Kids Put In Their Two Cents On Rye Playland’s Future

RYE, NY (WCBS 880) – Rye Playland Amusement Park is a well-known local spot for summer fun but it is not very profitable.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane reports from Rye

County officials said attendance at the park has dropped by more than half  since 2005. A March 10 deadline looms as Westchester County looks for proposals concerning the future of the 83-year-old park.

About 50 kids attended a Children’s Town Hall meeting convened by Rye Councilwoman Catherine Parker and suggested adding a gym or a water park at the site.

The children also suggested holding more year-round activities — including opening the ice rink during the summer, holding an Easter egg hunt in the spring and different festivities during the Christmas season, according to the Journal News.

“It is a spectacular piece of property that really could unleash the imagination of a lot of entrepreneurs,” says Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

On Tuesday,  Astorino named 19 people to a committee which will evaluate proposals for reinventing the county-owned amusement park. Members of the committee include a high school student as well as  representatives from business, government, the arts, parks and entertainment.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi with Rob Astorino

“It’s sort of like American Idol. They come in. They’re gonna sing and they’re either going to get laughed off the stage and mocked or they’ll advance to the next round,” says Astorino

In the thick of the debate, people who live near the historic landmark, including John Crotty, are paying attention.

“If you don’t want to improve the financial aspect of it, why change anything? So, everything’s got to be looked at from a practical standpoint as well as… ‘how does it fit into the community?’ and ‘what purpose does it serve?’,” says Crotty. “I think the concern is that it’ll be turned into something that creates congestion, traffic, [and would] take away a lot of the natural space that’s available here.”

Joseph at the On The Way Cafe says, “If they could reinvent something or, you know, put some type of other attraction there, it would would be great for, not only us, but the market and the pharmacy next door.”

Astorino says all of this will play out over the next several years.

What do you think should be done with Rye Playland? Let us know below!

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One Comment

  1. Kadija says:

    San Gennaro festival

    I’m planning on spending fifty or 65 dollars.
    I am a vegetarian.

    I’ll eat the meat if THE MAYOR PROMISES
    he wont tell or smoke the weed

    1. kadija says:

      Play land too.

      I’ll go to play land IF THE MAYOR PROMISES i can read about it in his version
      NOT THAT THE MAYOR SMOKES WEED but that I’d like a stylized opinion since I’m a Newyorker-my DAD is a livery cab driver for the city.

  2. David Brooks says:

    Playland is an institution – I went as a child, and took my own when they were small. So it’s sad to see that the writing is on the wall. Wake up, folks…there’s something much bigger going on here and I assure you it has nothing to do with who is – or isn’t – going to Playland. We’re talking about prime real estate that isn’t generating the kind of income it could for a cash-strapped county suffering through a lousy economy that’s here to stay for awhile. So, trade all the insults you want to about which borough is more ghetto than the other….the powers that be want you to be distracted while they cut their backroom deals. Like it or not, the clock is ticking and it’s obvious that the park’s days are numbered.

    1. Dorothea Halliday says:

      Are you the New York Times columnist? If so, you could be very helpful to the cause of saving Playland.

  3. Tony says:

    E, maybe because of the IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY of some of the people of the Bronx, the ARROGANCE of some of the people of Westchester County people come into play. And for that I don’t blame them, I don’t want someone from another area, tearing up my neighborhood, it all boils down to no home training, a lost generation of people who didn’t properly raise their children, they were just dragged up and it doesn’t happen everywhere!

  4. RWEK says:

    GO Playland Go Playland Go….. As long as it’s a profit making and average rate vs. other mid sized parks, I agree a one time fee besides parking shall be to get in and get to go on all rids etc. This shall make the customers bring back the safe and fun environment as good old playland once was.

  5. E says:


    I have found that the so called educated and wealthy people of Westchester County act the same way as the people in the Bronx…RUDE WITH NO MANNERS

    It doesn’t matter where you live. Have a nice day.

  6. milkman says:

    i dont go to playland anymore because there is alot of Rift raff in the park and it makes me and my family feel unsafe. I suggest you go back to charging an entry fee and be able to ride all day. this will keep thugs out and paying customers in.

  7. Yonkers1 says:

    There should be an admission charge into the park not just into the parking lot. People come to the park and do not buy tickrts for rides. They cause trouble and make people feel insecure. Charge admission into the park. This will keep the garbage out and paying customers safely inside.

  8. Tony says:

    JC, your assumption that I don’t live in the Bronx is wrong, and I’ve lived in other boroughs of NYC and have seen how other people treat each other with civility and respect. Again, some people who live in my neighborhood, haven’t even been outside of their own “private idaho”, nor do they care, ther’re spinning in the same dysfunctional mindset they were brought up in, I dare say raised. Look at your last Borough President who from time to time would wear a hat like he just stepped off the plantation, couldn’t speak proper englsh, and he represented us? I don’t think so!

  9. the bandid says:


    you are so right about this

  10. Tony says:

    Yeah, Maria, BUT, there are certainly more negative and ignorant examples than good in the Bronx and you’re thoughts about this reflect a river in EQYPT – you’re in DENIAL!

  11. maria says:

    The Bronx??? People ignorant like you think that all people from the Bronx are the same. There are good and bad in ANY neighborhood these days. Think before you write.

  12. Tony says:

    Raze it, make townhouse condos by the water there. I went there for a 4th of July fireworks display and upon leaving, there were no guards directing traffic and it was a free-for-all having cars going every which way, almost having a couple of accidents. Plus the clientele now is mostly ghetto and that’s a recipe for disater, like I always say, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, anything or close to the Bronx, people just don’t know how to act, so get rid of it!

    1. JC says:

      So you base your opinion on probably the busiest day of the season? Try going to any amusement park on Independence Day and it will be bedlam. I am guessing you do not live in the area and offer no vaild opinion. Let the people who live near the park decide.

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