By Sophia Hall

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – In the early morning hours on Friday, 18-year-old Ayumi Kamo received a text message from her friend in Japan with the news.

An 8.9 earthquake had struck Japan sending a tsunami into the Pacific nation, killing hundreds with a death toll that keeps rising. The earthquake didn’t surprise Kamo though.

“It’s like really common in Japan to have, like, earthquakes and, like, tsunamis, but the 8.9 is like a great number. I was really surprised,” Kamo said.

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Luckily for Kamo, she got in touch with her family.

“My relatives live in Osaka and I heard that Osaka didn’t have like much damage, but I was, at first worried until I heard from my mother,” she said.

Stonybrook University student Kotona Okuno’s family was safe from the devastation but her friends weren’t.

“Some of my friends are in Tokyo. I’m worried about them,” Okuno said.

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