Long Island Cab Driver Speaks Out After Police Shooting

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A Long Island taxi driver who was arrested after being shot and wounded during a dispute with two off-duty police officers is speaking out for the first time since the incident occurred last weekend.

Thomas Moroughan, 26, addressed reporters Friday following a court appearance in Central Islip.

Attorney William Petrillo tells 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that his client was arrested to cover up an “unjustifiable shooting”

Moroughan was arrested last Sunday in Huntington Station after the two Nassau County police officers said the cab driver confronted them and tried to run one of them over.

According to a police statement, “the officer fired his off-duty weapon into the taxi, identified himself as a police officer and told Moroughan to exit the vehicle.” Court records identify the shooter as Nassau Police Officer Anthony DiLeonardo. Police said Moroughan refused to exit the taxi and then struck both officers with his vehicle and fled.

Attorney William Petrillo had said that his client pulled over to confront the officers because one of them had been driving recklessly.

“I was just doing my job as a cab driver,” Moroughan said.” I didn’t do anything to deserve to be shot, pistol whipped, beaten up and then arrested.”

Petrillo charged that there is evidence that the officers were intoxicated and fueled by road rage.

Petrillo insists that detectives are withholding crucial evidence, including medical records, in the case. He told the judge that authorities “are in possession of records that show the shooter in this case was, in fact, intoxicated.”

Petrillo told reporters outside the courthouse that “multiple sources” indicate that both police officers were intoxicated and that Moroughan was arrested to cover up what he called “an unjustifiable shooting.”

Moroughan was treated for two gunshot wounds at Huntington Hospital. Earlier this week, he pleaded not guilty to assault and reckless endangerment and was released on $2,500 bail following his arraignment.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office said the case is under investigation.

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One Comment

  1. T says:

    i love how people make all of these allegations based solely off incomplete news reports like they were there to witness everything……

  2. Jack Gillespie says:

    This is an absolute disgrace for the LI police. If they hope to maintain any credibility they shouldn’t support such a bad apple- as it will only makes the rest of them look rotten.

  3. Jim Newman says:

    The Cabbie is a PERP! Just look at him. Any other person would have died from getting shot in the chest! Cabbie’s drive like idiots and think they own the road. I guarantee this PERP has been locked up before and will be locked up again! If he really was “working” maybe he should have made sure to drop off and pick up his passengers instead of starting a fight! The shooting was good! This Savage was trying to run down the two off duties! Lock him up and take away his license!

    1. dill says:

      get ur facts straight these cops were drinking and got no dwi its a fact

      1. hdfjs says:

        weather or no police do wrong it will never be in the media because the public will loos faith in them

  4. pete says:

    He was just “doing his job?”

    Isn’t his job to safely pick up and drop off passengers to their locations? Not to concern himself when he, as a taxi driver thinks someone is driving recklessly.

  5. Stacey says:

    Yes he is lucky to still be alive, this could have turned out much worse.
    Those cops should be punished soundly.

  6. mj says:

    gee….drunk cops acting stupidlyand thinking they are above the law …WHAT A SURPRISE !!!

  7. Kimberly Fullhardt says:

    i know him i really dont think he would do something like this

  8. Rory Calhoun says:

    looks like another police “cover-up”

  9. Idratherbegolfing says:

    I support the Cops 99.9% of the time but if it’s true they were drinking they should be terminated immediatly. Off duty police officers can’t be carrying guns and going out for drinks. Sad part is if it turns out they were drinking their union will go to the grave trying to protect them. Just like all unions they protect people they should not.

  10. Joe says:

    Independent investigation
    Is needed internal affairs and D A will cover it up
    Being they all work together

  11. norma says:

    dam cops think they can get away with anything well guess what guys you are subjet to the law like everyone else

  12. cristian says:

    They behave the same here in Canada.
    As a rule here, for something like that they do their own internal investigation!!!!!!!!
    How about that?
    Talking about impartiality!!!!!!

  13. sallyrogers says:

    I believe him. NYPD and Long Island cops are all alike. Stupid stupid stupid. I hope they end up with jail time. And the coverups are just disgraceful.

  14. Stan says:

    Give them a badge and all of a sudden , they’re God.



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