintain good health, such as cancer screenings and birth control.

  4. Jennifer L. Pozner says:

    PS: Murray, I can’t tell if you were being facetious or not. Because even though the Hyde Amendment already prohibits federal funding for abortion services — meaning that they use individual donations and private support to offer those services — the majority of what PLanned PArenthood does involves those OBGYN exams, STD testing, cancer screenings, mammograms, pap smears, and birth control you mentioned. Even if “some other” random organization sprung up to try to meet these needs, and even if somehow they were immediately as effective – and as trusted — and as well funded as Planned Parenthood has been (and that’s a BIG set of ifs)… would you have 20% of all American women switch their doctors to other doctors, just because of party politics?

  5. budsma says:

    I agree with Murray….that would solve the main problem for sure….

    1. budsma says:

      but you know that would be too easy…..the government likes to make it difficult and expensive…and I’m pretty sure someone would need some type of kickback or incentive…..

  6. James says:

    Planned Parenthood already does what you describe. It does not receive funding to provide abortions.

    It provides abortions via a separate source of funding.

  7. Murray Hill says:

    Maybe someone should start a national group that performs basic OBGYN exams, STD testing, cancer screenings, mammograms, pap smears, and birth control without having anything to do with abortions. Then that group can receive $300 million a year in federal funding and all of those women can continue receiving those services. Planned Parenthood can continue performing abortions with funding from anyone who support abortions enough to make a private donation. Problem solved.

  8. Lester Krinklesac says:

    CUTE girls – woo hoo !!!!!

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