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NYS Inmates Being Prosecuted For Abusive Phone Calls

Victims Of Domestic Abuse Have New Weapon In Their Corner

MINEOLA (CBSNewYork) — Just because a domestic abuse suspect is behind bars doesn’t mean the intimidation stops for their victims.

Now, New York State inmates who call their victims are learning the consequences of their words. CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan has more on how the state is listening in — in a powerful effort to break the cycle of abuse.

They’ve been charged with burning, beating, stabbing and shooting their wives or girlfriends. And even from jail the domestic abuse continues — with threatening, manipulating, cajoling and coercing.

Exchanges like the following have prosecutors seeing red and now taking action to right what they say are many wrongs:

Victim: “‘Hello, hello.”

Inmate: “What’s up baby? You sent the police at my house two o’clock in the morning to put me in jail? How would you do something like that? You made love to me at my house two days.”

Victim: “I was going to tell them to drop the charges anyway.”

Inmate: “Tell them you want the case amended. You know what I’m saying? Tell whoever you talk to — tell the police — you trying to get a case amended.”

It turns out many inmates accused of domestic violence can’t stop themselves from going after their victims again, with many becoming so fearful they refuse to testify against their violent, abusive lovers.

“One individual called 328 times, 400 calls. And we’re able to bring those calls to court and show a judge that a victim is not here — not because she doesn’t want to be here, but she feels that pressure, that coercion from the defendant,” Nassau County Assistant District Attorney Madeline Singas said.

Sometimes that coercion is very threatening. The following is another recorded call:

Inmate: “Even if I do get seven years, I’m coming home and you’re going to have a [expletive] big problem, Jen. You should have just let me alone, Jen. And now you want to keep playing games with me.”

Victim: “I’m gonna have a big problem?”

Inmate: “I thought you loved me, Jen. You sent me all these letters. You’re sending me these pictures. You’re coming over my house.”

Singas, chief of Nassau’s Special Victims Bureau, said now suspects’ own words from jail are being used against them in New York courts as never before — and it’s all legal.

“Yes, yes, it has completely revolutionized the way that we prosecute domestic violence cases,” Singas told McLogan.

Caught on tape sweet-talking, confessing and berating is now the prosecutor’s newest tool — and guilty verdicts are following.

Defense lawyers criticize prosecutors’ use of the recordings, calling it traps for men who are cut off from the world.

Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. Wally says:

    I can’t believe those letters from those defending the female abusers. Maybe there should be a test for those writing these comments so maybe one could forestall future abuse by those who write the notes condeming women who are abused. The fact that some of those who write these comments contend that woman bring on the abuse shows that the world is a very sick, sick place and we need Obamacare to fix up their heads…

  2. Mr. Armenia says:

    These calls violate the privacy act. They can’t be used in court its a violation of theinmates civil rights.

  3. nypj says:

    i am having a hard time seeing how the calls quoted above are illegal or threatening?

    they state the obvious – you involved law enforcement for no particularly good reason, now look at the situation the male is in the system, and for what? some stupid sh!t that could have easily been worked out between the two parties involved…

    try writing the article again, when you have quotes of actual threats. the way this article is written i see no crime being committed .. not sure what idiot would vote guilty over the conversations quoted in this article.

  4. Bushelfoote says:

    As Long As in other cases…. that if it were a Woman calling back her boyfriend/husband coercing and verbally intimidating her husband/boyfriend from jail whereas SHE could just as well be up the creek….then I guess as long as it is fairly enforced ……why is it that women get so much More protection from the law from men than men get protection from the law from women??? Don’t tell me its because they need it more….5 years ago I was with the craziest woman I’ve EVER KNOWN………LOL …..

  5. wf says:

    Don’t you just love a man,who knows to treat a woman?

  6. ms b says:

    Maybe if that woman beat him like he beat her then it wouldnt be a problem. if a man who likes to hit on women got his butt kicked good by a few good men, jail wouldnt be his option. straight up bs

  7. Palmer says:

    I think that the man that has to put his hands on a woman is no man. there is know resin to put your hands on any woman for any resin.

    1. John Richardson says:

      Why would you use resin in order to hurt a woman? Just glue her mouth shut with Super Glue.

  8. Wije says:

    Simple solution. Don’t give inmates access to phones.

  9. Mihaela says:

    If a woman castrates or kills her husband while he sleeps he most probably deserves it.

  10. frankie says:

    Women do the most emotional abuse and these are the real crimes that are not reported!! Of course Junk news wouldn’t have been “news” without helping the so call women “victims”.

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