Mayor: ‘We Have To Lay Off Teachers Right Now’

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Mayor Bloomberg says the clock is ticking and the City needs to hand out layoff notices for teachers as soon as possible.

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Thousands of teachers will face the ax, he said, and the time to reach a deal with Albany is running out as well.

“We have to lay off teachers right now and we owe it to the teachers to tell those who are going to get laid off now that they are going to go so that they have a chance to get another job for the fall,” he said.

The “last in, first out” system of layoffs, in which newest teachers to be hired will get fired first, will hurt students, he said.

He’s still hopeful for a compromise with Gov. Andrew Cuomo as to which teachers are going to be laid off, and he maintains he is not union busting. He says he’s simply doing what’s right for the kids.

“This is anything but union busting. This is trying to use unions more,” Bloomberg said. “The truth of the matter is we have to downsize and it’s true the workforce is unionized, but that’s not taking a shot at unions at all.”


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  1. shauntelle says:

    & they call him a rich succes. I think hes a moron. A dum person wouldnt even think about doing sure thing. His lay offs is gonna be hell to all thses schools because the larger the claseses the more bad the school gets. More drop outs. Mayor B went from worse to worserrrr. Me & other teens dont like this at all. If he cant handel the job he needs to resign.

  2. Surieta Doobay says:

    It shoudl not be The “last in, first out” in the system of layoffs. It shoudl be bad teacher first!

  3. fed up says:

    Show me where the U.S. constitution says that you are entitled to a free education.
    rich foreigners can send their kids to the best private schools, and if they can pay so why can’t you?
    let everybody lay in the gutter, and your kids are going to go to work in factories making sooccer balls just like in Asia.
    Here comes the banana republic…

    1. J. says:

      You are correct. The U.S. Constitution does not give entitlement to a free education. However, young people need to develop skills to survive and contribute to their families and to society. The manufacturing factory jobs have mostly left the United States. That is part of our problem.

  4. Trish says:

    Mr. B, Fire them already and stop talking about it. Don’t talk the talk if you are not going to walk the walk.

  5. DR RUTH SAYS... says:


  6. Susan Druss says:

    It’s really amazing that Crains and the Wall Street jounal are criticizing union pensions and LIFO. Especially, because we helped bail out the Banks and Wall Street and now (talk about pensions) they are gouging the public with incredible corporate bonuses (millions to individuals) and giving millions in pensions to CEO’s of company that would have failed if not for the public sector. Oh, I forgot. Who is involved with Wall Street and the Banks and the media? King Bloomberg.

    1. Sick of Bloomebrg says:

      Thank you for saying the truth!

  7. fingers says:

    DO IT, MF. Do it right now! And you can watch as hundreds of thousands of kids who have nothing to do all day roam the streets.

    You don’t have the guts.

    1. Susan Druss says:

      I agree. Well put. He is awful.

  8. Dear Citizens... says:

    We must put more money into Bike Lanes, City Time, a new 911 call center, over-priced contracts for school supplies, settle lawsuits over police brutality and the failure of our City to provide EMS during a blizzard. There just isn’t enough money for teachers or your kids. I know I said I would be the education mayor. I hope you have all learned something about my ability to manage your city. Love, Mike

  9. Tired of Bloomie says:

    That’s right, we MUST lay off veteran teachers because the best thing for students is a teacher with less than 3 years experience who literally JUST graduated from college. I know when I go to a doctor or a lawyer, I want the newest recruit working for me. Of course, I’m sure the fact that new teachers get paid a fraction of what veteran teachers get paid hasn’t played a role in Bloomberg’s considerations at all. It’s ALL about the kids! I’m sure these new, inexperienced teachers will be more than ready to handle a class with 30+ students, few or no academic intervention programs, unsupportive parents who never come to parents’ day and keep their children home at the slightest provocation so they aren’t in school to learn anything. Despite all these obstacles, our superstar new teachers will still be able to improve students’ scores every year. Hmmm…. and if they can’t, without teacher tenure or union protection, they can look foward to no raises and Bloomberg eventually throwing them out on their ears … all for the good of the children!

    1. Theresa says:

      This is all happening because the teachers union wont work with the city to balance the budget. We need all employees within the city districts to start chipping in for their own healthcare and pensions. period.

      1. Sick of Bloomberg says:

        So Theresa, you are evidently involved in the negotiations??? Why don’t you make sure you know he facts before you open your big mouth. NYC teachers already contribute to their pensions and health benefits and agreed to a new pension tier last year to help the city save money. We have also worked for 18 months with an old contract and no new raises. It’s ignorants like you that feed Bloomcrook’s lie machine and hurt schools, students and teachers.

      2. Wake Up!!! says:

        Wow! Know your facts before you spout ignorant nonsense. Teachers and the unions ARE willing to make concessions and ALREADY contribute to their pensions and healthcare. This is about Bloomberg and his rich cronies’ pathetic attempts to bust the unions and protect billionaire wealth. Wake up people!

    2. Anonymous Coward says:

      Fair point, but you are using a strawman here. It’s not necessary to only keep the most inexperienced of young teachers. Why not favor keeping those with more than 5 years but less than 10 years of experience? Those are going to tend to be the ones that are still hungry to be better, and not embittered by 30+ years.

      Cutting older teachers would also allow you to keep more teachers, thus increasing the bang for your layoff buck.

    3. j. says:

      well put…

      1. J. says:

        I meant my well put remark for “”Tired of Bloomie.”

  10. Chief of Patrol says:

    This is really sad becausde the product these teachers are turning out couldnt work greasing cars (if cars still had to be greased) it should be based on Merit. Mikey boy get yourselft a stool so we can talk face to face, because all the king horses and all the mkings wount make you six feet ever again.

    1. Reality Check says:

      Who’s promoting these students? Who is lowering the standards so they look good? It isn’t the teachers I know. Get the real facts not the ones Bloomberg’s money has paid for.

  11. ronnie from morris park says:

    I want my wwwwaaaaaayyyyyy. I want it nnnnnoooowwwww. I have 16 billion dollars to back me up. A few “donations” in the right place and it’ll happen.

  12. Lando says:

    Bloomberg is going to do what he wants anyway.

  13. d says:

    listen, deals a deal. When the city is having good times, they dont give bonuses.

  14. Really Sick of Bloomberg says:

    Oh yeah, and that peky little detail where the Governor and everyone else says there is NO NEED FOR LAYOFFS!!!!!!

  15. Sick of Bloomberg says:

    “The truth of the matter is we have to downsize and it’s true the workforce is unionized, but that’s not taking a shot at unions at all.”

    Welll, if the truth was that you HAVE to do layoffs. Except that there is so much other waste to cut before you have to layoff one teacher. Soooo, yeah, it’s union busting. How about we cut ARIS, ACUITY, iZONE, the hundreds of overpaid consultants, the cast of assistant chancellors you need to support the UNQUALIFIED chancellor, .. etc.

    Oh, and by the way, while we are talking laying off unsuccessful people, maybe our mayor needs to take a long look in the mirror about how much damage he has done, and call it quits!!!

  16. John A. says:

    Why are there going to be any layoffs,if the governor has already indicated that there is no need for them? The mayor is saying that ther must be layoffs,which I think is riduculous! The public school system will implode if these layoffs do occur.There is no way that the public dchools syatem will be able to function with any sense of normalcy ,should the mayor follow through with these layoffs!

  17. Claire Leone Skody says:

    The Mayor says, “We have to lay off teachers right now and we owe it to the teachers to tell those who are going to get laid off now that they are going to go so that they have a chance to get another job for the fall'”

    Here’s a good question, where the hell are they going to find a job Mayor Bloomberg???

    1. David says:

      Like laid off teachers should be any different than the rest of us that are laid off.

      1. Sick of Bloomberg says:

        Yeah, genius, because not anybody can do our job no matter what Bloomcrook and the moron Republicans tell you. Teachers have to be highly qualified to get the job and EXPERIENCE matters. Evidently the rest of the world understands that except for the right wing idiots in this country.

    2. Trishe says:

      ask your union rep…

    3. N says:

      My guess is that he wants them to work at charter schools.

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