Film Critic Makes Oscar Predictions In Studio

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s Hollywood’s big night and the stars will be out for Sunday’s Academy Awards. Film critic from the New York Daily News Joe Neumaier joins CBS 2 to discuss the awards.

For complete coverage of the Oscars, go here.

  • SP

    And the winner of the ‘Total Baloney ‘ award is…(opens envelope)…..Auburn Dale !

  • Auburn Dale

    Oscar “predictions” are completely IRRELEVANT. If you want to know who will receive which award, just find out who has the clout to have the award written into his/her contract. They were guaranteed to “win” before the movies were even made. The same applies to the Grammy, Emmy, People’s Choice, Directors’ Guild, and all other “award” shows. They’re all FAKE. They’re like professional wrestling – all outcomes are decided YEARS IN ADVANCE.

    The worst part is that our tax dollars are subsidizing this facade. Every dress, tuxedo, limo, air-kiss, pre-party, and after-party represents a fully tax-deductible business expense. Who pays extra taxes to make up for what they don’t pay? You and I, that’s who.

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