Brooklyn 5-Alarm Blaze Injures 5 Firefighters

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City firefighters say a 5-alarm fire in a two-story building that housed a church downstairs tore through three other buildings in Brooklyn.

The FDNY says 168 firefighters responded to the 4:20 a.m. fire in the Brownsville section.

Five firefighters suffered minor injuries. They were taken to a hospital for evaluation.

The fire started on the second floor of the Clarkson Avenue building and quickly spread to three other buildings, which were evacuated.

The bottom floor housed a church and apartments above.

The fire was brought under control at 6:17 a.m.

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  1. Robert Bates says:

    Cathy Carpin is the world’s worst announcer.

  2. KK says:

    Mike V. It is true that firefighters see how much they are going to make and exactly what their benefits will be when they choose to take the job. However, when the mayor decides in the middle of their careers that he is going to change the rules and remove benefits such as the VSF without negotiating that is unfair and there deserves to be an uproar..

  3. MikeV says:

    I do agree that in these instances it is very heroic what these guys do. But lets not go crazy and make them out to be demi-gods for doing the job they chose to do. I absolutely hate when firefighter, cops, even the public gush about how they run in as people are running out. THAT’S THEIR JOBS!!!

    As far as being underpaid, I dont feel bad for them either. When you sign up take a city exam, and when they call you for the job, it tells you in bold letters and numbers what the job is and what the maximum pay will be for the job. So you know the dangers of the job, and how much you will make, BEFORE you take it, so who are they to complain that its not enough to support their families. They knew it when they took the job, so if it wasnt enough than they shouldn’t have taken it, plain and simple. Lets also remember 80% of firefighters in this country volunteer and do it for free while working other jobs so they dont have it so bad.

    As for the morons that cry that the job is racist, well if more minorities scored higher on the written and physical tests, than there would be more minority firefighters. Stop crying that the system is flawed when its minorities lack of dedication to basic education that keeps them from getting coveted city jobs. Score a 96 and above on the written and a 100 on the physical and I dont care if you are Martian you will be a fireman

  4. Carol says:

    Very Simply, Everyone is running OUT while they Bravely are running in…God Bless the FDNY, and especially Tower Ladder 7 and Engine 16.

  5. Barbara H says:

    Firemen risk their lives every day. When they leave their families and homes in the morning, they never know if they will return. My son-in-law is a fireman and our daughter and their two children who are special needs children struggle every day to have a normal, healthy family life. They live 1 1/2 hours upstate because they can’t afford to live closer to his job. The cost of living in the city is too high for them to live in the city he works so hard and risks his life to protect. We should be very thankful that these men and women are willing to sacrifice their time and sometimes their lives to live the alternate lifestyle it takes to be a NYC fireman. God Bless Every One Of Them!!

  6. CREATION says:

    zbd you are a big DWEEB and a ASS

  7. dudelookatme says:

    There is no doubt that Firefighters are overpaid…they work 3 days a week, most of the time is spent sleeping, watching cable t.v, working out, and God only knows what else..most work two jobs..means they make 6 digits easy..with benefits and retirement..all that with an associates degree..not to bad..too bad there is a racist road block for anyone who is not Irish or Italian to join

    1. Elizabeth Brown says:

      Firemen have an extremely rough, hard job. As an E.R. nurse I can’t tell you how many times they come to the E,R. with injuries and heart attacks. How do they get them? Saving people like you.

    2. Billy says:

      Dudelookatme you sound pretty dumb in your last comment because i am 100% sure that they don’t only take Italians and Irish

    3. Mary O says:

      Are you a baseball fan? Relief pitchers work barely one day a week, and get paid 7 digits. Whose job is more important?

  8. zbd says:

    Firefighters are the laziest, most overpaid people on earth. Sit around all day playing cards and playing on the internet waiting on a call to go spray water on a building.

    1. Billy says:

      yo might be the dumbest human i have ever met, there hero’s if your house was on fire who would be the people to come in and drag you out a fire fighter how bout you think of that next time.

    2. Timothy Raiola says:

      zbd your an idiot..

    3. KL says:

      zbd… are a moron! Who do you think will come drag your sorry butt out of a burning building? The mailman?

    4. Dan says:

      You, sir, are a moron. If you knew anything about the job, you would realize that, yes, while there is some downtime on your typical 24-hour shift, it isn’t as easy as you would think. Every piece of equipment after every call needs to be cleaned and inspected. When that is done, several times in a month they go and do building inspections to make sure everything is up to fire code. Not to mention, that aside from responding to fire, it is NYC policy that every medical emergency typically has not just an EMT and ambulance show up, but also the fire department and the police department. In fact, they spend the majority of their time on their feet, moreso than you and I can say by sitting here on the computer griping.

    5. LG says:

      Clearly you are the stupidest person alive.

  9. RADFIRE says:

    they’re hard chargers…among the best Pritchards Punishers

  10. Shelly!!! says:

    Engine 255 and Ladder 157 Shine again!!!

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