LAKEWOOD, N.J. (CBS 2) – Broken bricks lie scattered and wooden beams litter the ground with shingles thrown about the grounds of a Lakewood housing complex.

A splintered tree still sits quietly after Friday’s powerful afternoon storm ripped through the High Point Condo Complex.

As the storm died down, residents are still cleaning up after the major damage—including the repair of the roof, which was completely destroyed leaving a gaping hole.

“We saw shingles blowing so fast off the roofs,” said maintenance worker Christopher Draheim, who is convinced he saw a funnel cloud. “Spinning, yes, real bad, and then I ran to help the lady upstairs in 404. I kicked the door in to save her.”

Draheim was in his office just after 2 p.m. when roofing materials went flying, windows shattered and metal gutters came crashing down.

No one was seriously injured, but the damage is lasting. Broken bricks covered the staircase leading down the basement, falling off the building at the height of the storm.

“And I heard it, grabbed my son and started running, went in the hallway screaming for my mom to see if she was okay,” evacuee Rosie Crawley said.

Crawley and her 8-month-old son are among six families forced out of their homes from the storm damage.

“I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was to grab my son, grab my mom and try to get out the house,” Crawley said.

The Red Cross immediately came to the rescue, coordinating hotel rooms until more permanent arrangements can be made.

There were scattered reports of other damage in Lakewood and Seaside Heights.

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