Mayor Bloomberg Donates Pint Of Blood To New York Blood Center

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg is helping the New York City Blood Center where donations have been in short supply this winter season.

The billionaire mayor filled out the paperwork took off his left cufflink, rolled up his sleeve and relaxed on a shayz lounge before donating a pint of blood.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg explains the benefits of donating blood to WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb

“It saves lives, and it is literally, totally painless. And you get a chance to sit and relax and talk one on one with esteemed members of the fourth estate,” Bloomberg said.

The mayor said it doesn’t take much to make a difference, all you have to do is “just sit there.”

“You never know, someday you may need an operation or an emergency and if they don’t have blood, you can’t have the oepration and you could die,” Bloomberg said.

After donating, Bloomberg was rewarded with a pack of Lorna Doones, some Oreos and a couple bottles of water.

Roughly 20 million people depend on blood center donations in New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Vally, and New Jersey.

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One Comment

  1. sid says:

    First time for everything
    A vampire donating blood? wow

  2. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

    not too worry mayor mikey..3 hours later he sucked it out from somebody he met in a union workers wonder he likes florida..all lizards warm places..

  3. M,Robie McMann says:

    On the form they ask you if you have been in
    a foreign country like England in the last 3 year.
    How is it he was able to give blood as he goes to the UK often?
    The blood bank is worried about the “Mad Cow”disease they
    had in the UK.

  4. Schmellma Arss says:

    Would you want blood that’s polluted with cuban-cigar smoke?

  5. jerseyjoey says:

    Millions of pints sucked out of the people and God knows how many lives ruined and lost because of this Irish bashing Jew and all he gives back is 1 pint LOL, I cant believe that there is a place worse than jersey but he created one.

  6. Cinema Pete says:


  7. nobama says:

    Maybe he should donate a pint of $100 bills.

  8. legohead says:

    They found his blood was green

  9. nathan says:

    He’s right. I did it a cpl months ago. Most Nyers are too lazy or selfish to help.

  10. tgwabd says:

    Lizards are cold blooded, I am sure he demanded two quarts when he left.

  11. Jimmy D'locks says:

    It’s the least he can after sucking the city dry.

    1. Trishe says:

      Why don’t you ask the unions that question.

      1. usmcmaggot says:

        Trishe, The economy is WALL STREETS fault not the UNIONS!!
        For years you said nothing but now that the Private Sector is suffering no ALL OF THE SUDDEN the focus is on CIVIL SERVICE Employees and UNIONS.
        Reality check, we gave up monetary raises for those benefits WE HAVE NOW, nobody held a gun to the City’s head when THEY approved those raises!!
        How about you GOGGLE Bloomberg’s failed CITYTIME project which has balloned from $60 Million to $800 Million Dollars, or Bloomberg’s failed 911 system upgrade currently at $1.2 BILLION dollars!!
        Remember MIKE was AGAINST WALL STREET reforms as well.
        Union are not sucking the CITY DRY, our leaders like MAYOR MIKE who feel they are not ACCOUNTABLE for thier “failed” projects which cost taxpoayers BILLIONS of dollars!!
        How about our State Senate which allows ESPADA, HEVESI & BRUNO (all convicted or indicted) to COLLECT FULL PENSIONS!!!
        Ex-Schools Chancellor Klien is collecting a pension of $32,000 a years for 8 years of service, imagime what this new Chancellor Black is going to get & she know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the school system!!!
        Yeah TRISHE, it’s the Middle Class workers who are ruinin g the economy…WAKE UP!!!

      2. Josh says:

        Why don’t you ask Bloomturd why he gave said unions such generous contracts? It’s not like they held a gun to his head. Unions exist b/c of management Trish.

  12. Don D. Gayapparel says:

    It’s the least he can after sucking the city dry.

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